Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas '08: It's a Wonderful Life!


SCRIBE said...

What Beautiful Family Photos! Everyone looks so overjoyed on Christmas. What a wonderful time you all must have had with EVERYONE being present and accounted for in the festivities! I'm certain it is only one of many more fantastic Christmas's to come. Thanks for sharing the pictures. God Bless you all!

tracy said...

Love the pics-looks like you all had a blessed Christmas! Still scarfing down the dialog between JB and Peacemaker from last blog....amen to both. Lisa-wow! And yes you will come out of this mother and son. I sometimes resented the sleepless nights with Bailey-when she was born her sensory system was very sensitive and she would cry and I would hold her and try to comfort her and then she would cry harder and longer...little did I know my "comfort" actually hurt her. Finally when my attitude changed about being up with her (had a two and 4 year old to take care of during the daylight hours-yikes-you feel me I am sure!)I would just lay her on my lap and make up songs and sing to her for hours, those nights ended up being such a special bonding time for us as well. Those were the very moments that I fell in love with my baby girl and in turn became graced to raise a special needs child. Now I look at her riding her Christmas bike with her reinforced training wheels-screaming woooo as she pedals down the driveway, hair flying behind her.... and go "wow- she (we) has(have) come so far!" My prayers are with you and my thoughts will not be far away from you and your family in the coming days. You have chosen a trying and yet rewarding path. God will equip you(he already has). It sounds as if you and your family are exceptional! Love your Christmas miracle!!

Donald said...


Lisa said...

What wonderful pictures of your family!!!!
Tracy thanks I feel ya. Zeb has sensory processing so I know how that is. Zac will get there too I hope!!!! Thanks for all the prayers I can feel them. Can't wait for church in the morning! I've missed the last 3 and am longing to hear a good word from GOD!!!!

linda said...

Great pictures, especially the pink pig ones! Merry Christmas!!

word ver: phablea, CITN it's PHABLEAOUS, DHARRLING

Anonymous said...

Very Cool

Friend4Life said...

Yes, its a Wonderful Life to be around the ones you love!!

LQQKing 4ward 2 the new Year!!
Like the countdown clock on the blog. Seems to be coming quicker.

~Peace, Love, & Dream Big~

Song for me today: God Rest you Merry Gentlemen...have no idea why that one is still in my head.

Ps--Love the group picture where Sofia has her finger in her mouth.((Priceless))

Nothing To Lose said...

Love the pictures. Glad you were all together for Christmas. Ya'll are an awesome family.

Lisa, my wife and I have enjoyed reading about your miracle adventure.

Tomorrow is the last Sunday service for 2008. If you didn't make it here this year, I have good news for you. If you come tomorrow, you will always be able to say you went to CITN, in 2008.
Come on, we'd love for you to be with us.

Miracles, peace and love to us all.

Anonymous said...

your kids are so cute. You are an inspiration to my father and to me as well. even though I am a teenage girl i really can relate to some of the things that you say in service. I am happy to be a part of your church and i will be attending until i leave the country,and that will not before a while. so i will be here for a while. Anyway i love you and pastor Debye and i love what you do.

Mystic said...

Bishop and Pastor Debye,
You always share so much with all of us...that is why we all feel like such a part of your family...just as you are part of ours. Thank you for sharing your "Wonderful Life" with us. It is so joyful, so lovely, so is the spirit of Christmas.

God bless us...every one :)

Teezy313 said...

Too cute guys!

See ya in the morning!


Nancy said...

I just want to celebrate another day of LIFE!
Those are great pictures of the family.
Anticipating another great service...

Avatar said...

It truly IS a Wonderful Life...and your family pictures are wah-hoo-doray!

wordver: endble, "endable?"
I have been reading and re-reading your Christmas Blessing, Bishop. And it looks like it just closed for comments so, I'll take that and the wordver as a cue to move on...however, there is a presence that is all up in it.

Maybe it is not the time to plumb the depths but I do keep "turning to notice" that post and many of the powerful desiderata-like phrases that it creates a sound, or a resonance, a trim your wick trumpet call?--if that makes sense.

Two phrases I'll pick out--although selecting them is like bringing that conch shell with salt water to speak of the ocean--the power is not in reading them here, but in their context:
"[the blog's] daily authentic life-affirming interaction"
"I believe that we are writing a new definition of connectivity here every day...the reality that is the Christ."

So, I guess this one needs a comma and a selah...just like you "ended" it on Christmas eve.

Avatar said...

Wordver: wilyp
"Will ya please" take down that Christmas tree?
I once kept one up until Easter.
It was a strange year.
And Donald stays up as long as he wants to too...

BTW, will miss you and Her Majesty tomorrow, Donald. Soz, are you still going to be ITB?

And Lisa, LISA, LISA!! I've read your post to most of my family...what a wonderful Christmas miracle to tell and retell as Zac grows in stature and favor with God!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family.
Looking forward to church in the morning, better get to bed........

Peace, Dennis

Son of Zadok said...
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Son of Zadok said...

That's one beautiful Holy Ghost crew you got their Bishop. Loved Judah's guitar belt also!

Had a great trip planned out with my parents to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins, including coming to see you all today, but Christmas morning I woke up with a wicked flu. I've been sick in a bad way. I haven't even read the Blog since Christmas Eve, just got caught up though and am feeling better now. We are going to plan another trip soon. Donald, let me know when you may get there again. I was excited we were both going at the same time, maybe we can both get their next time together. And Erik, thanks so much for the invite, I really wish I could have been there. I want to apologize for not posting my cancellation sooner.
Lisa, reading your post from yesterday really blew me away. Not only the miracles, but the expression of love and the spirit present in your words towards those who might try and rain on your obedience to Love's call. A big God Bless You! You are already a living example of when Jesus said, "You will do greater things." You inspire me.
JB and Peacemaker, I wish I could have gotten involved in your conversation the other day concerning Jesus's place in the context of every individual human life. It's relevance to our calling fascinates me. Personally, I'll never be able to escape the love of those nail scarred hands and feet as my gateway. In my heart, I think everyone will eventually see and know those very real spikes and thorns. I love what one of you said though about knowing this one thing for sure; that my present paradigm isn't the right one. Some people would find that a self defeating statement, but I understand the brilliance in it's humble truth. I agree that Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love one another. If mankind's eternal security rested upon a confession of faith in the atoning sacrifice at Calvary, wouldn't that be the greatest commandment!
Anyways, watching Rick Warren on C-SPAN the other night speak to a conference of Muslim leaders encouraged me that we are beginning to act out of love. I don't know if his glass has cleared up as much as Bishop's, but it was encouraging none the less. As was mentioned a few weeks ago, it's fascinating how in Aramaic Jesus refers to God as Alaha, which in all derivations indicated Sacred Unity, idealized as the furthest extent of power, breath, and life. This word is related to its Hebrew predecessors, Elohim and Eloha, as well as to the later Arabic form Allah. quote by: Neil Douglas-Klotz.
This whole thing is coming together. I see all God's people crying out from all religions in one accord, "Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit" It's already literally happened at CITN. In God's full revelation all the seekers of love enter into the One. I think we all have a vital piece to share in the consummating of that One Love.

The Wed. night classes on this verse a few months back were so fantastic BTW! I love a good word out of Ephesians and this topic always reminds me of this verse now.

Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.

Eph 4:1-6

Anonymous said...

Beauty is the word for the family Swilley. Thanks Bishop and P. Debye for sharing your real lives with us and others who love.

Erik, I'm sure you were looking forward to meeting SOZ and having Donald in your home for fellowship.

There will be another time that will accommodate them and others in an even better way. When that time comes perhaps we can plan a blogger's ball kind of thing. I will be happy to be a part of making that happen when the plan comes together.

Will miss church today, bummer! Will just have to buy the dvd.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Bishop and Pastor Debye for sharing your personal moments with us. You can see the excitement and love in all your faces that connect you as a family.
I was blessed by that.

See ya ITB,
Debra M

Anonymous said...

SOZ, sorry to hear of your illness....your in my prayers. gotta go, Church is starting.....

Good Morning everyone....

Blog hand shakes and hugs to you all......


JR said...

Finger lickin good service today Bishop. And good pictures of your family.

Anonymous said...

Zach posted this from Iraq on the CITN site:

First Official Christmas

Bishop Jim/Pastor Debye/CITN Family,

BREAKING NEWS - This most recent Christmas marks the first time in Iraq history that the "Christian" holiday is acknowledged as a federal holiday throughout the country. This is done NOT to promote Christianity, but rather peace, tranquility, and unity among the Iraqi populace. Even moreso, to encourage Iraqi Christians, which comprise about 3%of total population, to be socially and politically active in their state.

Christian or not, Christmas is for all humanity to celebrate. It is a time of reconciliation (Col. 1:20) and an opportunity to make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification (Rom.14:19). Whether we realize it or not, accept it or not, believe it or not, people from all over the world celebrate this time of the year - in the spirit of unity and peace. They may not call it Christmas, but it is the spirit of Christ from which they celebrate.
What a benchmark in history!! Glad I could be a part of it...

Zach K

Erik said...

Zach – Yes and a million Amens. ‘ every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification’ …. but it is the Spirit of Christ in which all people celebrate this. Absolutely!

SOZ Sacred Unity is what we currently exist in, anything not that is a make believe drama, even though the drama can seem real, and palpable, it is a drama. The Creator has already woven ALL things, and ALL dimensions, parallel universes, and every reality . ALL people ARE expressing together ‘Holy Spirit’ or ‘Spirit of God’ or ‘Allah’ or ‘Elohim’ or ‘The Christ’ or ‘Hallelujah’ . This is in every name, in every expression, in every action.

Jah is expressed in every person, and that expression is expanding, as we perceive time passing. Actually, our experience of linear time is the spoken expression of Jah. A beautiful part is that there are different perceptions of time, so the Alpha and Omega exist right Now, and all in between. Jah, is truly unlimited and indefinable, - the closest we can come in our own perception is ALL people, All words, All time, and ALL concepts at one time, are a portion of the image of Jah.

Everything we can hope for is already in existence, to be enjoyed, reflected on while anticipated. Alpha –Omega is within us each.

Bishop, pics are great and the Finger Chewing was yummy today. Again, - Right on as always for the New Year. Just as we approach exceeding the speed of light, you describe the world view that is approaching unfiltered clarity velocity.

Thanks, it is fun.
Yes, missed you Donald and SOZ, had some good food and fun with some local bloggers today, good convos, prayer, revelation, good eats. Would have been heightened with your presence, - so will be looking forward to when it comes together. SOZ, I had a special gift for you, a particular blue and yellow sweatshirt…… hmmm…..

Love to ALL.

G8TRGRL said...

Great service today! Had to laugh as we had some delicious, sticky, finger-lickin'-good wings for lunch... my 11 year old had the privilege of expounding on it to his little brother and sister...( just glad to know that he was listening!)

Love the pictures of Christmas, Bishop. It is a Wonderful Life to spend the time surrounded by your loved ones.

Be blessed, ya'll and have a gr8 night!

peacemaker said...

And peace, tranquility, and unity it will bring!
Thank for sharing that good report with us, Zach.
News like that helps to reinforce hope for those of us who believe Global Peace is not only possible, but being achieved.
Thanks for being a great part of that. What a great time to be alive.

May you be guided, guarded, and protected, my Brother.


Lori said...

Proud grandparents! Love the pictures! Chad and I were outside talking (as we do every night) and I got a Word for 2009. 2009 is NOT the year for restoration and building up what was broken in previous years. It is the year that entering in, you recognize that you HAVE BEEN made whole! You don't need to beg and plea for His mercy. HIS MERCY ENDORES FOREVER... IT IS ALREADY YOURS! You don't need to look for Him... HE IS ALWAYS THERE! I can't wait until Wednesday! I love you, CITN!!!

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing with us a part of your family life. We all feel so special to have been given a glimpse of your wonderful life. I am always in awe of how transparent you are and not one that will have a lot of body guards around to keep the people from reaching you. You and your wife are just beautiful people inside and out and I'm so happy to know you.

Son of Zadok said...

Erik, I could have really used that sweatshirt over Christmas. Instead I was forced to just use a plain old towel to catch my constant supply of yule tide mucus. Hey, it's the thought that counts though right?
Dennis, thanks for your prayers. I'm feeling much, much better.

Son of Zadok said...

That was an OHIO STATE / michigan joke. Don't want anyone in the dark thinking I was being rude.

Son of Zadok said...

Cool countdown. Only 3 years left till the end of the world as we know it.
Just Kidding.
I wonder if their is any spiritual significance to 2012? Sure is a lot of hype starting to build around it.

Son of Zadok said...

Maybe aliens will land and tell us all new Bible stories! I'm out here alone in cyberspace talking to myself...I think I'm going to go eat a piece of pie!

Erik said...

SOZ, how rude... MICHIGAN in lower case ???? Remember. MICHIGAN is ABOVE ohio state, you know, higher latitude, greater spiritual state.

I was wrong before, Jah is in almost everyone, but did skip the buckeyes. :)

Well, sort of wrong, unless they accept The Saviour while wearing Maize & Blue, highly unlikely, but The Good Shepard did provide a last resort for them buckeyes.

... OK, OK Lord, Please save the buckeyes too (ouch), bless the enemy, yadayadayada. OK, OK, skip 1 yada. Ok, Ok skip them all, save them anyway. Man, that Holy Spirit is tough!

Seriously though, (kinda) Jah , God, Allah, Christ, Holy Spirit, Elohim, The Creator is expressed in the reality in every person we see, think of, read of, etc. In every culture and belief. It can only exist as the expression of Jah, God spoke creation into existence, and everything there is is from the vibrations of Allah's words, Christ manifest.

In this reality, choices and actions, words have substance that create this reality. The most fluent, expedient words we use in creating this reality are from the clarity of The Christ in our hearts and minds, loving God with all our heart, and others and ourselves. Simplicity.

Bishop, the pointing on 'Forward' both are OK, because the world is round and eventually we will be pointing the same way, just not at the same time, except at the poles. So, it works.

Erik said...

SOZ, what do you mean 'maybe' the aliens 'will' land? They haven't spoken to you yet?

Once I took off the aluminum foil from my head and the duct tape from my windows, it has been an ongoing conversation. Try it, and they will follow you everywhere. They do have some stories, though. I think the chip in most people keeps them from hearing them even without tin foil.

Checkout , it is a website aliens are promoting to help speed up the Rapture. It is all about promoting a One World Government, and supporting legislation in the possible foreign countries where the antichrist will be born, to restrict birth control.

In the hopes the a.c. has already been born, there are also efforts to open up visas and education grants for men of college age from those countries to come to the US for education, in hopes that an American educated a.c. will have a quicker rise to power so that this process can be started as fast as possible. You know, do everything we have in our hands to do. By adding to education funds in the US, we can accelerate this.

See, the aliens have long been at it, since the sooner the Rapture happens, the sooner they can take over and use those left behind as worker drones for 1000 years.

Sitcom maybe? (Why do you think Mork & Mindy and X Files were so popular? Hmmmmm? )

Sweepea said...

LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing Bishop.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Erik
In all actuality, the Earth is round while being flat at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Eric, Tin foil? you know that looks ridiculous....gum wrappers rolled up into a ball stuck in your ears works just as well.... and on the AC; didn't you read your email.....He was elected president for heavens sake....the spoon head spammers knew that long before anyone else....

Glad your feeling better SOZ...I figure you knew all this....

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, and you're welcome...I enjoyed sharing my family with my family!