Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Wow the last pic.
Breathe in and out your vision.
Speak your vision into existence.

Anonymous said...

O K !!! So it wasn't the last but the third. Bishop sure you haven't got seven. LOL
The pic of the water makes me think.... we are a drop in the river of life.
The pic of the tree makes me think... Let the earth reveal who You are. He is and will always be:
King of kings
Lord of lords

Erik said...


MITN has crystal clarity. The light is peacefully vibrant.

Glad the chili was enjoyed.

MITN is absorbing. Pictures manifest.

Anonymous said...

Alright my last look for the night. YEA Bishop I knew you had seven.
The sixth go reread what I wrote under yesterday. Believe you can receive.
The seventh spirit made flesh.
Man in the image of the Father
So cool that he made us in His image.
Need rest so Good Night.

Anonymous said...

(cont'd) from yesterday's blog....

Oh, Brother Larry, yes you do know my heart and you have figured out my identity. Good for you and that was on purpose. I knew you would, as I have shared things with you some pieces of information that only a very few knew. When I published the first comment on yesterday, I knew certain folks would know it is me, but I am good with that. It is okay, because I know my secret is safe with you and I trust your heart.

It is funny how my alter ego came across as being a “man” to some and “woman” to others, but Paul said there is neither greek nor jew, nor bond nor slave, nor female or male ~ in Christ. It is totally a matter of perception. Jesus talked about these things not being revealed by flesh and blood.

We are in Christ and deep does call unto deep. Revealed information comes from the Ghost.

The other thing that is so awesome is to be able to create according to the spirit a persona that people can relate to that is not based on age, color, gender. This has been very interesting to me. Certainly, Bishop you inspire this in me.

I guess it has been very interesting to me to post as 5 different screen names and all accepted and loved by this community.

Water Walker is my prophetic deep(er) side when I want to protect myself from scrutiny and from being too vulnerable. I started writing in this screen name because I was given that name by a prophetess and after much thought, I realized that I was called to walk in deep water with the Lord.

Often times people don’t know how to handle these things in the flesh or the natural but most of us can relate to walking on water by faith, so there is the explanation of Water Walker. Believe me it stills gives me pause...but it is what it is.

So I think it is really cool that some think I am male and some think I am female. It really doesn’t matter, not in eternity. It seems as though all who have noticed my entries understand my heart, my essence almost and I think that is very awesome.

I also wanted to write in a screen name because I wanted that transparency without revealing too much about my true identity.

Izumi/JOY – there is absolutely no offence taken, not at all. I hope I didn’t indicate that, no I think you are awesome and very sweet. And before you told me your identity I figured it out, somehow..definitely a woman I thought (LOL)

Izumi, I believe your heart is good and you are right and write (no pun intended) and your attention is impeccable and very refreshing.

Blogs can be off putting and time consuming which is why I am working on my blog differently. BITN is different because there is a synergy here and love and we get Bishop’s attention. I have never really spoken to Bishop, until now and I still know why He is my pastor, so I totally get why everyone is here everyday, it is irresistible.

I wanted my blog to be a lot of things all at once but my every day life is so absolutely fascinating, I keep getting words of knowledge that if I just wrote a journal of my every day life, I would be a millionaire.

That is live a color purple life, and rainbow life for that matter.

Anyway, when you really love the word, and reading and writing, you just do it. I would actually pay someone else to read my writings (LOL)

Could be, could be not. I just know there is a writer in me because God says so, so I write, sometimes too much for a blog. Yet I still write

But apparently others read it so it is cool. I feel affirmed and loved and secure here.

Bishop thanks for creating a safe place for your creative audience. I love MITN, I am pasting these entries into Word so I can chew a little longer that one day on your writings, it is a lot and I celebrate for all of your writings. They are amazing.

BISHOP, it is no coincidence that I wrote this comment before I looked at today's entry. I just had an opportunity to read the different comments made today about my identity and so I addressed issues of revelation, perception, you writings as my inspiration and the results of the imagination the Holy Spirit gave me. I am totally jazzed to see your photos which are phenomenal BTW. So apparently there is a flow going on.

I believe it is a good thing.

Walking on Water with Jesus

SCRIBE said...

1. REVELATION: (Personal Identity Recognition and Awareness. Taking a closer look! Careful examination through Spiritual Eyes, being able to see the LARGER PICTURE Magnified by change in perception, even in a seemingly small reality / existence.

2. PERCEPTION: Breaking away from being Categorized by THINKING larger than the containers we are placed in... Expansion requires a shifting and Moving, developing a NEW Paradigm through New Thoughts, Ideas, Visualization.

3. INSPIRATION: As we are inspired, SPEAK into existence that which is already perceived, even if it is unconventional. The greatest creations and inventions began FIRST in the Mind, then in Words, Actions soon to follow. The words of Life that flow through us brings forth Clarity that others may be able to see what they never deemed possible! Reproducing Greatness from the Original Kind.

4. IMAGINATION: Whatsoever a person thinks, SO IS he / she. To some it may be only a Tree, but to others, it is a spirit of Life- Transformation, if you will- first began as a seed, then took roots underground to pull up the nourishment and water from the soil, broke through the topsoil, which could represent adversity, reached for the sun and oxygen, growing taller while weathering the storms, then at its optimum level, producing and cleansing the air that we breath, providing shade from the heat, a place for birds to build their nests, and contingent upon the type of tree- delivering fruit to feed the hungry. If the tree is cut down, it can build houses for shelter, and set ablaze as fuel to produce heat to ward off the cold!

5. MEDITATION: The rippling effect. One drop of water can make waves of impact that are far reaching, but only done so by touching, melding with other waters. Expansion. Whereas if the water were only a drop to itself and dripped into a container, it would just sit there and become stagnant, or evaporate, failing to sustain life outside itself.

6.ANTICIPATION: Our belief system shapes our outcome. As we anticipate the what is good, at some time, we shall receive what is good. Likewise, in the negative- when negativity is dwelt upon, we shall have what we have given birth to through thoughts, speech, and actions.

7. MANIFESTATION: State of BEING... being at peace within self, being a peace and oneness with God and knowing that in the grand scheme of things, what is within is destined to come out into tangible form. God said: "Let there Be..." in all His Authority and Confidence, and so it is! As we listen to GOD and obey His instructions, this shall produce manifestation in our lives. Who is willing to STAND and Stand some more until we are able to see the spiritual arrive into the Physical, by way of operating properly and effectively in WISDOM and Love, co-existing with GOD, instead of working against GOD and self-sabotage? Selah...

Anonymous said...

Pic 1 - "Revelation" reminds me of the priestly ritual of dipping their fingers in blood and sprinkling it before God.

Pic 2 - "Perception" - how funny! Is the square a command clue? The direction of the arrow is interesting. The asterist's ("little star") placement is, too.

Is this deliberate irony again? Before breakfast? Accck!

If we're thinking inside a box, won't we be susceptible to outside suggestions of our position in the Universe? Downward & somewhere off center?

This reminds me of a quote about thinking outside the box. The author said the best way, is not to create one in the first place.

Here's what I'm drawing with pic 1. O (attempting see circumspectly)

Pic 3 - "Inspiration" reminds me of Psalms 45. The Message Bible says: "My heart bursts its banks, spilling beauty and goodness. I pour it out in a poem to the king, shaping the river into words."

Pic 4 - "Imagination" causes me to wonder if the photographer laughed, "You fill it in." So, I imagine that tree is facing me, instead of studying its profile.

Pic 5 - "Meditation" - looks like a water drop saying, "Here, I'll catch ya!"

Pic 6 - "Anticipation" - seems like Hab. 2:2 again.

Pic 7 - "Manifestation" - reminds me of the books of Matthew and Mark & how they describe the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.

Anonymous said...

But then, Pic 4 could be from Strawberry Fields. (no one I think, is in my tree)

NTL said...

Pic. # 2, now that's what I'm thinkin'.

As you go to Brasil, and do what you do, just remember while you're gone, we've got your back.

I'm fighting a toothe ache. Root canal tomorrow morning. Joy comes in the morning. whooo hooo!

Anonymous said...

Love is the greatest revelation of all true love is a magnification of what God is really made of. And boxes are use for the storage of things that are not being used Now and I choose to be used by the Holy Spirit and it is He who inspires me toward His perfect will and His inspiration coupled with an unfettered imagination leads to new ways to express His love that become real by my meditation on the Lord and His ways and the more I meditate the anticipation builds because I see that a work done in me is a work done in all of creation and as I stay focused on the Lord He takes care of the manifestation of His will and whatever form the manifestation takes its root is always love and takes me/us into a deeper revelation of God and ourselves

Anonymous said...

Water Walker - so glad that you didn't take offense. When you noted those words (blog & off-putting) I wondered how many others could have said the same to you. I knew (some of) what you're enduring & didn't want to seem insensitive to your situation.

Thank you for your affirmation. I receive your encouragement, particularly about my attention being impeccable. (more Holy Ghost vision - my natural self is a strong contender)

Amen to your post!

* JB - received a note (or 44?!) from you, recently. Responded, but unsure you received it.

* Larry/Karl thanks for the dream FWD; working on a response.

Bish, thank you for allowing this venue to share. Wishing you & P. Debye safe passage and the manifestation of miracles.

Oh, tidings of comfort and JOY!

Anonymous said...

Pic 3 can also portray Psalm 85:10: Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.

Anonymous said...

Pic 5 - "Meditation"

"Still is still moving to me

It's hard to explain 'cause it won't go into words.

I can be moving or I can be still

But, still is still moving to me."

Willie Nelson

Anonymous said...

pic. 3
Under the corporate anointing, the H.S. breathes on us, and we see.

Anonymous said...

Picture 5.
Even what might seem to be insignifigant, will have a ripple effect, if done as unto the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Hey bloggers,

I just now got to a computer to check the blog for the first time today...Body Builders was this morning (which was off the chain, btw), and the Staff Meeting and other meetings immediately following...but I just noticed the animation under the picture for "ANTICIPATION", and wanted you to know that when I posted it, it was just the word "Believe"...I didn't see all the other symbols (mostly religious, but also including a swastika!)...actually, it may not have been a swastika...there is at least one religion (can't remember which one right now) that uses a symbol that looks just like the other sign...anyway, all I wanted to put on the blog was the word "Believe"...didn't see the rest of it until just now...hope no one was offended...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey, that last one was from me...don't know why I put it under anonymous!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And the blog will be on hold while I'm in Brazil, so if you want to post something, go ahead and do it now before we leave for the airport...

Anonymous said...

The spoken Word; today at body builders, where those desiring to hear the Word heard it, was delivered in a greater dimension than anything before.

I will give a description of what I heard from the Word as best I can literate it. Others there may have heard something different or something more than is mentioned here and that is fine. What I heard is that the Word spoken by our Creator was the first one spoken but the last one to be spoken has not happened yet.

Go with me for just a moment to my imaginary dimension where all is perfection before the world was created. I asked the center of my consciousness who is further referred to as Lord, what is perfection? The answer was, sit still and allow me to create an example for you.

I saw clouds changing into forms that were not like anything that I had known. A being appeared that was not the same as me. The Lord said this is my first word to you concerning perfection. I will give that word the gift of creating other words from its own origin. That word did some amazing things with the Lord’s gift and among them was a pursuit of knowing who the Lord was. The Lord was pleased at this but delayed the answer by asking the creature who they believed the Lord to be. The creature said all manner of things concerning who the Lord was to them but did not seem to be satisfied by anything that they said.

The Lord then said you will need to show them what you know about the perfection of the place where you are. At first I tried to speak to them from the place I was in and a few heard and fewer understood parts of what I said but it was not until I became as they were and lived among them that any lasting understanding was accomplished.

As one of the creatures was trying to describe what I said to them, their words laid out a plan for this understanding to be made real to others and grow from that point. Because of the gift given to them to say who I am, I followed the pattern and was born from the womb of a virgin. I spoke among them daily concerning who they are and how precious to the Lord they are.

I lived among them as the second word spoken by the Lord and told them just how important they are by letting them know that they are no more the first word spoken but are now the next word being spoken since they have recognized what has existed from the beginning. Many of them began to speak with understanding to others around them concerning their awareness of perfection and they said the Creator of this is Love. What a beautiful word!

That next word has now grown to say that all of creation is in the Lord’s heart.

This is where we are and I am.


Anonymous said...

Hi Izumi,

Sorry for the multiple runs on that email forward. This is obviously a glitch that has happened before. This pc is probably not protected from outside interference.

I have faith that Santa will get me a new one after Christmas.


btw, Bodybuilders was definately enlightening and heartening today.

Thanks Bish and have a safe, happy and effective journey to Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Body builders was truly off the chain, just unbelievable. Bishop, I probably wrote ten pages that you and the Holy Ghost was saying and it was amazing. I had such a press in my spirit to come for a week now and although there were many natural circumstances that was saying, you have more important things to do, the spirit of the Lord was leading me this morning.

I thank God for His leading. Part of me, the writer in me wants to transcribe everything the Lord said through you but I will reserve that for another writing. So I want to write what was highlighted or illuminated in my spirit.

One the entire discussion about the gestation period of the spirit and God's word being written on our lives, was a deep golden nugget that was deposited in me. You gave this beautiful example of the different revelation the 4 main characters had from the famous Christmas carols. Scrooge, The Grinch, It's a wonderful life and Charlie Brown. Particularly George Bailey realizing that his life really does matter and He really does have a wonderful life and His life was significant to others around him. Bishop compared George Bailey's life with Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz when she realized that there is no place like home. Dorothy said, oh Auntie Em, there is no place like home and she realized everything she was looking for was always in her own backyard.

Chaka Kahn said, "it's all in you' but you know it really is all in us.

Lately, God has been dealing with me about going outside of our familiar to look for "the thing", the miracle, the thing, the gift, the talent when it is never outside of us. In October I remembered Bishop, what you taught us several years ago about miracles.

That teaching was that miracles are usually handy/the kingdom of God is as close as our hand/and that miracles are usually in a sphere of influence. Financial miracles usually happen because of people or circumstances we are already a part of.

That is very important to know in this season of miracles. Bishop, said today, God is very fertile in this season. Now, that will preach.

Time won't permit for a full discussion here but I hope the others who attended body builders this morning will participate. It was just so rich.

Bishop we agree with you and set our faith with you for a beautiful, favorful journey. The angel of the Lord encamp around and about you to keep you.

We will see you on Sunday.

Speaking Spirit

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone...I'll pick back up with MITN (Chapter 10) when I get back...

I love you all!