Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hey bloggers,

I posted late yesterday, so I know that you're still digesting what was published, but thanks for all the great feedback from the events of this past Sunday (which were obviously the result of the beautiful Week of Prayer). There really is something new and fresh and exciting in the CITN air, and many of you have expressed that very well on the last several blog posts. Anyway, I need to get back to writing MITN, so here's verses 9 - 14 of Chapter 12 (verses 1 - 8 were posted on December 29...man, it's amazing how time flies!)...

Speaking of my books, there's a new blog that you can click on (above in orange letters) that is just about the things that I've written so far. I'm making my material more accessible on the internet, so I'd like to ask you to do me a big favor. There's no hurry, but when you get a chance, would you please go to the new blog (Books by Jim Swilley), and scroll through all of it to see if there's a post about a book of mine that you've read that you could write just a little blurb (2 or 3 lines) about on the appropriate comments page? The format is different from this blog, but it's easy to do. I really would apreciate it.

Now here's MITN. Enjoy!

9. Going on from that place, He went into their synagogue,

10. and a man with a shriveled hand was there. As always, the religious leaders were looking for a reason to accuse Jesus of something, so they asked him, "Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?"

11. Instead of directly answering their question of entrapment, He said to them, "Let me ask you this…if any of you has a sheep, and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it out?

12. Well, how much more valuable is a person…a human being…than a sheep! Therefore, we can say that it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath."

13. Then, to validate His point, and to take the conversation out of the limited realm of natural, religious law, He said to the man, "Stretch out your hand, friend." So the man stretched it out, and immediately it was completely restored to the same soundness of the other hand.

14. But, as usual, the Pharisees were unfazed by the miraculous. So they went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus because, once again, He had embarrassed them, and had made their rules and regulations seem silly and irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back at it, as usual it's some good stuff. It points out small minded people cause big problem. It makes me want to reach back in time and just slap em and tellem look up and count the stars if you can. In other words just get a bigger picture. It's like Sunday and as far as it goes all your sermons. Open your eyes, open your mind, take responablity, see it in anew way, take a chance, HE will be there to pick you up if needed. I wish all this stuff had been this clear years ago. Better late than never uh. the first time I spoke you after a service I said two simple words THANK YOU. They still work so THANK YOU. BiggKeith

Amalia said...

It is still amazing how motive can impact perception, and how hatred and unbelief can cloud perception...it is even more amazing how creative and great God is...He moves...He moves forward, regardless...what a model.

I miss you. I miss CITN. I miss BITB. Thank you for this portion of my daily bread...the words on BITN minister to me more than you know.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back to MITN. It's amazing how you allow the words to come alive. I can't wait for New Testament in the Now or the entire Bible in the Now.
Talk about a challenge to be better at life. I feel like the truth was hidden from me for so long. Is like a blind person with renewed abilities to see. Now I wake and see the light...
I have realized that the problem wasn't that I couldn't read the Bible but rather that it didn't make sense in my life.
And NOW...I can see clearly...


peacemaker said...

I didn't think JITN could be matched...I think I might me mistaken.

FYI...you might want to check out BITN wordpress for comments. It seems there are comments posted but not being acknowledged by the comments counter. But there may be a chance the comment-er didn't do it right...


Anonymous said...

Hey PM, I tried to log a comment the other day and it didn't go through so I figured out that where it was asking for my adress that it didn't want my PO Box #.

That's probably not what you did though or maybe it is.

Also the other day I got in the shower and noticed how well I could see stuff. I turned the shower on and realized I still had my glasses on.

Larry Usher said...

Hi everyone. Just saying a quick hello.

14. "But, as usual, the Pharisees were unfazed by the miraculous. So they went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus because, once again, He had embarrassed them, and had made their rules and regulations seem silly and irrelevant."

This is the crux, isn't it?! I find it so worthless to argue spiritual things any more even though I am able. It just seems as though love is the best weapon to cut through the fog of religion. Those that have ears to hear will hear, those that don't, won't.

We are spirit people, not tied to the earthly realm.

Blessings and hope,


Larry Usher said...

Cool rocket trail picture. Even though the Sun has long since set, the far upper atmosphere is still receiving its rays, refracting in such a way as to appear irridescent. Cool!

Donald said...

I cannot read this part of scripture without being amazed at how idiotic the Pharisees were/are.
You would think that if somebody is in your midst doing the sort of stuff that Jesus was always doing that you would have to just stop and say, "Hey, maybe we were wrong about this guy. He just might be who he says that he is."
It sort of reminds me of something that Jesse Jackson said one time when he was on the campaign trail. He said that a bunch of people saw him walking on water and the next day the headline in the newspaper said, "Jesse can't swim."
Some folks just have a hard time giving others credit.

Avatar said...

Good Evening, blog family...this cocoon work is exhausting! No wonder it changes DNA...

PM, I've noticed that before too. Seems to take a while.

Amalia, hi! You are missed ITB...always.

MITN, v.12...I like that Jesus is still saying "WE could say"...ever seeking to lift out of the pit His standing-before-him sheep that are clearly entrapped.

Then He models more inclusion in v.13 calling the man "friend". I wonder what that word did to the man? This amazing teacher elevated me to 'friend'...wow...all the synagogue authorities make me feel like God's casting me out.

I get the sense from MITN that the inclusion was like gasoline on their embarrassment fire.

Anonymous said...

He had embarrassed them, and had made their rules and regulations seem silly and irrelevant.

exactly what happens when you share the plain simple truth of the only logical conclusion of the outcome of the plans and purpose of an omnipotent, omniscient,, omnipresent, all loving, all sovereign God that cannot I say cannot, did I say CANNOT....fail, whom "they say" they believe in.......


Anonymous said...

still moving "stuff" to the storage unit...where did we get all this "stuff"...what are we doing with all this "stuff"

Peace Please,

Izumi/JOY said...

Consider this:

9. The words, "He" and "their"

10. Wouldn't it be wonderful, if the man with the shriveled hand was a reference to Jesus? At crucifixion.

Because He loved all His sheep, Jesus practiced the law of the Spirit (Romans 8) before them.

11. He was willing to elevate their understanding by giving them a glimpse of themselves. And Himself.

12. Job 38:12 - He commands the mornings. The dayspring knows His place. It's the highest. In eternity, it's always now. God's news is good.

13. ...to take the conversation out of the limited realm of natural, religious law, He said...

What if this demonstration was a "run through"? A precursor? A fullfillment of Who was about to transpire?

14. "as usual" - reminds me of " having A Form of godliness, but denying the POWER thereof".

Crownjewel said...

Hey Bish!

I have/and read your book about Activating the Power of Life and Death. Can't figure out how to comment...(technically challenged somewhat)...It was a wonderful, inspiring, inviogorating book as is anything I have read by you!

...there may be others having the same challenge???