Tuesday, December 2, 2008


1. So Jesus stepped back into the boat with His disciples, and crossed over to return to his hometown.

2. And as they were stepping out of the boat, some men brought a paraplegic lying on a stretcher right up to them, and set him down directly in front of Jesus. When He saw how their faith in Him was manifested by this bold action, He said to the man, "Not to worry my son…be happy today…I forgive all of your sins!"

3. Upon hearing this, some of the teachers of the law who stood nearby said to themselves, "Who does this arrogant blasphemer think He is?!"

4. Perceiving their innermost thoughts, Jesus said them, "Why do you embrace such an evilly negative and limited paradigm?

5. Let me ask you experts something, which do you think is easier: to say, 'Your sins are forgiven,' or to say, 'Get up off of that stretcher and walk'?

6. But just so you will know that the Son of Man, indeed, has authority on earth to forgive sins, listen to this. Then he turned to the paralyzed man and said, "Get up now, pick up your own stretcher, and go on home."

7. Then the man just got up and went home, exactly as Jesus had commanded.

8. When the crowd saw this miracle, they were collectively filled with awe, and spontaneously and instinctively began to praise God, who had given this kind of authority to human beings.

9. As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew, sitting at his work in the tax collector's booth. He moved to the front of the tax line and said to him, directly, "Follow me". And, without any question, Matthew got up and followed him, leaving his business behind him.

10. Some time later, while Jesus was having dinner at Matthew's house, many other tax collectors, and disreputable people who were known as sinners came and ate with Him and His disciples.

11. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, "Why does your teacher fraternize and even sit down and eat with people like this…tax collectors…sinners…the scum of the earth?"

12. Jesus, overhearing this, indignantly retorted, "Who do you think needs a doctor: the healthy or the sick?

13. If you really want to understand my connection with these people, then go figure out what this Scripture means: 'I'm all about mercy, not religious pretense.' Don’t you see? I'm here to minister to the sick ones…not to reinforce the delusions of the self-righteous!

14. Then the disciples of John came and said to Him, "The Pharisees subject themselves to fasting often, and we certainly do, as well…but, as far as we can tell, your disciples do not. Tell us…why is that?”

15. “Well, it’s like this”, Jesus answered, "the guests of the bridegroom cannot mourn while He is with them. But he time will come when the bridegroom will be taken from them, and then they will fast.

16. "No one sews a patch of cloth that has not been shrunk on an old garment, because the patch will pull away from the garment, making the original tear even worse.

17. Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins, because, if they do, the skins will burst; and the wine will run out. As a result, the wineskins will be ruined. That’s why they pour new wine into new wineskins…that way, both are preserved."

18. While he was saying this, a prominent synagogue leader came and knelt before him and said, "My daughter has just died, but I believe that if you will come and put your hand on her, she will live again."

19. Without any hesitation, Jesus just got up and went with him, as did his disciples.

20. Almost immediately, a woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve full years came up behind him and grabbed the border of his coat.

21. She had the courage to do this because she had been continually saying to herself, and within herself, "I believe that if I can just make physical contact with Him…even if I’m only able to touch the edge of His clothes…I will be healed!"

22. Jesus turned and saw into her, and said, "Celebrate what has just happened within you, daughter…it’s your own, daring faith that has healed you." And the woman was healed from that very moment.

23. When Jesus entered the synagogue leader's house and saw the noisy crowd, and the professional mourners playing pipes,

24. He said, "Every one of you needs to leave this room right now. The girl is not dead as you perceive death…but in another reality she is simply asleep." But they mocked this concept and laughed at him.

25. But they were expelled from the room, anyway, and after the entire crowd had vacated the premises, He went in and took the girl by the hand. When He touched her, life came into her body, and she got up.

26. Understandably, news of this event spread quickly throughout the whole region.

27. As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him, calling out, "Son of David, have mercy…have mercy on us!"

28. When he had gone indoors, the blind men came to Him, and He asked them both, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?" "Absolutely, Lord," they replied.

29. Then He touched their eyes and said, "According to your own, persistent faith, let it be done to you now";

30. and their sight was restored. But Jesus warned them quite sternly, "I don’t want you to tell anyone about what has happened here."

31. But they couldn’t keep quiet about it, and went right out and spread the news about Him and His healing power all over the surrounding area.

32. not long after that, a man who had been struck speechless by a controlling, evil spirit was brought to Jesus for help.

33. And when the spirit was driven out, the man who had been mute clearly spoke. When the crowd heard him, they were amazed and said, "We’ve never seen things like this happen in all of Israel!"

34. But the Pharisees were unimpressed, as usual, and said, "If this so-called miracle is even real at all, it is because He has made a pact with the prince of evil spirits.”

35. But Jesus kept performing miracles, anyway. He went through all the nearby towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and confirming its reality by healing every disease and sickness.

36. When he saw how the crowds kept coming, and how broken they were, collectively, as well as individually, He had compassion on them. Not only were they sick and unhealthy, but they were scattered and without an identity as a people. They lacked effective, spiritual leadership, and so were like sheep without a shepherd.

37. Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is abundant, and has so much potential, but the workers are few.

38. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field (which is the whole world)…workers who can discern the fullness of it."


Anonymous said...

Water Walker said...
I have to confess, I have been somewhat of a blurker lately because of external events going on around me. And they have been more than a distraction but I try to keep my focus on what is going on in the spirit realm particularly as it refers to the Holy Spirit and what is being taught by you through Him and through Him as He trains my hand for battle.

Recently, my 86 year old aunt with Alzheimer's is under my care in my home and I must tell you it is more than a challenge. I always think that God's word (which I play in her hearing) as well as your teachings, washed in the word, lots of worship, tons of praise, but more importantly love and kindness and t.l.c. can solve a even a demented, dis-eased mind. Well, to express to you in the natural, this has not been the case. She has been extremely violent, contentious, physical and just very difficult to say the least. She doesn't have children and her husband has been deceased almost 10 years.

She is now in advanced stages of Alzheimer's and my family doesn't want her to go into a nursing home, but the Holy Spirit is totally going to need to walk me through this one. There is a part of me that believes that Alzheimer's is a term used to describe demonic oppression.

So I do read your re-phrasing of the gospel of Matthew and it is incredible and part of me believes that this work may very well become like Eugene Peterson's message bible which I still think is very cool and has truly opened and expounded on the written oracles of God for me.

It is ironic how I have such a heart to work with the seniors and help them and support them after working with seniors in Ga. as a licensed insurance agent selling medicare advantage products and realizing just how vulnerable and underserved this population of society is.

Often seniors are underserved, overlooked, exploited and mistreated in this society, so I believe Jesus would call them the least of these. I know good seeds are being planted and just seems ironic to me that whenever I am involved in a ministry, I am literally entrenched in the day to day nitty gritty real deal. It is very interesting that the Lord allows me to be first row and center stage.

Anyway, saying all of the above for several reasons, one, our seniors need help, and two they need our prayers and three I need the body of CITN and BITN's prayers. I want you to know your work is not being overlooked and it is important, way more important than the tomatoe picture, however, even to respond to this blog, as much as I love it, takes time. I didn't know that blogs can somewhat be off-putting, at least one of my sister's told me that is why my blog is often overlooked. Blog in the Now is relevant and very important and I am proud to be a regular contributor and like yourself, I will use some of my entries for a published work because my entries mean something as well.

I want you to know Bishop, as you pour your self into these words, and as a writer and a deep researcher, I can only imagine the long hours, you have a cyber-congregation that sees and feels and cares very deeply about this treasure that pour endlessly onto paper that saturates us with simple, concise, careful, well divided words which deposit priceless gems into our very beings. I say this because sometimes, just sometimes, the deepest most profound ideas, thoughts, speeches, writings, artistic expressions may truly take generations to catch on to. Perfect example would be I have a dream speech by Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr was a work and a thought and a dream before it's time. WE are just starting to realize the dream. 40 years is a long time. However God's timing is perfect. This work will stand long after you are absent from the body. I believe it is an eternal work that will not be shaken. So my prayer is and I hope you can agree with me that the four gospels can be published on a national scale and we will enjoy your fame with you as your Amen corner.

But be encouraged, even Jesus asked where was the other nine. I thank you and appreciate you for all you do!

Water Walker

Reign! said...

MITN8 ends with Jesus being rejected and asked to leave the community after he performed an dramatic miracle of deliverance. I personally think the Bible downplays the affects of the rejection experienced by Jesus. Although I understand that the rejection, if given too much attention could be a distraction & even a hinderance. However, I'm sure his humanity was deeply wounded, felt extremely alone(not lonely) and profoundly misunderstood. This is such a commonality among those of you who, like Bishop, are gifted with the task of illumination (receiving revelation) that I'm surprised the rejection itself was not given a little more light. True to character, Jesus goes forth and continues in MITN9 by performing another miracle and goes from being rejected to being persecuted. This reminds me of what Bishop goes through when people leave the church, send him hate mail, & all other acts of haterade by those who don't pay their light bills. You know what happens when you don't pay the light bill don't you? You flip the switch but it's still dark :)

I love vs. 36 which explains the cluelessness of the people because they were scattered -emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. They also lacked identity & effective leadership. There, but for the grace & mercy of God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit goes i! i thank you Father for loving me, breaking me, molding me & making me! Thank you for delivering me! Thank you for sending me to CITN for such a time as this! i think we can all see ourselves woven through these beautiful, timeless writings! Thank you Bishop for your hand in our preparation as we are being PUSHED into our destiny to labor in the harvest fields.

Larry Usher said...

Haven't had much time to read or blog the last couple of days.

Hang in there W.W.!! God is your refuge and your strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore you will not fear though the earth be removed and the mountains crumble into the midst of the sea!

Had a dream last night pertaining to my work.
At Slabjack, we raise concrete that has settled or cracked & fallen, etc. In the dream a large group of people was gathered and I was commanding a slab to come up. It was a very large piece of concrete- probably 50 X 50 feet. It felt like raising the dead. Just started commanding the slab to rise and slowly it started to move upward and a roar went through the crowd. That's all I remember, but thought it was oddly interesting...:Slabzerus, come forth!" Ha!

Y'all have a blessed morning!

(Great, awesome things a'cookin' in the Holy Ghost pot!)

Anonymous said...

I think this is the most I've read of the Bible, in such a short time span. Usually I read and reread and read again, and still not sure. A couple of times I've went back to read apart of your writting over but for the most part. I read it I get it and I move on. By the way I love it, but most importently I turly think I'am understanding finnally. Thanks so much. Much love Keith

Anonymous said...

Verse 1 - I love it! Jesus, Who had/has ALL power over the natural realm, chose to step back into it with His students.

From journalism class (aeons ago) the basics were: Who, what, when, where, why & how.

* Jesus

* Went home (where prophets were dishonored, faith was miniscule, and miracles limited)

* After delivering the afflicted

* At Gadara; the summit of a mountain

* Because He's good

* LOVE perfects

Anonymous said...

To WW from JB,

I enter in faith with you for your Aunt from the experience with my Mom. There may be support groups for what you are doing now. I'm not aware of where to direct you to though. Should you want to, I will be happy to listen and pray with you. jwbrumlow@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

Real Women was soooo AWESOME last night! I feel so refreshed and renewed... sigh... and just sooo good! This is the day the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!! No matter what is going on around me! I am not forgotten! P. Debye, the amazing, powerful prayer you prayed on behalf of all of us was so true to the things I have been going through in my own life. Sunday night somebody on BITN posted the beginning of Decembers AYITN. At the bottom it says:

Why waste the season by just walking in a winter wonderland when you could be GIVING BIRTH TO THE IMPOSSIBLE?

When I read that Sunday night it totally stuck out for lots of reasons... and then last night P. Debye was talking about miracles and believing the impossible to happen! CRAZY!!! AND she said God let me see if I'm not thinking about my situation the right way. I soooo have been praying that. I'm always reminded about the story that Rev. Jim Swilley told about the gas truck. I don't want to pray for gas to just to fill up my gas tank if God has the WHOLE truck load for me, ya know??... P. Debye, you were on point last night in ways you don't even know... Even down to the "fo wheel dough"! Today I am back on track 100% knowing that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and that I am SO important to HIM!! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!!

NTL said...

Already, hearts and minds are being renewed by these wonderful words of life that are coming through you by the Holy Spirit. And to think, you have only begun this journey.

This morning when I got to verses 27-30, I had the thought how awesome it would be if these books could be done in braille.

I also had the thought of a blind man, while reading with his finger tips, stopped, because at that moment, because of what he had just read, he realized that he had the faith, to someday see.

Just some thoughts I got while reading these words you've written.

W.W. I also enter in faith with you
from an experience I had with my youngest son.

The Centurion said...

In verse 3 it says "they said to themselves" and that Jesus heard their innermost thoughts. I believe that this "reading of poeples minds" occurs throughout the scriptures by Jesus not only with the pharisees but also with His disciples and people who were healed by Jesus and that this was a way that Jesus connected with the people before any physical connections were made. A way that a persons faith was conveyed before it was ever spoken. It just shows how importants even the thoughts we have are.

Anonymous said...

JB, Nothing to Lose and Larry, I bless you guys for your words of faith and love. It mean(s) a lot to me to know that I am not alone and that God sees me and that my brothers are standing with me. Your love touched me and I knew it was genuine concern!

How empowering it is to be able to come to a place of refuge every day (24/7) (bloginthe now) and have a built in support group that cares and who will respond. How cool is that ~ very very cool.

I am stronger and more empowered because of your words and thank you JB for offering to share your time and your life experiences with me.

I pray 100 fold blessings of favor, resources, love and prosperity and miracles to you in this holiday season to all of you and the rest of BITN and CITN. I am becoming...the spirit who is..

Walking on Water With Jesus (scambled WWJD)

Water Walker

NTL said...

As I say this to you, I am also refering to myself. Grow on my brother, grow on.

Anonymous said...

I think Water Walker is a sister.

Anonymous said...

I think Water Walker is a sister.

Anonymous said...

Oops - didn't mean to hit that twice.

Anonymous said...

Today's verses put me in mind of a couple of things.
When I was a young girl a person led a prayer meeting at our church.
Prayer meetings always started out with a message.
That day the person came in with a picture and asked would this person be welcomed into the church.
The picture was of a homeless man.
His clothes were dirty and torn. You could see he was drunk as he held onto his bottle in a brown paper bag.
Some of the people said sure after we clean him up. Others were like no way because he would disturb everyone from the message and some didn't say a thing. I guess they were in shock that someone would even think of bringing someone like that to their church.
The speaker said: Jesus would spend time with him so why not you?
That has stuck with me for many years. Why do we judge people by the outward appearance. Look into the heart and see the person the Lord sees.
I woke this morning and my T V was on. The show Good Times was playing it was the show where Michael brings Ned the wino home.
Michael says to his mom are we not to help someone in need. His mom says I guess it is the christian thing to do. So they bring Ned into the house clean him up. All the time they are trying to keep the house clean because their home is being judged in a contest of there apartment complex.
The head of the judging committee deems them winner, later she comes back and tells them that the reason that put them over the top was that they had cleaned up her husband even though they were trying to pass him off as a relative.
Doesn't it seem that if we think someone doesn't fit our standers we try to change them to fit our own standers. You know we can clean the outward but if you don't reach the inward, You just polished a rock.
Jesus reaches the inward where the heart of the person lives.

If you really read the scriptures about His healing. He always ask
Do You Believe.
Jesus is all about Belief.
Believe and you can Receive.
When I first started coming to the church it was very hard to believe for anything. I was so upset that both my parents died at young ages.
My mother died at age 49 and my father died at age 61. Everyone at the church said and still says you have to say this instead of that.
I feel if you can't believe in what you say your just breathing hot air. Nothing good will happen until you believe it can. What if the people in the verse's had said no we can't believe do you think they would have gotten their healing? I remember one time I went up for prayer. We had a guest minister and he was doing a healing line. I went up and he had in his mind thought that you had to fall out under the power. For me that was not real it was just a show of a man made practice. I'm not knocking it if it is real but power of suggestion doesn't produce miracles. Believing in miracles produces miracles.
That day I faked a fall out just to please the power of suggestion.
Because it was our house and I didn't want to upset the Spirit and the head of our house, I held my tongue. I really wanted to ask him why does he think everyone has to fall under the anointing?
Why fall out if it isn't real to me? I felt that day that I might not have gotten my healing but I get healing not because I fell out but just because I believe He can heal. When I am in a major illness, He sends those who will pray and in their belief for the healing I can be healed. Example: The Friday at The Gift I had helped out. We were cleaning up getting ready to leave. I had gotten a bloody nose. It went on for over 20 minutes. EMC was called they came took my blood pressure and it was 190/140 in the ambulance. I was rushed to the hospital and after some med. and waiting, the pressure went down to where I could come home. Usually on Friday nights I go to a deliverance service at another church because I am friends with the person who leads it. I usually go with another member of our church. When she got to the meeting the person in charge of the deliverance service ask what is wrong with Laura? My friend said nothing that I know of. She's at a meeting at our church.
The woman said no we need to pray now. I believe that prayer put in motion the timing of the attack so that none of the girls were around and that I was not on the road heading home. If it had not been for our members being there praying over me before EMC came who knows what could have happened. I can't thank those would stood in belief for a healing for me Thank You enough. I am doing much better now.
Belief and prayer kept me here.

NTL said...

Ma'am, (please forgive me for my mistake), please let me repharse myself. Grow on sister, grow on.

word ver...isist...

Larry Usher said...

Thanks W.W.! I know your heart and God has great stuff in store for you!

Laura- Great post! Gotta practice what you preach, that's for sure.
When I was living in Dallas, Tx. I met a younger man who was being evicted from his apartment along with his mom. The mom had found a lady to stay with, but she had no room for another. This young man John had been addicted to heroin and had done drugs from his teen years. He had no job and was unmotivated. But there was a spark in him, so I took him in and he slept on the couch in the living room. Many days I would come home, he would just be vegging out watching tv. I took him to church with me every Sun & he attended my home fellowship each week and things started clicking for him. He ended up after a year working in the prayer center taking calls and really enjoyed ministering to people, joy began springing up in him and he became a different person. He would tell me years later it was the calm, assuring presence that I had within me that gave him hope that he could make it himself. Never complained about him, never nagged, just told him to keep pressing in to God and never give up. It was this hope and no quitting attitude that would keep me alive through my difficult times. There is a saying in sports that I believe is approprite for the spirit I see in you: "They just aren't going away!" Even when a team is down in the latter part of the game, there is this "something" that is within them that just won't say "quit". You, Laura, are NOT a quitter! You have strength in you that will serve you very well in the upcoming years and decades. Seize the day!! Seize the moment! God is the strength of your heart and your generous portion forever!

Y'all be blessed! Gotta go!


Word Ver:CATOMMUC- just thought it sounded cool!

Anonymous said...

Galatians 3:28 (New King James Version)

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks for all of your great and touching words here today...you're all awesome...

I'm in between meetings (wearing my peach sticker that says I voted...hope everyone remembers to do that today)...

Erik, we just finished off the chili (which was off the chain, btw)...we'll tell Jesus that we were hungry and you fed us...

Wordver: "chilin" (I kid you not!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bishop, for taking the time to turn what seems a difficult book for me to read, unto an enjoyable and interesting book.
The book of Matthew many times challenges me. I can tell you for the past two weeks I’ve been reading your paraphrases of Matthew, and I like the way you put the Words in effect. Easy to understand and more easy to have, a more clear revelation of the book!

Matthew in the Now chapter 8! Verse 22 did something to my spirit. The way your writing place the word, “ If you really are a disciple of mine, you’ll just follow Me in the now and deal with whatever you need to deal with when the time comes. It brings this memory to my remembrance, my mother used to tell us children to stop talking about sickness or death around her, just deal with it when it’s come around. Not when she was not sick or dying.

Again on verses 23-27---- Jesus Calm the Storm:

Many people who are plagued with fear struggle with deep feelings of inadequacy because of the size of the task or threat before them, inadequacy because of their own weaknesses, inadequacy because they lack power or control.
If you were in a situation like the disciples on this boat, what is the solution you will take to conquering this type of fear? In a situation like this, fear must be replaced by Faith.

The Dictionary described FEAR as an emotion that result from some real or imagined threat to our well-being. It is associated with feelings of fright, terror, anxiety, worry, and uneasiness. We fell fearful when danger seems imminent, and we usually try to run or hide.

We often think of fear as a bad or as a negative emotion. We also need to remember that God has given us “healthy fears”. The Bible tells us on Psalm 111:10- The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. In other words, we are to give God the honor that is due to His name. Fear sometimes can be a natural gift from God to prevent us from doing dumb and stupid things.

Verse 24 shows there in the middle of a storm that threatened to sink the boat was Jesus- asleep! These experienced fishermen yelled at Jesus, “Save us, Lord; we are perishing” (Matthew8:25). Notice what Jesus did “He said to them, why are you men of the sea so hysterical because of a typical, natural storm? And more importantly, why is your faith so small?
Beautiful Bishop! Just the way you paraphrase the word, it just come alive.
But the way Jesus got up; He rebuked the disciples first, and then calmed the storm. We think that Jesus should have done just the opposite- but that is not how He works. He teaches the lesson first, and then He calms the storm. We need to remember and understand that the Lord wants us to mature before He intervenes.

Notice how the Lord Jesus links fear with faith. Why does He do this? He wants to make sure that no matter how fearful the situation may be we realize that: Faith defeats fear and faith overcomes fear.

When Jesus asked the disciples why they were so afraid, He was telling them that faith and fear are on opposite sides of the seesaw. When faith rises, fear falls. When fear rises, faith falls. Those who are so afraid are really people of little faith. But the good news about this rebuked is that:

• Fear cannot dominate faith.
• Fear cannot undercut faith.
• Fear cannot damage faith.
• Fear cannot damage faith.

Remember, no matter how frightening the situation may be, no matter how relentless the attack of the spirit of fear upon you may be fear simply casts light on the situation that requires faith.
I realized after reading your paraphrase writing. I see, all fear can do is reveal how strong, or how weak my faith is.

Although the disciples had witnessed many miracles, they panicked in this storm. As experienced sailors, they knew its danger; what they did not know was that Christ could control the forces of nature. We often encounter storms in our life, where we feel God can’t or won’t work. When we truly understand who God is, however, we will realize that He controls both the storms of nature and the storm and the storms of the troubled heart. Jesus power that calmed this storm can also help us deal with the problem we face.

Sorry for this long comment, I did not mean to write that long. The words were coming I could not help myself.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I mean to say Fear cannot destroy Faith.
Not Fear cannot damage Faith!


got to go and VOTE!

Anonymous said...

Greetings all,

Like many of you, I have been distracted with external events.

Bish, I realize that this is your personal blog, but what better opportunity than now, to mend what (potentially may be) a misunderstanding.

Water Walker, I agree with you for a victorious testimony regarding your aunt. I have not responded all day, because I have been watching my (sick) grandson.

I pray you hear/read this in the spirit with which I originally (and still) send it:

Who - Izumi/JOY

What - said this: "Not everyone is in the same place (spiritually) at the same time. It could just as easily be, "deep calls unto".

When: 11/9/08

Where: Cyberland

Why: Exhortation to WW

"The lack of response (your website) may be unfamiliarity with the topic or products. Or, time constraints. If folks are reading your blog in their work places, there might be wariness to comment from there, (because of monitoring). It could simply be that folks are doing their own thing.

Blogs IN GENERAL (caps for emphasis, today) can be off-putting.

I've heard that the reason why some don't post the CITN site or Bish's, is because they don't feel qualified to comment. Or, for fear that their writing skills may be critiqued (my thought is, as long as God has already approved me from the beginning, then what else matters, really?).

How: Sincerely

I hope that my note today clears the atmosphere, if there was any doubt. It certainly was not meant to wound you.

Anonymous said...

Insightful post, Kettly. I liked "the Lord wants us to mature before He intervenes."

MITN IX: on healing the paralytic, I love:
"let me ask you experts something" and "listen to this" -- these cues make it easy to imagine a wry smile, a knowing cut of the eyes and a "you, go, Jesus!" on the faces of the disciples.

And btw..."listen to this" is a cool connection with the power of words, since it could have been "watch this"

vv.10-12...what is it about MITN? It seems to be so easy to imagine the scenes, to feel the feelings of the characters...it is as if one of your gifts, Bishop, is being infused into the translated words. Way cool. I've never before felt this Gospel writer actually being called a sinner and a [ptooey-scum of the earth] "tax collector" or how good it must have felt hearing Jesus' mercy. Blaze on, Bishop, blaze on!

wordver: rations
this daily bread is most definitely NOT rationed! It's overflowing.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by on my way home to at least say "hi".

cool word ver: argoings

I are goings home.

tracy said...

When I get a minute (more than a minute) I will read and take in today's MITN . I hate to just blaze through it. It needs more attention than that. Just a quick Bailey story- we are sitting here after dinner and she shows me a picture of herself taken when she was a baby. And says "Oh that me-I so little". The (and I kid you not) she goes to our nativity scene and picks up Jesus in his manger and holds it up to her baby picture and goes "that me too." I agree Bailey Bug-that is you too. Look around you ya'll He lives at your house too,look for Him in the things you may perceive to be difficult or different....also side note- I have been working on a book about Bailey for about 2 years - a sort of Mommie Diaries. Maybe if I make a public announcement it will put a fire under my butt to finish it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bishop,

Remember that day I walked up in service and handed you a note?...it goes right along with today's AYITN...THE BRIDE!
...the note said something about the TWO BECOMING ONE.

I'm really happy to have read that today...thanks!

oh, by the way...Natasha and I have an important meeting tomorrow at 3 with a coordinator at the Am. Heart Association about possible contract work translating some of their documents for a push into the hispanic community. Thank you for your prayer and others here for whatever God sees would be best.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bishop, remember that song I sang?...God in the midst of us.

That was the song that I was going to sing but was so focused on the note that I didn't go up...so I'm glad I got to share it with you with the guys!

word ver: ciselie

NTL said...


Look around you ya'll He lives at your house too,look for Him in the things you may perceive to be difficult or different....

Love the way you put it.

Here is some fire for you to get the book done: just let us know what store we can one at. And no I'm not kidding. If I can take five pieces of wood, fourteen nails and a hook and accomplish what has happened so far, your book about nothing but love, well, I'm just saying... Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Its been a busy day. Lookin forward to Bodybuilders.

Donald said...

Upon hearing this, some of the teachers of the law who stood nearby said to themselves, "Who does this arrogant blasphemer think He is?!"
If I had to hazard a guess, I would guess that if you wrote what those "teachers" really said MITN would probably have to be put on the top shelf out of the reach of small children.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Larry I don't know if you heard of this old saying: Heaven isn't ready for me and hell's afraid I'll take over. LOL
The Lord must have one major plan in my life. Now I'm in search for what it is.

Anonymous said...

OK, Bish, since nobody went here, I'm jumping into Verse 2, where some men brought a paraplegic and placed him directly in front of Jesus.

Maybe you already thought this - it is (potentially) blasphemous.

Do you think Jesus was ministering to Himself, via the Father?

Paraplegia involves paralysis of the lower half of the body, involving the legs. What if this was a rhema moment and the words, "Not to worry my son…be happy today…I forgive all of your sins!" were prophetic? His earth walk was nearing fulfillment.

Could this be another aspect for His response in verse 4? (like the one to Peter, later in this book)

Verse 9 - What if finding Matthew was a literal representation of his occupation? A tax collector's booth (taberbacle) maybe fulfilled MITN 5:17,18.

17. “Look, don’t think that I have come to do away with or undo the Law or the Prophets; in fact, I have come not to do away with or undo them, but to complete and fulfill them and to make them finally make sense to you.

18. “I tell you in all honesty, until the sky and earth pass away and perish, not one smallest letter nor one little punctuation mark will pass from the Law until all the things that it foreshadows are accomplished."

Anonymous said...

* Plus, there were only 6 figures represented in the 1st pic.

Anonymous said...


Vs 2, “don’t worry, be happy” love it!

Vs. 8 “given this kind of authority to human beings.” What a astonishingly awesome thought……nevertheless it will get the same reaction today as it did then in v. 3

Vs. 12 if I were Jesus, I think I would have started out by repeating the same thing they said to him in vs. 3 “who do you think you are?” arrgh, that self-righteousness stuff stinks to high heaven. “The delusions of the self-righteous!” Amen, well said.

Vs 17. In other words some are so steeped in religious tradition, they just “can’t handle” the truth. Because it would totally ruin the nice little container they have their god in.

It is amazing to me that in Vss 18, 21, 25 The Lord shows that many times he allows us, according to our faith, to determine the point of contact to receive a miracle (Oral Roberts taught this many years ago)

I have always been puzzled as to why, in verse 30, Jesus told these to keep quite about such a glorious miracle. Maybe it was meant for us, that sometimes, when we are “given eyes to see” into the deep truths of the Kingdom of God, it is better to keep it to ourselves for awhile. I know many that have had this experience when they first learned of the truth of complete, universal reconciliation; including me. When I first came into the light of this revelation I felt impressed to study it out for a year before I shared it with anyone, while I wanted to shout it from the house tops; I was obedient to the Spirit. Perhaps it was just to give me time to prepare for all the questions my fellow ministers and church friend, were about to shoot at me. In verse 38 speaking of those that are to be sent out as workers you have “…workers who can discern the fullness of it." this would answer to this idea of taking time to study it out fully before revealing his truth.


Anonymous said...

WW, my heart goes out to you, and my prayers. I spend much time with my mother helping her with things. she has a nurse that comes over and a house keeper. But there is nothing like the love of a family member. although it is hard to watch a loved one struggle with the physical and mental deterioration that comes with old age. BTW what is the name of your blog? or would that reveal your identity? I think I know anyway. I put a IP tracker on my blog and was amazed to see that people from all over the world are hitting it but seldom leave a comment. some will even email me instead of commenting on the blog. Have you made your email public? I have several email adds that I use for different reasons.

about falling out, I was always fascinated by this. and I really wanted to do it but I was not going to fake it. so I went to several meetings where these ministers were well known for this, even went to a Benny Hinn meeting; NOTHING HAPPENED! then when I was just out riding my motorcycle one sunday I stopped at a little local church and went in to visit. I had my leather chaps and vest (colors) on, so I did not look like the usual church goer. well this pastor, at the end of the service had a prayer line and folks were falling out all over the place. I decided that day that I was not going up front and make more of a show than I already had with my leathers and all. besides that, I didn't have a clue that this went on here. anyway there I stood in the back and this pastor looked straight at me and began to prophecy over me, actually things that have pretty much taken place since then. anyway as he was prophesying to me he started walking toward me, and I thought to my self, "I am not going to fall down", then as he got to me he asked me to step out in the isle and I did. Then He said "in the name of Jesus" and started to reach out to lay his hand on my forehead as I was thinking "I am not going to fall down"....His hand never made it to my forehead; the next thing I knew,there I was in my tough guy leathers all sprawled out on the floor! feeling like I was plugged into a ac outlet!

Just thought I would share that, don't know why. maybe it is for someone.

AMEN! :) Donald!


word ver.

Anonymous said...

I guess it was meant for me to post on here Bishop. I have been very ill again, time excrusiating pain to the point that all I could do was sit and tremble. It was all over my entire body. I am getting better now, at leas I can type.

You might aught to shut the door here now though.


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, P. Dennis...great comments...I'm in Brazil, and everything is awesome...

By His Stripes you are healed!