Monday, December 29, 2008

MITN XII, Verses 1 - 8

1. One particular Sabbath around this time, Jesus was strolling with his disciples through a field of ripe grain. While they were talking with one another, the disciples, who were hungry, just pulled off some heads of grain and snacked on them.

2. Somehow the ever-critical and perennially vigilant Pharisees saw this, and when they did they said to Him, "Just look at your disciples! They are breaking the law right here on the Sabbath!"

3. He calmly answered, "Relax. Haven't you read in your own Law what David did when he and his companions were hungry?

4. He entered the house of God, and he and his company ate the holy, consecrated bread – which, as I’m sure you know, was not lawful for them to do - because only the priests were allowed to partake of it.

5. Or haven't you read in the Law that the priests on Sabbath duty in the temple break rules like this all the time, and it doesn’t even matter? In fact, it's not even held against them!

6. But the main point – the point that your legalism is causing you to miss - is that One greater than the temple is right here in front of you!

7. If you had comprehended what these words mean, 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice,' you would not have condemned the innocent.

8. For the bottom line is that the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath."


mayam said...

Good Morning Bishop!
Sending much love and wishes for the most fruitful, miraculous and fulfilling 368 days to you and your family...Sofia is beautiful and her mom is amazing...

This is one of those incredible mornings when I feel like water that has been turned into wine...
what more can I say?

Rest easy,

(FYI: forgot to add my CITN enclosure - it will go out in today's mail.)

Izumi/JOY said...

Verse 1 - Jesus walked with His friends in the cool of the day. I like imagining the Pharisees peeking out from tall grain stalks, pointing fingers & sneering, "We're tellin'!" (uh? who?)

The disciples were hungry; the Pharisees probably were, as well. The disciples plucked off some heads of grain. The vigilantes tried snagging some, too. (metaphorically speaking)

Verse 2 - "... they said to Him, "Just look at your disciples! They are breaking the law right here on the Sabbath!" Seems like Matthew 5:17 - "Don't think I've come to abolish the law or Prophets. No, I'm not here for that. I'm here to fulfill them."

Verses 3-8 seems like a foreshadowing prelude to communion with Christ.

Anonymous said...

God's open portal to the world...

God has seen where the world has been heading. He will bring a stop to it. The world is about to change it's mind. God will see to it. The atheist and agnostic minds will change.
Our sons and daughters will speak of God in a newer and better way.
A better way is about to explode.

Anonymous said...

Got a House inspection today! last phase of going on with the sale of the house! Finally! Praise God!

Y'all pray all goes well....

I will get back later on MITN....

Gotta Go...


TheCenturion said...

The time has come and has been here for awhili to abolish our desire to perceive seperation. The pharisees are so focused on a desire to see seperation; seperation of the Sabbath and others days, seperation between themselves and the disciples; that they fail to see the most obvious: "That One greater than the temple is right here in front of them."

This perception of seperation has existed since the time of David and now the pharisees have become blinded. I pray that our desire is to see "the One right in front of us" so that the mercy that Jesus is speaking of becomes real just as the perception of seperation had become real to the pharisees.

Anonymous said...

Are we living by the world’s rules and regulations or are we living by the KINGDOM of GOD?
The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost. The only thing I’m supposed to do is to love you. I’m not in debt to you by any means… Jesus saved us from our debts… LOVE is what heals, hopes, believes, bears all things…endures,love never fails.

Regarding rules and regulations: In my deepest heart, this is how I feel... Living up to the E.A.C.H. contract is a rule and regulation...I don't get it -What’s the difference between the E.A.C.H. program and membership? Membership means "I want to be a part of this body."
Are you saying I am not a part of this body because I have not signed the E.A.C.H. program contract? Or is being part of this body have to do with LOVE? Loving God with all your heart, and loving others as you love yourself….If I don’t meet up to the expectations for E.A.C.H . does this make me not part of this body or is LOVE the link between us? .
I piped to you and you did not dance--- Definition:
This is a corruption of the original proverb: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Proof is in the eating… The Kingdom sets me free. How many times do I show up, how many times do I give, my tithes, and offerings, and ministry? Believe until you see…. God's membership has nothing to do with paper. No roll calling... For awards and rewards are stored in heaven. The Kingdom of God is not about the way the world does it. The world is supposed to be in awe how the church does it.

My debt is to love .
To see obstacles...

Oh just to be in HIS PRESENCE--
Standing before us

Pamela T. said...

PRAISE REPORT!! Ms. Dorothy, Patti’s mom came through her hip replacement surgery and everything is great and she is in recovery. The doctor said that he the system they used is different and better than the one put in her other hip 2 years ago and that her recovery may be quicker and easier than previously anticipated. I ask you all to be in agreement with me for quick and miraculous rehabilitation. That Ms. Dorothy has the doctors in awe on how quick she is up and on her feet, walking with ease and pain free. Holy Spirit I speak this divine healing and rehabilitation over Ms. Dorothy today; we trust you and have faith in you for this miracle today. Please touch her with your healing power, give her physical and mental supernatural strength, confidence. Make her rehabilitation to be a testimony of the many miracles we have through The Christ that reigns in us through the gift of the Holy Spirit. I pray by His Stripes she is totally healed and better than brand new in your precious and mighty name Jesus Christ. Halleluiah, Praise God!!! We love you Ms. Dorothy.

Machion said...

Jesus makes a lot of sense and keeps it simple. In fact, life is a simple process for complicated people. The deeper we try to get, the more we drown and forget the fact that we already know which way is up... you know, where there is air to breathe, and what do you know, there is enough for all of us.
Pastor Dennis, I'm sending one up and considering it done.
Anonymous, I sure hope it's a short fuse 'cause I'm about ready to blow! Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon @11:33,

I am also someone who despises rules and regulations…in fact, my full name is Jane Don’t-Tell-Me-What-To-Do! Conyers (probably NOT my most stellar personality trait, but true). And yet I’m a huge fan of willing commitment! The piece of paper I signed when I got married has no power to force me to commit to my husband, and it cannot possibly prevent us from splitting up. It’s paper. The commitment between us is the living thing! To me, the EACH program is just an outworking of what I’ve been happily doing at CITN for the last 20 years without the paper. My heart, my head and my tithe are all willfully committed to this house, and this vision for the long run, but ALL are my brothers and sisters.

Nuthin but love to ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon,

I wanted to comment on your feelings about the E.A.C.H. program, in hopes that I could maybe help you see it a different way.

It is not in any way meant to be legalistic or obligatory, or a regulation. Rather, it is a vision or a goal. It is a very worthy effort to strive for with results that are meant to help nurture love, build relationships and strengthen the body.

Everyone is certainly welcome here at CITN. As Bishop said when the E.A.C.H. program was introduced, we are an open tabernacle. All are welcome here to worship and feed from the word, and enter into the corporate presence of the Lord that exists here when we all come together.

But what makes a body a body is its ability to function as one; each part performing its function for the benefit of the others. And as we serve our purpose – we in turn are satisfied and fulfilled. Of course, that’s a really big concept that can be discussed from a local church body all the way to the fullness of the Body of Christ.

But just speaking for my local church body – what it needs to function at its most optimum is ushers to help people out, and greeters to make all feel welcome, and nursery workers to minister to the babies and give our moms and dads an opportunity to be fed and worship God. This local body needs sound people so the word can be heard and camera operators so that it can be viewed by any who want to see but cannot attend.

Love is an action and it is something done for someone else. I in no way feel obligated to be a part of the E.A.C.H. but I do feel honored. I love this community and I love CITN. This loves compels me to be disciplined. This decision to be disciplined has given me the strength and vision to be a tither and an active participant in this local body. And the fruit from that effort has been sweet.

My prayer and goal as part of the administration that is helping to promote and support the E.A.C.H. program is that God will give us the ability to clearly express the vision that we have for this effort. The E.A.C.H. program is not an obligation but an opportunity. There’s no punishment for not getting involved but, many blessing for being a part. There is truly a benefit and blessing to attending regularly, contributing financially, and helping by serving others. Our motivation is born from love. We really believe that God gave us this vision, this course of action to help the individual become great and consequently, serve our purpose as a unified body.

I want to live by loving God with all my heart, and loving my neighbor as I love myself. The E.A.C.H. program at CITN just makes sense.

Robyn Darby

Avatar said...

Anon@1133--for me, living “up” to the E.A.C.H. contract is just that…stepping UP, living UP, growing UP to the place of greater understanding of what it means to be in a closer relationship with God as well as in the relationship that we call the Body of Christ. I think the progressive levels of commitment are great tools to help each person see the steps they can take as well as to reveal the areas that they have a hard time making. Those areas can be submitted to God and He will show the way.

Just as in marriage, there are some people who marry on a high of “love” but then walk out at the first sign of the loss of “bliss” or eros or “it just isn’t fun anymore”. When it comes to the work of love, they opt out. What happens is, those people will never know the true bliss that comes from the kind of love that God actually does give us and that Jesus modeled…STILL loving us, desiring the best for us and helping us become that very best even though He knows the whole truth of who we can be when no one’s looking. It is THAT love that I believe will change the world. When Jesus said, “all men will know that you are my disciples because you love one another,” He wasn’t talking to a bunch of people who were all “sweetness and light” all the time. He was talking about that “love anyway” love that has been so rare until now….here…at CITN.

And so, I agree with Robyn, love is an action. Sometimes it has a feeling attached to it that many would give the name “love” to. But sometimes it is an action that others would not call “love”. My children certainly didn’t THINK I loved them when they were first learning to brush their teeth. But they do now and they are grateful, now. I think you would agree that if I had given in to every time they said “you don’t love me” they would be unfit for society. So yes, the proof is in the eating…or in this case, the brushing…and you can probably guess that they brush their teeth every day now.

I hope that you will hear the hearts of those who have posted and those who I suspect will add their understanding and join us as we E.A.C.H. make whatever commitment we can make…live UP to it…see God honor it…and take the next step that He shows us in order to manifest His Love and His Kingdom in the earth--and the world will definitely be in AWE when they see us doing it.

Avatar said...

Mayam, good to "see" you--BIG smile!

Izumi/Joy--communion with heads of wheat, and the present bread of

Pamela T.--I agree with your declarations and please pass on a big blog hug to Ms. Dorothy.

Pastor Dennis and Anon@925--ditto what Machion said.

wordver: beench
"Be 'en' ch"-urch on Wednesday night!"
[NTL--looks like wordver is in agreement with YOU!]

Anonymous said...

Keep those pictures coming.

Anonymous said...




Oh, I will get back to MITN later.....

Anonymous said...

I love verse seven. A good parallel can be found in Micha 6: 6thru 8.

To love mercy and perform it is equal to being an obedient servant that can expect the stroke of God's hand to say well done in the only way that matters. This is righteousness that gives peace to others and renders the whole product.

Loving mercy, JB

ps veriword - resties. I pray that everyone enjoys good resties tonight and wake up to realize every situation today is eternaly secure.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:33,
When I read your post, my first thought was where all have you been in your presumably years of being a believer.

I have posted here in the past where I came from. Where I am right now, is about as far away as the east is from the west from where my journey began. But now, thank the Lord I am where I am and I'm still moving forward.

Right now you see what you see from your perspective. And so does everyone else, see from theirs.

If you have any more to say, say it. You are who you are. If you see that you need to change something by what someone in love says, then change. And the same for who ever reads what you might say, in love.

May the reasoning continue here in love, as it always does.


w.v. **betel**

Anonymous said...

This is JB. The previous entry should have been corrected to read the sound of God's voice but that didn't happen. Perhaps it is the stroke of God's hand that is the best affirmation.

I have felt what people call holy goose bumps and I have also felt a sensation like warm, smooth fluid flowing over me a few times and on some of those occassions thought I smelled honey. To feel the stroke of God's hand on one's head or back or shoulder like my earthly Dad used to do must be an awesome thing.

Pamela T., I am believing with Miss Dorothy for just the type miraculous recovery you mentioned. I have heard her testimony of miraculous delivery from death and know her to be a woman of faith.

Miss Dorothy, many others need to be touched by your words.


Erik said...

Great MITN XII (v 1-8) Bishop.

David increases as a favorite. I forget things, and ‘poof’ reminded of another scene again. Doing what is expedient .

The Pharisees are just (L)awfully boring, talk about getting butter pop when they are on during the flick. Can you imagine being cast as a Pharisee? Ewwwwwwwww. I guess they had to be put somewhere. God love ‘em.

Of course David did what the ancient priests did regularly, breaking the same (L)awfuls. Also, without it mattering.

Ahhh, The One greater than the (L)awful temple is with us always. The Son of Man is Lord of The Sabbath, as we all are The Son of Man, and Lord of The Sabbath and The Scripture. Both exist to serve us, man, people. We exist to express God. Law is (L)awful, We are expedient.

Iris said...


I am so sorry that you feel the way you do about the EACH program. I love the vision for CITN. I believe in what we stand for. I hold a very deep love for all of the people in this local body. They’re more family to me, than my own family. There are programs at CITN where my life has personally benefited from, and without them, my life would be very different. CITN has walked me through some of the best and worst times of my life. And because of the constant commitment they have always shown to me, of course I would do anything I could to contribute back.

I don’t do the EACH program out of obligation, but out of total love and commitment to this local body. You see without me and my commitment, this local body would not be the same. I don’t mean to sound arrogant. But without the thumb or the pink finger on the hand the hand could not function properly. The hand would not be the same without the pinky.

Even though I signed a contract on paper, I never took it as a rule or regulation. I never signed anything in fear of being put on some list, or being excommunicated if I didn’t. I signed on the dotted line, out of joy of being a part of something greater than my life. I signed to make a statement of my love for this church. I signed to say thank you for all they have done for me. I signed because I love God with every fiber of my being, and as I contribute to this local body, my small drop of water makes a ripple in this big river, and allows the water to expand farther across the glob. If no one contributed, we would and could only be a small puddle in which one could get their feet wet. But with every drop that is contributed, we become an ocean that bridges the gap for all to take part.

I love what Jane Don’t-Tell-Me-What-To-Do! Conyers said. “The piece of paper I signed when I got married has no power to force me to commit to my husband, and it cannot possibly prevent us from splitting up. It’s paper. The commitment between us is the living thing!”

This is a living entity, to be loved and cherished with or without a piece of paper.

The piece of paper signed is really just to let CITN know who is involved, and how to schedule who to work when. I use to work in the sound booth. I made out schedules for when people worked and when they would have time off from working. Without knowing their commitment… when the could or could not work. I would not effectively be able to make the sound booth run efficiently. They all signed papers for me and told me when and how often they could commit. I never badgered them because they could only work 1 Sunday a month. I loved that I had the opportunity to schedule them and allow them to contribute the way they could. I took joy to allow them to contribute 1 Sunday a month, and knew that it was a benefit as much to them as it was for us. But without knowing where their commitment was, I could not scheduled them successfully, and they would be unhappy, then the whole system couldn’t run smoothly. You see that signed piece of paper was as much of a benefit for them as it was for us.

The piece of paper helps this living entity to move and flow as smoothly as possible, not be used to beat people over the head with.

You can be a part of this body without being involved in the EACH program, but I will tell you, being a part of the EACH program only enriches ones life. And when I walk into that building, I walk in a proud woman knowing that I helped make this place what it is. And without me this place would not be the same. And Annon@11:33, without you it won’t be the same either.

To truly love something or someone with your whole heart is to get involved and become another drop that helps expand the vision to greater lengths.

I love CITN…

P.S. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all of you. I love you all, and I am sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been here, just a lot going on. But now as the season winds to a close I should have more to write.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for your prayers about selling the house!

MITN XII Verses 1-8

Vs 1. I have often wondered; why were they out walking around in a grain field.....

Vs. 2. "ever-critical and perennially vigilant Pharisees"...Now that's good!

Vs. 3. "He calmly answered, "Relax. Haven't you read" sets a good mood for what was happening.....and this statement, I am sure, Jesus knew, would really get under that Pharisaical skin.

"what US not read!"

Vs. 4. "which, as I’m sure you know"... That's Good! He is really rubbing it in....

Vs. 5. "haven't you read in the Law"
He now only stuck it in; now He is twisting the blade.

Vs. 6. "the point that your legalism is causing you to miss" These Pharisees were all ears by now - Jesus point I believe, for His sarcastic corrections - so they could hear the truth if they would accept it.

Vs. 7. "If you had comprehended what these words mean" Pharisees need to rethink what you think you know. God is not the slave driving monster you have made Him out to be.

Vs. 8."The bottom line is..." (Caldwell version) "besides all that - now hang on to your hat - Guess Who I AM!......


G8TRGRL said...

Good evening Blog Family,
I am just so enjoying reading the comments today re: E.A.C.H. It it definitely a "get it factor"; in a "pay it forward" sense. See what you can give to CITN and see what it gives in return! That return may be for you, or it may be a blessing on someone else... I know it has blessed me, my family and established relationships that are priceless! The relationship with the body reminds me of a "relationship" book by a Dr. Eggrichs-- it explains how Love and Respect work; it works in a circle-- it basically boils down to that when women feel loved in a relationship, they give respect to the spouse, they in turn feel that respect, and want to give love and appreciation back, so the circle continues.

And so it is with our church body, the circle, the 3 fold cord-- if one of those areas fail, the whole body (relationship) suffers... so, anon.@11:33 join us in the circle of love that there is here!!

I wish I were going to be here for the Walk of Faith on Saturday. It was so cool last year, but our schedule will have us away till Sat. afternoon...

Happiest of New Year wishes to everyone... lookin' fine in '09... we are definitely somewhere in the future and it is looking much more fabulous than ever!


Anonymous said...

It's Gonna be fine in 09!

Hi five the most High!
Ver. word....


Anonymous said...

Gonna be fine on 09

when ya high five

the most high

alright now

get those hands up!

get um up

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gonna be fine on 09

when we high five

The Most High!

get those hands up!

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There's no High

Like The Most High!


Son of Zadok said...

Pastor Dennis, your hilarious. Congratulations on the great news. Hands up and a slam dunk!

Ok hold onto your britches everywone I've got something really deep here. For the first time, there was NO WORD VERIFICATION at all! Just the printed words visual verification. However, when I refreshed the page proplimi did appeared. Whatya' make of that Larry? I'm only kidding.


It is a little known fact, that when this ancient scene took place, the pharisees actually grabbed the wheat out of one of the disciples hands, casting it out with a violent delivery. Surprisingly, it is said the wheat landed beside a cow, in a milk bucket being attended to by a young Jewish farm girl. The rest was history:

Breakfast Cereal!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this is still open to post. Yesterday I was thrilled by what I read in MITN and jumped right in there to express my joy over verse seven. I did not read the other posts first so I am now responding to Anon @ 1133 with the others.

Anon @ 1133am/12/29/08, you can probably already tell by the other responses that none of us are offended by your apparent complaint, if that is what you intended, but are instead ready and willing to encourage you to see the glass 101% full.

Personally, I would sign a paper to do hand stands for the duration of the whole service time if that was what Pastor Debye said she heard from the Holy Spirit that we should do, but that is just me. Although in the natural I can't do a hand stand, with the Holy Spirit alll things are possible and I would do it knowing that it is my opportunity to show the sincerity of my support for this ministry.

Those of us that have responded to you are without a doubt joyful for the opportunity to further give what we can to the forward progress of this ministry.

Sometimes those who just want to be on the roll somewhere are looking more for what a mission work like CITN can do for them rather than what they can do to add to the effectiveness of that mission. I know that is not the case with you because you referred to the Kingdom of God being righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Yesterday at 8:32 pm I hastily posted on verse seven of MITN and refer to it again now. Mercy is the righteous work that we do in the Kingdom that brings peace to the world around us. The end result of this work is joy unspeakable and full of glory.

I speak mercy to you and know that you are streangthened to carry on with your convictions in such a way as to pay mercy forward to those in need.

We of CITN welcome you among us no matter what views you have that may differ from our own.