Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MITN XI, Verses 16 - 26

16. "Speaking of discernment and perception, to what can I compare this generation? They are like spoiled, unhappy children…clueless about how blessed they are…sitting in the marketplaces and whining to others:

17. 'We played dance music for you, and you did not dance like we wanted you to; we sang sad songs for you, and you did not cry hard enough.' In other words, they are never satisfied with the message, regardless of how the messenger brings it.

18. For when John appeared on the scene, he became well-known in the community, not just for his message, but for his very disciplined, ascetic lifestyle. He had no social life…in fact, he lived as a hermit out in the wilderness, fasting, and being a teetotaler. But instead of being impressed by his commitment to such an exemplary moral code, the religious community misinterpreted his model behavior, and dismissed him as being a social misfit, and even a demoniac. And, in so doing, they completely missed the point he was trying to make.

19. The Son of Man, on the other hand, came with a completely different modus operandi, and packaged the message quite differently. I willingly accepted the invitations for every party to which I was invited…openly eating with anyone who welcomed Me…even drinking with them…no matter who they were, or what they were doing. And still, the religious were unimpressed and incoherent. The same ones who said that John had a demon because he didn’t eat a lot, said that I was an out-of-control glutton because I did! They said, 'He has a drinking problem, and has no standards, because He hangs out with tax collectors, lowlifes, and the worst of the worst!' But those who possess wisdom know that she’s a lady who doesn’t have to convince anyone of who and what she is…and, most importantly, her children know the truth about her."
20. Then Jesus began to denounce the towns in which most of his miracles had been performed, because the places where He had done the most work had changed the least. The miracles hadn’t even altered their perception of Him.

21. "Destruction is coming to you as a city, Chorazin! It’s coming to you, too, Bethsaida! If half the miracles that were performed in you had been performed even in Tyre and Sidon, they would have had a complete paradigm shift, and would have fallen on their knees!

22. But I tell you, it will be more bearable for Tyre and Sidon than for your communities on the day that judgment comes to this nation.

23. And you, Capernaum…will you be exalted up to the skies? No, you will go down to the depths. If the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Sodom, it would still be a thriving city to this day.

24. But I tell you that what happened to Sodom will pale in comparison to the judgment that is coming to you as a city."

25. Then suddenly Jesus shifted into prayer mode, and said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, or of the invisible and visible realm, because you have hidden these things from those who have preconceived ideas about You, and are smug enough to think that they have all of Your ways figured out. You have revealed them, instead, to the open and those who, unlike the spoiled children that I mentioned earlier, are like beautiful children who don’t have to fully understand something to accept it .

26. Yes, Father, this the way of revelation which pleases You."


karl cobos said...

Hello Bishop and to anyone out there at this midnight hour.

Bishop, haven't read the blogs yet BUT I'm already seeing some confirmations and Spirit connections...quick example...sunday's blog was about freedom...and before the choir went to stage I was in the atrium reading Luke 4:18,19...Christ's words about the Spirit of the Lord upon Him to proclaim freedom...then I shared it with Pastor Jimmie and choir, the first song was FREE FOR ALL that we sang.

When I wrote P. Jimmie I casually flipped open the Bible while writing the email and it went directly to that original comment in Isaiah 61!!!...then Anon on Sunday's blog 3:49 mentioned the same verses in a paragraph.

I'll try to write about the huge confirmation that some things in Sunday's message was to was one of those "no he didn't!" moments, but I'm glad you did!

Love ya. Had you and family in prayer today.

word ver: diumb

karl said...

I'm in Douglasville right now at 12:30 am...sleepy, but have to drive back to Covington tonight.
Please pray for safe travel.

I'm writing from my friend's house who had to be taken to the hospital today, trouble breathing, his blood sugar about 500!

Please pray for is Herbert Herms...lives family to help him, and NO ONE visits him...leg amputee...cataracts...can't drive.
A church over here used to help him about a year or so ago, don't know what happened, I might try and contact them again, looking for mercy and compassion.

Being I live so far from him, I usually can only come over once a week to help him go to the VA and get groceries. I guess pray for whatever God sees would be best for any extra help from people over in Douglasville to help him and bring me some relief when needed, too...thanks!
He's got a great heart for God, and I know God has more for him.
Even while I was at the hospital he made sure that I had 7 bibles given out to the hospital staff.

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Friend4Life said...

Well..I'm still up, Karl. (smile) I'll definitely will keep your friend,Herbert, in my prayers.

Bishop--I am amazed!! These last verses of MITN 11..struck in total awwww. Song that came to my spirit was, "Open our Eyes, Lord"

Open our Eyes, Lord
We want to see Jesus
To reach out and touch Him,
and say that we Love Him

Open our Ears, Lord
and help us to Listen
Open our Eyes, Lord
We want to see Jesus

GOD is so GOOOOD!!

~Peace & Love~

karl cobos said...

Bishop, so cool that just a week or two ago Erik and I were talking briefly about the body/bride of
Christ and God depositing seed into us.

What a confirmation of some of these thoughts that the Holy Spirit brought forward through Sunday's message!

I wasn't quite sure how to best write it or discuss it until now.
I remember praying and talking to God about some of those very things, like the church ovulating, and I thought "nah...maybe this is getting too deep or out there", but I still prayed about it and any possible confirmation if any of it was on track...then Sunday's message hit...BOOM!!!

Yes, CITN, like you said, is a big MATERNITY WARD...and the whole church in the earth should be giving birth to little christs(christians).
So, I was wondering, maybe there are certain times/seasons when the church/you and I ovulate and fertilization of spirit egg is prime?

The environment has to be just right for conception as well as a certain timing...maybe these are those times, as you mentioned, that can come during very anointed praise and worship.

hmmm...if the length of pregnancy is 40 weeks, then is there a length for pregnancy in the spirit?
Maybe 40 months(3 1/2 years about) or all kinds of lengths being that maybe it is not bound by the natural laws.

Hey, how 'bout this...when the baby is ready to be born, you've got to PUSH!, Push it into the world!

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING!...anyone remember that book?
I'm thinking things can we prepare for that baby(miracle, dream, vision)?
Well, you've got to get ready, prepare the room(nursery), as much as you can think of to take care of and nourish it when it "MANIFESTS" into this world, right?

You know what? What if you are also surprised with twins!?

Bishop, you're seventh point was GET READY...and I add my agreement.
Get ready, get ready, get ready!...and to encourage all that the Lord did say "shall I not bring it to birth(delivery)"-sorry forgot the verse.

It is God who opens the BE OPENED!...BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY...and let your soul worship and MAGNIFY THE LORD!

karl cobos said...

Thanks Friend4Life, I'll let him know tomorrow(oh yeah, which is today).

You mentioned the song "Open My Eyes, Lord"...that's so cool because my last sentence on the last blog was about God opening the womb!
To me, that's like your SPIRIT WOMB is now open and you can SEE and HEAR.

Oh, I've got to say this even though I haven't fully thought it through, bear with me, it's late.

What if humanity(people) is like a lot of eggs that come through the fallopian tube of life?...God's SPIRIT SEED seeks to fertilize. Some take, some don't...but some will grow strong, fertilized and just right and be BORN as in "NEW BIRTH", BORN OF THE SPIRIT or the HARVEST.

God's spirit seed once again, penetrating the FLESH MEMBRANE of our minds(the eggs you could say) and becoming one spirit with the new creation that is developing within that egg?

ok, help me out somebody, is any of that making sense or have a thought on that?...I'm just gonna have to go now, it's 2:44am and my word ver right now is saying: logglate, as in you're logged in late...or if I read it wrong maybe it's a reminder to get a latte at QT before I log in 60 miles sometime between now and 10 am.

I just love this place, all of you and such an awesome place like CITN. I don't think I've seen anyone, ever, falling asleep at church, or here either!
I'd better sign off NOW before I break that trend myself...night!

Brenda said...

Wow Bishop, i woke up early and went straight to your blog because i needed to hear a word and you did not disappoint. Those verses were so on point for me because it spoke to a period in my life before coming to CITN and trying to please people. Verse 16 is just what i was thinking about some of my friends who say they know Jesus always whining about what they don't have and how bad the economy is never realizing we are really livivg in the best of times. That just captured me and I began to read on and my heart raced as i was motivated by your interpretations of those scriptures. God has truly blessed you with insight of the scriptures. I'm getting ready to pursue my Masters degree in biblical studies and your books are really going to be a big help as I write all these essays that will be required of me.
On Monday I answered the phones at the church and a lady called in wanted to know what denomination we were and said she had heard you say we were apostolic. I told her we probably had some people that were that but i would not say you could put that label on the end of our name. She said but what are you, I thought a moment trying to come up with something that will help her and what i really wanted to say but didn't is that we are the I Am church whatever you need I AM. I told here instead we were a church in the now receiving a now word from God through a spirit fed shepard. She said she was coming on Sunday.

Son of Zadok said...

Hey Karl,

"satan, get behind me, and PUSH."

Izumi/JOY said...

16. Since the Christ is true for all time, I like how reading, "this generation" is applicable to now. The line, "sitting in the marketplaces" reminds me of "hopeless" news broadcasts, today.

18. "Being a teetotaler" - fulfilled what Gabriel told Zacharias.

"...a social misfit" - interesting. What if John was never meant to fit in?

Both his parents were well advanced in years before John was conceived. Elizabeth was barren when Zacharias spoke with a celestial messenger.

He couldn't tell his contemporaries (conversing with a spirit creature about the future would definitely be the hub at the Monday morning water well). At the appointed time, he'd herald the angel's glad tidings on a tablet.

..."And, in so doing, they completely missed the point he was trying to make." Wouldn't it be just like Wonderful, to have written him that way?

Remember that day when Zacharias entered the temple and was terrified when he spotted Gabriel at the altar? Zacharias was there to perform his priestly duties; chosen (by lot/Providence) to burn incense.

And the multitude were praying without at the time of incense. (I realize the context here, means, "outside", but I still like how it's worded.)

Was John born to be living incense? The crowd certainly was. Incensed, that is. To me, that fits.

Verse 13 of yesterday's offering: ..." John appeared on the scene, and manifested their prophecies into this reality. They spoke it into spiritual existence, but he literally opened it up for you in the material world."

25. "Jesus shifted into prayer mode." I like it! Makes me wonder how He altared (spelling intentional) Himself into light fragrance

TheCenturion said...

This excerpt today shows why it is so important to please God in all that we do. I see that John and not even Jesus could please the people. That is why I want my daily prayer to be that all I do I do to please my Lord who has sent me and that at the end of the day it is He Who says "Well done MY good and faithful servant."

Karl am in agreement with you that the will of the Lord is done and I know that you will be blessed if we faint not in doing good.

Love, favor, mercy, and forgiveness is all ours. Now for the Spirit to grace us all to His completion.

Anonymous said...

This city set on a hill we call CITN is being exalted, and the people who come here are being exalted because of the evidence that the Holy Spirit is here working in us. Lord we axalt Thee.

Anonymous said...

exalt Thee

Anonymous said...


w.v.- rocks

karl cobos said...

Afternoon...home safely,still sleep deprived but in good spirit...listening on the internet now to jazz music off a station in Catalunya,


IZUMI...enjoyed your words.

Centurion...thank you!

ok, now for breakfast, then to pick up my son.
AYITN...the Holy Spirit and I say "come, and drink the living water!"
word ver: penitat

karl cobos said...

Amen exalted Lord, and be exalted here today!

Let the living water flow to all who are thirsty here today.

disciple said...

Karl, there's a lot of great jazz music on Bishop's other blog. You should check it out.

karl said...

Thanks, what's that web address again?...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just click on the address right under the pic of It's a Wonderful Life.

disciple said...

Yeah, what he or she said.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm dreaming, but I'm almost sure I saw Christmas lights under the Biley photo.

Anonymous said...


karl said...

In agreement for the lady you spoke with to find great blessings in coming to church Sunday!

karl said...

Bishop, I guess if religious people call you a misfit, misguided, and demon-influenced, it's a very good sign that you might be on the right I read in Jesus' words.

They too never being satisfied no matter HOW you try to bring the message to them, in whatever form...and so they too miss the point by their pre-conceived ideas about God, thinking they have God's ways figured out...and if yours doesn't line up, then you're not wise, according to them.

Well, gotta go, Zachary's turn to play.

May we each continue to vindicate Wisdom...grace to us all!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Wow,'re all over the place today! Thanks for the input...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Also, I don't know how "enjoy-rs" gets on here with the Air Jordans ads. As I said before, the word verification blocks out spam, but this is actually a site with a profile...looks like it's on some automated download system...anyway, I just left it on (actually, I need to figure out how to download the little garbage cans again so that I can delete comments...I probably shouldn't let that cat out of the bag, but for some reason I can't delete anything right now)...P. Dennis, that might be something you can help me with...

Anyway, Air Jordans are cool, so it's all good...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Brenda...and thanks for helping with the phones...we'll save her a seat...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for the keen observations, Izumi...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey, you're becoming a regular,, and at the other site...I love it!

Whatver about blurkers, but REGULARS ROCK!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, Friend4Life (I apologize for getting out of sequence with these replies)...I assume you noticed that I deleted the fun blog...oh well, it was cool while it lasted...thanks to you and Centurion for "following" over there at helps to make the blog more visible on the net...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Amen, Anons 11:59-12:52

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for the shout out about the jazz, personal favorite over there is the jazz version of EWAF's Sining Star...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Karl, it's (or just click at the top of BLOGINTHENOW)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

No, you weren't dreaming, A3:07...I put the lights on there, but sometimes animation causes a problem, and I didn't want to have to deal with the possibility of that while I'm out of town, so I grinched the lights...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finishing out the chapter. I was waiting for the ending!

karl cobos said...

Thanks Bishop, I'll check it out.

By the way, I just found out my friend Herbert has Pneumonia!...thanks for the prayer agreement. I told him that there were a few people praying for him on the blog.

Friend4Life said...

No problem, Bishop..that blog was fun. I can always look that stuff up on youtube. Lately, I've been tapping into that see what I remember when I was little. It's amazing what you can find so long ago.

Another thing...when you typed "AWFW"--took me a second to get it.((smile)) Love "AW4W"--please keep that one.

Hey anybody that wasn't ITB last missed the MOST AWESOME WEDNESDAY SERVICE EVER!!

Ok..time to sleep

~Peace & Love~

Izumi/JOY said...

Thank you for your words, too, Karl. And thank you Bish, for writing MITN.

Anonymous said...

I especially love verse 25and the LITN "Then suddenly Jesus shifted into prayer mode"


Anonymous said...

.....commercials ? I don't have a clue Bishop. I didn't think you could get a link to work on this is beyond me.

as far as the delete icons, I have never had them to disappear as long as I was "logged in" as the administrator.