Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Lord God Said"

Last night I talked about how each one of us is literally a word from God. You were born, and continue to exist, because God wanted to say something individually and uniquely through you. As Jesus was the Word made flesh (the "Firstborn Among Many Brethren"), He is also the first word among many subsequent words that needed to be spoken in the God-story...

Here are some Bible Wordles for your consideration and viewing pleasure. If you don't know what a Wordle is, look it up (or Google it)...

Click on a picture for a larger image.

First, here is the New Testament in a Wordle:

Most prominent words in the New Testament: “Lord God Jesus Christ”

Here is a Wordle for the Psalms:

Most prominent words in the Psalms: “Lord God shall; steadfast love forever”

And here is a Wordle for the whole Bible:

Most prominent words in the Bible: “Lord God said”

Is God is trying to tell you something, or is He just trying to tell "YOU"?! You believe that God created you, but in actuality, He really "said" you...and no word of God will return to Him void, but it will accomplish that which He sent it to do!


Larry Usher said...

Great to have you and your Dad back Bishop. You are my Pastor and your words bring soothing to my Spirit. Last night's word about us being "a word" that God has spoken was so true and so peaceful to me.
Nothing wasted. No useless people. All absolutely needed. No one's life is in vain.
God was really working us over at the altar, sensed a new repentance in myself and in others around me- a contrition, a repulsion to sin(to missing the mark). God is so loving and merciful!

God spoke to me last night in words that became my own: "I am just a dumb sheep, but smart enough to know how much I need my Shepherd." The sheep have been made to need a shepherd, made to need to be guided, need to have the "rod and the staff" applied to them. Baaahhh!

About the prayer mountain situation and hoping to find "the Mojo" there. While in Uganda, staying at Sylvia's house, these several men would come to the hill behind her place at 6 am and start singing and rapping & shouting, much to my dismay. Come to find out this was the hill upon which a famous singer had practiced before being discovered- so they were hoping this "lightning" would strike twice; and in the words of Austin Powers, they would have "cross-mojodation" working on their behalf!
No regrets, we ARE the mountain! Agreed!

Be blessed,


Larry Usher said...

UN to host a two-day inter-faith conference
Published: Tuesday, 11 November, 2008 @ 7:36 PM in Beirut
Beirut- World leaders gather at the United Nations on Wednesday and Thursday for a conference on inter-faith relations that was overshadowed by uncertainty even before starting.
Seventeen heads of state are expected to attend, including US President George W. Bush and the leaders of Arab nations and of Israel, countries where religion and politics are especially sensitive.
The conference comes as US president-elect Barack Obama, who has signaled greater flexibility for US foreign policy in mostly Muslim geopolitical hot spots, readies to take power.
Two days of meetings will take the form of a debate in the UN General Assembly under the official theme of "culture of peace".
The conference was organized by the General Assembly president, Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, a Nicaraguan Catholic priest who adopted the leftwing liberation theology and served as foreign minister under Sandinista rule.
However, the meeting comes at the call of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, who is keen for a UN follow-up to efforts at promoting inter-faith dialogue in the "World Conference on Dialogue" held last July in Madrid.
King Abdullah, who rules as the head of an ultra-conservative Wahabite Muslim royal family, went to Madrid seeking "constructive dialogue" aimed at opening what he called "a new page of reconciliation" among major religions.
The Madrid declaration that followed that meeting was noted for its call for an international agreement on fighting the root causes of terrorism.
This time it is not clear whether the session will end with a UN resolution or a lower-grade declaration, said Enrique Yeves, spokesman for d'Escoto. "They are still negotiating among themselves."
Diplomatic sources said there was no chance of a resolution and perhaps not even of a declaration because of splits between countries on the nature of the problem in religion and politics.
One source said that Saudi Arabia had proposed a text unacceptable to European countries because of a reference to the "mocking of religious symbols", an issue deeply offensive to Saudis, but seen as a free speech matter in many Western states.
"It's extremely sensitive. That raises important questions and could create many misunderstandings," the diplomat said.
The representatives of 65 countries are planning to speak, Yeves said, including King Abdullah, Bush, Israel's Shimon Peres, and Britain's Premier Gordon Brown.
France is sending only former Prime Minister Alain Juppe, but "we think it's a good thing that religions talk," said UN Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert.
Ripert said that sending a serving government representative was impossible.
"The idea is that we do not mix religious matters... with public matters," he said.
Lebanese president will attend the conference:
Lebanon's President Michel Suleiman departed to New York today to participate in the conference on inter-faith dialogue. He was accompanied by FM Minister Fawzi Salloukh, Information minister Tarek Mitri, development minister Ibrahim Shamsuddine , and state minister Wael Abou Faour and manager or of the presidential affairs Naji Abu Assi and a media delegation.

Photo: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah with UN Secrerary General Ban-Ki Moon

Perhaps the Saudis can open up there country for more religious expression. Interesting!


word ver: BOAPOPO- don't even wanna go there!

Anonymous said...

I especially liked the thought that God created me uniquely for a specific "word" that only I can speak to the world as ME.


Larry Usher said...

Amen P. Dennis!!

On a somber note:

'Mitch Mitchell, the British drummer in the seminal 1960s band the Jimi Hendrix Experience, has been found dead in his US hotel room, authorities say. The 61-year-old was discovered in the Benson Hotel in Portland, Oregon, in the early hours of Wednesday. A medical examiner told Associated Press news agency the death appeared to be from natural causes but that there would be an autopsy. Hendrix died in 1970 and the band's bassist Noel Redding died in 2003. Londoner Mitchell had been touring with the Experience Hendrix Tour.'

...and so it goes...

Hendrix was a guitar "god" of mine in the teen years...fed right in to my angst!

Sweepea said...

Love the wordles! (I did have to Google it). I love words, so I'm excited to check it out. Most importantly, the ones you posted retierate how often God uses the simple things to confound the wise.

Thanks for praying for Ma last night too. My sister Sharon arrived yesterday from North Carolina and will be with her until Sunday, when I return from a business trip I'm leaving on this morning. It's all good!

Donald said...

Definitely right on with the uniqueness of each one of us and how that uniqueness has a specific purpose.

I believe that that uniqueness crosses into other areas other than just humanity also.

Yesterday, I was walking around in the production area and walked past one of the pigeons hang around here that have no fear of human beings. The pigeon didn't seem to have any two feathers that were the same color.

My initial reaction was that that was the ugliest pigeon I had ever seen.

Then is occurred to me rather quickly that God had created that pigeon just the way that it was. When I realized that I suddenly saw that pigeon in a whole other light.

What may appear ugly to us could very well be considered by God to be one of His finer works of art.

Anonymous said...

Well of course since I love words, I would love "wordles" these are too cool!

I found a site where you can create them yourself:

"Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends."


Lisa said...

What a great word. I look forward to contemplating it today and in the future. I am happy to hear you had a wonderful trip to S. Korea Bish. We are praying to leave for China in 3 weeks to pick up our son!

SCRIBE said...

Sharing the Word, Shining Light into every dark place and speaking to nations... Blessings and Favor to all today!

Excerpt from Book: "MIRACLE ZONES"
Author: C. FORD

Thursday Morning
13 November 2003 @ 0640 Hours

Hallelujah! God Almighty receives all glory, for great and mighty is His works indeed! On this day, says GOD, the people that I have called by my name have been clothed in grace and the highest favor. Therefore, be of good courage, sound mind, and a pure, happy heart because I have gone out before thee to straighten all things out. Those that abide in me and I in them, while worshiping me in Spirit and in Truth shall prosper, even as their soul prospers, says GOD. New wine and cleansing shall be poured out upon the people with a refreshing of the mind, while fresh oil of the anointing is cascading through the vessels of GOD and lubricating them from head to toe, attracting the favor of GOD and people. There shall also be grains of the Holy Dimension to feed the vessels of GOD and all those they encounter, says GOD, yielding prosperity with abounding peace, wholeness, divine health, wealth, and restoration of the mind, body, and soul. Peace be unto thee, declares the Lord God Almighty.

My people, says GOD, are required to lay aside all that troubles and burden them, while praising me anyhow. I inhabit the praises of my precious people and my amazing grace shall clothe them to weather any storm. Let they that are the redeemed of GOD stand up and boldly say so. Jesus is the rock of ages in the weary land and shelter in the times of storm. I am the Lord God Almighty and those who worship me in spirit and in truth shall never be brought to shame. When my children cry out to me, saying Abba Father, I shall come to them with swift answers, not according to their desires, but by my divine will and plan for their lives. It is not by might, nor by power, but by and through the Holy Spirit that the captives are set free and these things shall be established, says GOD.

Long-suffering is a fruit of the spirit, as well as patience, and shall not be mistaken as thorns in one’s side, declares GOD. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord thy GOD delivers my people from them all. It is moving time, harvest time, and breakout season, as mighty moves of the Holy Ghost shall shift everything and everyone out of order into Divine Position, proclaims Jehovah God. I am Almighty God- Creator over all heaven and earth. I am not interested in the peoples’ comforts, but in the condition of their hearts and spirits. If they truly abide in me through Christ, they are required to completely submit themselves unto me- God Almighty who serves as overall spiritual authority, for consecration and renewing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Be of sound mind, good courage, strong faith, and a pure heart. Then, the Lord of Hosts shall reward thee in all efforts that I prompted. Remain steadfast in prayer and devotion, says GOD, while standing up for what is right and just at all times. Get ready, says GOD, for everything that you have pardoned me for shall be given unto thee in overloads and droves, birthed out of a heart of obedience and humility. Anticipate the arrival of extreme financial blessings, according to the seeds of faithfulness that have been sown with a spirit of love. The rapid return of those exiles and runaways shall yield remarkable harvests of souls into the Kingdom of GOD, for they have come to the end of themselves and now reached the beginning of my unconditional love, goodness, mercy, and grace. Mine grace and mercy are more than sufficient in every circumstance and situation, declares the Lord Jehovah God.


Nothing To Lose said...

I supec that the posts today are going to be as unique as the folk that are posting them.

word ver...supec

(Q)How do you catch a unique rabbit?
(A)Unique up on it.

Anonymous said...

Words have power
Bishop you must have given a really great word last night. We at ITM (In The Mix)were done before you. Can't wait to get the cd.

Can I make make a plug for the Prayer Warriors. Last Friday something really cool happened. We all were praying basically toward the mezzanine and it's steps.There is going to be more and more coming soon to fill those seats.
Oh for the plug 9am on Fridays.
Pray to see you there.
Words have power
Prayer is power

Anonymous said...

I heard God say to me, when you were teaching last night, I am not saying anything new but those who love Me are saying the same thing that I have said in new ways.

Your post today further confirms what I heard and it is my perception that we are one on the thought of being an integral part of the Word for today. It is not likely that anyone who believes they are partakers in evangel will say anything harmful or will cause harm to others but their words will bring life and thoughts of goodness to others. The only chance for harm is in the rejection of the evangel that God is extravagant Love.

I still remember your teachings on righteousness consciousness as what we should pursue instead of sin consciousness. That relates well to the teachings about eating from the tree of life versus the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Neither teaching denies that there is a struggle between those concepts that we must make a choice in but strongly agrees with what God has said concerning that both life and death, blessing and cursing have been placed before us, therefore choose life and blessing.

The power of words is what we have been given from the very beginning and it will remain with us to the end. Those that identify this and meditate upon the righteous use of it have already prevailed in agreement with the Word of the evangel of life. They have prepared their heart before the tongue speaks to actively be a blessing of life to others.

It is significant to me that President elect Obama is multi racial and was influenced by three major religions and has studied many more in his quest for destiny and purpose. It is even more significant that he has a gift for using words to ignite the flame of hope.

The power of words to use hope as kindling for the building of faith is precisely the pattern laid out by The Word. Faith is the structure upon which love is built. As this structure is laid out to allow the flames from the kindling of hope to heat them to the point they become part of the flame then the power of Love is affected into the process until the fire becomes intense enough to be used for the purpose of utilizing its energy.

Our part is to assist the flame from its spark to the production of energy needed for what ever purpose that we who are created in God's image decide is best for the world we are instructed to care for by exercising dominion over the knowledge of destruction whether it comes from without or within.

The original spark of life came from the Word, Who spoke life into existence.

Along with you and many other wise people who recognize the realness of speaking the end from the beginning, I am in agreement that there is already greater unity and peace in our whole world today than ever before and that it will continue to grow as we add more fuel to the fire and maintain its production of energy.

Let there be a continuous fire of extravagant Love.


Lisa said...

Amen Scribe! I recieve that word!!!

Pamela T. said...

BISHOP THANKS for the beautiful word last night. It is so received in my spirit, soul and flesh. When your whole being lines up to accept and receive the truth and that God so wants to use us and our being has purpose no one or nothing can take it away from you. I had received a no word for something that I thought God had desired to use me for and I was feeling momentarily un-useable, contradicting what the Holy Spirit had been revealing to me for a quite awhile. Don't limit God. The answer I received was that the Holy Spirit has something else for you me now. Your word gave me confirmation that it will be so much better and God's Glory will be beyond my comprehension. Knowing that we are more than what we can see or comprehend. We are all living words of God. You don't know how I so needed that word and reassurance last night and I thank you for being obedient to speak the truth. WE ARE THE WORD AND WE ARE THETRUTH.
THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT, for magnifying your presence in, us last night and empowering us, healing us, enriching us, blessing us to feel and know God’s Glory.
(Bible Talk Group/Don’t you just love Confirmation)

peacemaker said...

I found this wordle and wanted to put it here but I didn't know if I could post a picture under the comments section so I settled for changing my profile photo. If you went on my profile page, maybe you could read it better.
My comment was: "What does the future look like to YOU?"

Then I saw your post today...
Wordles. Now that's too weird or total sychronicity or a little of both...
I love it

So...What does the future look like to YOU?


Crownjewel said...

Way COOL!!! I've never heard of wordles until today and I LOVE them!

Another word that will preach! Inspirational and empowering that we each are a 'word' spoken by God and that we each have a message that only we can speak! Simply Delicious! Frees one to be the best that God Created one to be!

I awoke with the thoughts that we each are meant to be exactly the person God created us to be which makes us all important in the cirle of one better or worse than the other~just uniquely HIS!

The Creator has not given you a longing to do
that which you have no ability to do.
--Orison Swett Marden

Let His Love Show

Today's Scripture

“We know, dear brothers and sisters, that God loves you and has chosen you to be his own people” (1 Thessalonians 1:4, NLT).

Today's Word from Joel and Victoria

Paul starts his letter to the Thessalonians with a compliment and exhortation about how well they were living. He could see God’s love in them. He told them that the way they responded to the Gospel and the way the Holy Spirit confirmed their faith was evidence that God was holding them in high esteem. In other words, by their actions, they were letting God’s love show through them.

When others look at your life, do they know that God loves you? Can they see the change in you? Do they know you are a follower of His? Remember, the evidence is in your words and actions. The most important thing you could ever know and show is that God loves you. His love changes us. His love empowers us. His love takes us to new levels. His love gives us eternal life. Open your heart fully and receive His love today. Then turn around and love Him in return by following His commands. Make the decision today to let His love show all over you!

A Prayer for Today

Father in heaven, thank You for loving me, for empowering me, and changing me to be more like You. Have Your way in my heart so that I can be a shining light of Your love to the people around me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Awesome word too, Scribe!
Cute joke NTL!

Hugzzzz everybody~

Cliff Hancock said...


I may even give you credit when i teach this:)

Love P. Cliff - I hope to see you soon

River said...

Learn something new everyday.
Never heard of wordles till today.
Pretty Cool.

linda said...

Good afternoon everyone

Last night's service was wonderful, it was the first time that the boys had ever went to the Mix and they really enjoyed it! Our service ITB was a visitation from God. Bish your message really resounded within me, I was really getting into what you were talking about... that during the preaching or teaching people could just begin walking up out of wheelchairs and getting a physical manifestation of healing. But, then, at the alter, the presence of the Lord was there, I mean He was REALLY there, at one point I understood the phrase "the awful presence of the Lord", I could feel my face screwing up with that Holy Ghost scrinchy look, but then when you started talking about Joseph's coat of many colors and how we are the spoken word of God, you were right on it, I had just completed a study of Joseph, so I know that everyone says,... that was for me,well, that was actually for me, last night was truly an apple of gold in a setting of silver, a word in due season that I needed to hear.
Bishop, I don't think that I can ever convey how much you and this group of people known as CITN really mean to me.

Love you Bish and all the rest of the bloggers

let there be light

clark kent said...

The Lord God Jesus Christ whose steadfast love is forever says...

Anonymous said...

It might be interesting to do a wordle on the blog for today. Just a thought

Crownjewel said...

WORD~!!! =)

Avatar said...

Okay, Wirdles are totally cool on so many levels!

And so is "He really 'said' you"...awesome...
please, sir, can we have some more--? [revelation on this one,that is] please?

Haven't had time to read the posts...later bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Joy to the world! The Lord is come.
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart Prepare Him room
And Saints and angels sing
And Saints and angels sing
And Saints and Saints and angels sing

Joy to the world, the Saviour reigns
Let Saints their songs employ
While fields and floods rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat, Repeat, the sounding joy

Joy to the world with truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness
And wonders of His love
And wonders of His love
And wonders and wonders of His love

No more will sin and sorrow grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He'll come and make the blessings flow
Far as the curse was found,
Far as the curse was found,
Far as, far as the curse was found.

He rules the world with truth and grace,
And gives to nations proof
The glories of His righteousness,
And wonders of His love;
And wonders of His love;
And wonders, wonders of His love.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Interesting connection between the Prayer Mountain story and the wannabe stars on the hill in Uganda, Larry

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And interesting article about the UN...may send it to some GPF people...thanks...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, P. Dennis...what's up with the Bible costume pic?

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Rest in peace, Mitch Mitchell...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Sweepea, I'm shocked that the Scrabble Queen didn't know from Wordles!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

All of creation is declaring the glory of God, Donald...good observation...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for the info on the site, P. Dennis...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Congratulations, Lisa...I met some awesome Chinese people last week at the are blessed when you go out, and blessed when you come in...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Scribe...I'm sure that it's a word for someone...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Oh, NTL...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Yes, Laura, you can plug Firday Prayer here anytime...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

...or even FRIDAY Prayer!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Beautiful, JB...I agree...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Glad you received confirmation, PamelaT...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Cool, Peacemaker...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Good stuff, Crownjewel...thanks...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Pastor Cliff!!! You found your way back here! Your room is just as you left it...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

You're welcome, River...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Linda...I think that was an accurate review of last night's service...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone else...and, yes, Avatar, I do want to teach on it some more...maybe even this Sunday...

Nothing To Lose said...


Thanks for being who you are. You really are the real deal.

Pamela T. said...

If you said this already, I do not mean to take credit. It is all Him.

I was driving and praying today, and I thought

We are all a word but together we are magnified and become books or volumes of the living word. How cool is that.

Anonymous said...

Bishop I was trying to be funny when I said ["I especially liked the thought that God created me uniquely for a specific "word" that only I can speak to the world as ME.

ver word hawse (that's how we spell house in AR.)
November 13, 2008 1:32 AM"]

I guess no one got it but me I guess. You had to blow it up to really see the humor in it. Oh well I got a laugh out of it :o LOL


Bishop Jim Swilley said... it...

Anonymous said...

!!!!!LORD GOD SAID!!!!



disciple said...

So, where's the Christmas music, already?