Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey bloggers,

We're leaving for the airport in a few hours, so I have a little time to write something...and I was finally able to get on the page where you post articles.

Thanks for all of your comments about Judah's sermon...I loved every one of them, including the ones on the CITN blog (Pastor Lou, I think I liked yours the best)...and speaking of comments...thanks, Donald, for bringing it to my attention that I asked for you all to agree for a safe "fight". Of course I meant "flight"...or did I?

Also, please read my comment about the estimated number of the crowd at the GPF...

It has been very interesting being with people from all over the world for the last few days. They all want to ask questions about our newly elected President, and, for the most part, they are extremely excited about what his candidacy represents to the world.

We had a meeting at the Korean Parliament earlier in the week, and there is some concern among Korean leaders about how he will treat the trade agreement that the U.S. has with this country. All in all, it has been fascinating to see the whole thing from the perspective of the global village.

There's no way to tell you how much favor we've had here, and I have to say that I liked Korea a lot when we came here in April, but this time I totally fell in love with it. When I spoke at the GPF, I had the entire crowd (all 25,000 to 75,000 of them) stand and stretch their hands toward North Korea and pray for the unification of the two countries, and I believe it was one of the most anointed moments of my entire life. And they totally got it! It was beautiful, and I hope to show you a video of it soon.

As I told you, dad and I had an extra day here after the ILC and the GPF ended, so we were able to go to Prayer Mountain yesterday. We took a cab to Dr. Cho's church, and from there took the shuttle (about an hour and a half ride) out to the place that really was the catalyst for the growth of the world's largest church.

Dad visited there 30 years ago when he was here preaching at the church, and was given admittance to Dr. Cho's personal prayer grotto, where he encountered a life-changing experience with the Holy Spirit. He has talked about it for years, and has always wanted me to go there, too, but we found that the place that he visited back in the 70's has dramatically changed in these last decades. He didn't recognize anything, and the whole place has grown into sort of a huge Christian retreat mega-complex.

We wandered around for about an signs in English, and no one who spoke English...until we became, shall we say, somewhat frustrated. We not only couldn't find Cho's prayer grotto...we couldn't find any of the grottoes! There is a chapel that seats thousands, a hospital, a restaurant, a sports complex, a youth center, a huge cemetery...even a zoo...but no place to pray that we could find!

Anyway, after asking about a hundred different people, we finally found one guy who spoke a little English, and who led us to where some newly built prayer grottoes are (apparently all of the wooden ones that dad remembered from back in the day are long gone)... so, even though we were disappointed, he got one, and I got one, and we each went into our respective prayer closets for some alone time with God.

While I was in my private grotto, I asked the Spirit to show me what the day was all about, since it definitely did not turn out the way that we had visualized...and He showed me two things...

First, the experience that dad had when he was there before was unique to couldn't be duplicated. Years ago, when I was going through a time of personal crisis in my life, he had wanted to send me to Korea so that I could go to Prayer Mountain and have an experience like he had had...but I didn't want to go then, and now I understand why. Experiences that we have with God are totally unique to us as individuals.

And secondly, He reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when Sean Connery played Harrison Ford's father. In the story, he accompanies his son on a mission to find the Holy Grail, and they go through all kinds of trials and adventures in an effort to discover it. At the end of the movie, when Jones lunges for the grail before it falls into the abyss (I'm fast-forwarding, assuming you're familiar with the plot), his father says to him "Indiana, let it go"...and the point of the story is that the father and son thought they were looking for a religious icon, but came to realize that the real spiritual treasure was in the discovery of truth within their own relationship through the process of searching. That's what Korea has meant for my dad and me this week.

Furthermore, we don't have to find Prayer Mountain...we are Prayer Mountain...

I need to go to my room and pack, but I wanted to share this with you. A few weeks ago I was here telling you how much I love Uganda, and now I'm telling you how much I love this country...and I'm not exaggerating. I keep hearing Peacemaker's words to me..."the world is yours"...

Debye and I have been invited to go to Brazil in a few days, and I'm sure I'll love it, too...and for different reasons...but I'll never forget this week...spending time with my father...watching my son preach over the internet from the other side of the world (even though he had had a challenging week...he had to go to court to face the guy who broke into his truck and stole all his stuff on Friday of last week)...

But I love all of you more than ever, and look forward to a big turn-out for Wednesday night. Oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home!

God is good.


Crownjewel said...

Wonderfully, fantabulously AWESOME!!! It feels like the atmosphere has changed! God Speed as yall go forth next into Brazil and all the others places to come! Oh how sweet the Holy Spirit is!

Prayers, blessings and love to yall as you travel back home!

Donald said...

Wow Bishop, what an exciting time you two have had!!!

A co-worker pointed out to me the other day about how people from all the different countries around the world were rejoicing because of Mr. Obama's victory.

He was presenting it from a negative perspective indicating that these other countries now had no reason to fear the United States anymore.

I told him that I thought that was a wonderful thing. Maybe folks can smoke the peace pipe again and not worry about broken treaties and forked tongues.

I still believe that it is possible to live in peace on this planet but it will take some of the open dialogue that was mentioned during the campaign.

And no, I am not naive enough to think that there are plenty of folks out there that hate peace. But I would like to think that they are in the minority.

Return home safely and I look forward to seeing all of you soon. It seems that every time we plan on getting up your way, something happens to prevent it. Not bad stuff necessarily, just stuff.

Avatar said...

Very cool, Bishop!

Word ver:

Auntie Em missed you too! Too funny!

Erik said...

Hi °¨µ¶ÀÚ ,

(Just in case the above is not evident on its face, it is ‘Bishop’ in Korean)

And of course, Hi everyone else.

So excellent adventure. °¨µ¶ÀÚ , as you watched Judah, while you were in the midst of your own experience with your dad.

Airline tickets to Korea – No Charge

Hotel in Korea - No Charge

Enlightenment across generations and time zones integrating personal geography – Priceless.

The Beauty of MasterJesus.

Nothing To Lose said...

Just got in from being out of town since Sat. Good to see everyone's well. Bish, I can't wait to hear more about the adventure. Judah, my wife annem told me you got it done Sunday. Sorry I had to miss.

Miracles, peace and love to us all.

word ver...unhells...

Is this a set up? (lol)

Larry Usher said...

"On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in Me, and I am in you." John 14:20

On that day you will "real eyes"!
You will see and know and perceive through real eyes.

"The Comforter...will remind you of everything I have said to you."

The same Spirit is reminding us this day of what the Lord Jesus spoke- different people, same Spirit.

What he spoke to them, and showed them( I suppose there wouldn't be enough books to contain it!), the Spirit is reminding us of ALL of it these days. The Bible contains a small portion of all that Jesus the Christ did, and now words are being written on tablets in hearts of men all over the world.

Blessings to all in the Shadow of His Wings,


word ver: ARDSCR- "A Ransomed Disciple Sees Christ Realized"

Erik said...

I have been watching these days after the election, and reading, of the response around the world of our President Elect. It brings me to tears in one sense and intrigue in another. Does The US really believe that ALL people are created with inalienable rights?

That ALL people are welcome in our country, especially the invited, huddled masses yearning to be free ? Are we at the point to receive the Love for God and all other as we Love ourselves at a national level, as can be argued our Declaration of Independence implies, in line with Jesus’ exhortation? Time will tell. I believe so.

Yes, we have an economic situation to handle. Jesus often spoke about spiritual issues in natural terms. He expressed at one point that the ‘poor’ will always be with us. It is not a stretch, in all other things he spoke of, it was not a focus on natural poor, but on the spiritually poor. Those who choose not to Love God and equally others as they Love themselves. Just as materially ‘poor’ are not held in contempt by God, neither are the spiritually ‘poor’. Even the Pharisees were told by Jesus that the Kingdom was even within them. So, The Kingdom is open to the poorest of the poor.

The rest of the natural world still sees The US as The natural Hope, and apparently saw this election as a revival of that hope. Is it? We are the ones who will determine that, or has it been to many decades, and too many tries, and we are still ready to hand off the baton. We will see how EACH of us decides.

Remember, We can choose to pass the baton without penalty. God has ready others to take up the banner. Still, our world sees US as the one who is still ready to lead. We do not owe it, nor are we obligated. God will not penalize us of we choose to step back. We have been exhausted and no one can fault us for passing on the call. Feel free to allow the pass without recrimination. However, if truly in our hearts we want to exceed expectations and embrace the huddled masses, believe ALL are created by God with unalienable rights, we can do it with grace and mercy to all others and ourselves, coming from God. We can also depend on grace to US if we just decide it is too much.

The GPF accentuates what The US is founded upon and looks to have that Spirit (as opposed to the letter in my view) incorporated into The UN, as part of the world seeing The Spirit of what we are. I personally support that.

I am 1st generation of immigrants and only have an academic understanding of US history between the races. My heritage has a very different experience. With that limited understanding, I can still see that what we have chosen now, tends to inspire hope. Will WE deliver? It is up to EACH of us.

Anonymous said...

Take that they are being shot on a calm day, and their feathers are installed correctly, a straight arrow cannot shoot crooked, nor a crooked arrow shoot straight.

No one can know how close to the bullseye, an arrow will hit, until it has followed its course.

There is one chance in whatever it is, that a crooked arrow will hit the bullseye, and if it did, the odds would be even greater to do it twice in a row. But, it is possible to hit the bullseye with a crooked arrow.

There is also one chance in whatever it is that a straight arrow will hit the bullseye, but usually the odds are better. The odds are also a bit better of hitting the bullseye, twice in a row.

In January, the President Elect will be sworn in as The President of The United States of America.

Some say he is crooked, some say he is straight. But here is the deal. We aren't supposed to just vote, and then sit on our hands for four years. We need to be involved. We have got to let our Senators and Congressmen know where we are on the issues, continuously.

If it is that he is straight, by us all doing our part, the odds are very good that WE all will hit the bullseye.

If it is that he is crooked, by all of us doing our part, it would still be possible that We hit the bullseye or that We could at least get close.

It is not all on the President, to decide our fate. We have a part to play in this, We The People...
And in most of our cases, We The Spirit Filled Believers In Jesus People, talking to, and hearing from God on the issues. We must all do our part.

Natalie said...


You are truly a innovative spirit, I say "you are" instead of "you possess", because you are transforming and your transformation is affecting others in such a God's Spirit way. I'm active in our church; however, I'm also observing your transformation into the bust that was presented to you for your 50th,(all things to all men.) God is truly saying something as Judah opened his word with on Sunday. In my life time we are coming closer and closer to re-establishing Your Kingdom Come on the Earth as it is in Heaven. A Globe of love, peace, a place of solidarity and wholeness. Your family is the instrument that God is using in our era to help others remove the scales from their eyes and have ears to hear(for how can they hear unless they have a preacher.) You are teaching this word everywhere you go. "See This New Thing I Give To You, Do You Not Preceive It?" God is the same our preception is what has to change. Beacause of you and the dynamic spiritual truths that you awake in others, we are getting a glimpse at what our Big God Is Doing throughout the earth through you and our ministry at CITN. I miss your presence ITB, however, continue to be a Spiritual Globe Trotter. Be forever lifted up in my prayers and have a wonderful time in Brazil.

"elle" said...

"Experiences that we have with God are totally unique to us as individuals."

Touched me in a profound way today, Bish. Not really sure why, but almost to the point of tears. If everyone could realize that, how very different things could be... globally, personally, etc.

It is the personal that is of significance to me today. Seems that I MUST come to understand that as a child of God, things will work out like they are supposed to. Wouldn't we all be so much happier and healthier if we could just stop fretting about things?

I've been indulging in a pathetic little pity-party since last Thursday. Mentioned seeing the doctor on Halloween for an eye problem. Was getting better, and then I screwed things up. I was certain that it was a cosmetic allergy, and I was certain that I knew what was causing it. Joe told me to throw out all my makeup and start over. I didn't listen... resulting in allergic conjunctivitis in both eyes. Timing could not have been worse. Our house is on the market, which makes spur of the moment vacating somewhat necessary at times. Had to alert the appt center (realtors) that I needed some uninterupted time to try to recouperate. In the two weeks that our house has been listed, we've only had one couple look. But they were here THREE times... it was between our house and one other... they decided on the other.

This house thing has been a bit personally stressful to me because it wasn't in the plan. We kind of listed on a whim, and Joe and I are planners! We found a place that we both really want, but we want an offer on our place first. Back to the part where I MUST come to understand that as a child of God, things will work out like they are supposed to. And I have to wonder whether or not stress played a bit part in this whole physical issue. Seems I'm on the tail end of it now. Still have some redness in the eyes, and sheer horror at the thought puting anything on my face... but it's getting better. Certainly made me realize what a precious gift eyesight is, especially to those of us who have been gifted with visual talents. Perhaps a lesson in being conscious of our blessings, and not taking things for granted.

I assume you're back now? What a wonderful memory you and your father just made! Blessings on your trip to Brazil. That's where my sweet Senira (Compassion child) is from.

Hey to everyone else, too!

word ver: whemons
whiney demons! I'm DONE with them!

Nothing To Lose said...

A big thank you to all you Veterans, this Veterans Day.

Because you did, what you had to do,
We are still livin' free, thanks to you.

God Bless You and God Bless America

Friend4Life said...

Hey Beautiful, Amazing, Bloggers!! I know, I know...haven't blogged in awhile. Forgive me, please. (smile)

Sounds like you had a good time. I understand about getting frustrated. I took my kids to my home town years back. Wanted to show them the playground; that I loved and remembered so well. It was a "Now" playground; not the same. Only thing that was the same was the restrooms. Can change the park, but not the restrooms. (smile)

I also want to say too, "Happy 9th month Anniversary, BITN!!" Wow, 9 months have went by so fast.

~Peace & Love~

Anonymous said...

Awesome just thinking about Prayer Mountain. It really gets to the soul. We accept Christ as our Savior but do we really believe what He has given to us. We can go to Him and pray. We through Him can do anything. I was at a meeting Friday and we talked about this. Why do we not see miracles like the third world countries do?
Have we lost the hunger for the Lord? Do we want to control our little problems and only go to Him when our backs are against the wall.
He wants to be there through the little and the big. He wants us to come to Him through the mist & the monsoon. He wants us to include Him in the good times and the bad.
Why do we only really want to go to Him during the hardest of time?
If we could learn to see Him the way He sees us our perception would be altered because we would be able to see our lives through His eyes. In everything give Him thanks. When the front parking space becomes available give Him thanks. When you get all green lights give Him thanks.
Friday I was totally in a bad place and I could have easily skipped that meeting but thanks to Him I made it and got what I needed at the time. The Lord is moving very strong in my life and I can't stop saying thank you to Him enough. Right now my miracles are little but I know when I have learned to accept Him in my little daily problems and thanked Him for His mercies. I will be able to see Him through the big problems and thank Him for walking hand in hand with me. The miracles are all around us. It's just our perception if we want to receive it. When we accept a blessing from the Lord always give Him thanks.
Pray your happy.
Pray through your sad.
Pray your good.
Pray through your bad.
Pray and give thanks.
Pray for all those you may and may not know.
In doing so His Miracles Flow

mirome said...

May all the dreams that God has given you come to pass!
We support you!

karl cobos said...

Definitely remember the scene between Indy and his dad. "Indy!"-let it go.
They and the two of you have had a great adventure!

I liked what you said about "Us" being Prayer Mountain. It made me think of where Jesus said "My HOUSE will be called a house of prayer for all nations!"...are we not that HOUSE of the Lord, that sanctuary?

We are the house that the Lord built.

Yes, there's no place like home...just click your eyelids!

Also, friend4life said it was the 9 months anniversary of BITN. I guess that means it is time for some water to break and have a great birth of new life here, right?

Look forward to seeing everyone soon, God willing.

Machion said...

Bishop, I remember mostly all of that movie. It is packed full of good stuff. So glad you and your dad had that time together. The way I see you and your dad's relationship now, there is no wonder why you are so self confident. Without that self confidence, you may not have been able to be experience that intimacy with all of us at CITN both collectively and individually. I believe anyone you come in contact with experiences it whether the recognize it or not. We just know things are better when you come around. It is not surprising that people in other lands want it from you, too. Really not trying to throw flattery at you, but when I got to CITN, I started talking to Aunti Emm, too. Home at last! Can't wait to see you and your dad.

linda said...


Can't wait to hear all about your trip,
Things are happening all over


Teezy313 said...

You continue to amaze me dude! 9 months really have gone by and I totally agree that new life is about to take place here!

Teezy gonna take a shot at this word verification game


Sit, Talk Openly While Blessings Increase!?!

well I tried...

tracy said...

You go Teezy...
amen Natalie, yes NTL big thank you to the Veterans-may we never take your sacrifice for granted. Erik-glad u verified that meant Bishop, thought for a minute there you were saying bad words :) Elle it is all good, part of our "growth process" I assume. Friend4Life Good to see you. And everybody else HEYYYY! Bishop I am so excited you and your dad had that time. Isn't it funny sometimes -most times- it is not the destination but the journey. See you all later!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey, I'm home...everything was perfect...thanks for the great comments, everyone...really good stuff...I've missed connecting with all of you every day...

Thanks, also, Friend4life, for reminding me that today is our 9th Monthaversary...

If I weren't on Asian time, I'd write an individual response to each of your posts, but just know that I am very moved by them (thanks, Machion)...

Big love to all...

Anonymous said...

Bishop, you sreep, get prenty rest.

We rove you, grad you back.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey, Anon @ need to identify yourself because I have no idea who you are, but that's really not cool, and I'm unable for some reason to delete if you can take it off, I would appreciate it...lots of Asians reading this right now, and we need to not just be PC, but sensitive to avoiding racial stereotypes...


Anonymous said...

Amen, Bish.