Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey bloggers...thanks so much to those of you who have written such beautiful reviews on the book blog...your words are extremely encouraging...tonight in LIFESKILLS IN THE NOW I'll be talking about self-confidence, and living without a sense of rejection. I hope to see you all ITB...there are some good words on the blogs, so take a look around...I'd like to hear from some of you who have been missing in action for the last few days...what's happening?



Avatar said...


I am rewriting my daily schedule...amazingly faithfully adding exercising [see New Year's AW4W] and drinking water and what seems like a billion other DNA changes that are disorientingly wonderously wonderful...

Izumi said...

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes you might need a good cry.

Yesterday was my birthday. Burying my dog amidst the azaleas was not how I imagined celebrating.

I'm present; just in another room.

Peace like an ocean
Peace like an ocean
Reaches to me

(Thank you so much, P. Jimmie and Nation of Worship)

Friend4Life said...

I'm here 2.(smile) I think this cold weather has me in hybernation mode. Will try to warm up and blog more...Where's the warm sun??

~Peace, Love, & Dream BIG~

PS--I really like these Lifeskill Wednesday nights.*******


Lisa said...

I'm here too but we are getting a lot of snow and it is a high of 0 today. Zac goes back to the hospital today for more tests to try and figure out what is going on with him. GOD has a plan for this child. He has more medical issues than what had been disclosed and he has to go through a series of blood tests x-rays and ultrasounds today. Mark couldn't take off work so it is just me and I pray Zac understands I am not trying to hurt him but help him!!! Zeb has been sick all week with high fevers.
I need to order the dvd of sundays service so I can watch it without interruption. Just throwing the net out on the other side of the boat is a lot to absorb,
Oh and Thank you Bish for acknowledging my S-Dad Howards' fathers passing. I know it meant a lot to him.
I'll post more when I get a chance and check out the book blog.

"elle" said...

Was just going to blurk, but decided to address a couple of people.

Avatar, kudos to you! You know the Nike slogan, 'just do it.' You might be surprised at how amazing you'll feel when what begins as a chore becomes a habit that you don't want to break. What doesn't kill ya just makes you stronger. Strength is GOOD!

Izumi, my heart breaks for you! I have yet to deal with burying one of my 'best friends,' but the older they get, the more I think about it. "amidst the azaleas"... not a bad place to rest. Peace to you!

Bish, you're killin' me with all these blogs! No joke. It's all I can do sometimes to keep up with this one..... w/out letting everything else around here go, that is. Poor time management, I guess. So... I perused some of the others. Will likely be forced to get to them eventually cuz there's good stuff on there! Was it Dennis who said that your day consists of 48 hours to everyone else's 24? He was right.

And Lisa, you're a superhero! Not being a parent, I can't really imagine taking care of healthy kids. But you? Wow, your children are blessed!

Gotta go for now. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of a new blogger, but I want to say, I will be in church this weekend,( Yea!!!) since I get off work for MLK on Mon. I am not new to CITN-as I said, I attended about 5 years and joined then moved to North GA-
I could not come the week of prayer, but I recieve all y'alls blessing by faith. North GA

SCRIBE said...

Checking In... and Present!

Anyone ever consider casting out nets on BOTH SIDES OF THE BOAT? Then, if one side doesn't yield anything and the other side brings in a great catch, nothing is really lost. HOWEVER, what if BOTH NETS on BOTH SIDES of the Boat draws in a mighty catch, when nothing was caught before... could that not be counted as DOUBLE PORTIONS/ DOUBLE HARVEST? !!!!

Double portions sound exciting to me, especially if everything was dry and nothing was turning up before.

Like you said Bishop, ONE MORE TIME, even if nothing worked before and you know that you were following HIS PLAN and Instructions to the letter... it could have been a matter of TIMING, Supernatural Connections, Patience (or sometimes the lack thereof) and EXPECTANCY ! Perhaps, the fish had to be pushed downstream towards our location by some calamity upstream, just to be caught in OUR NET.

If we CAST OUR BREAD UPON THE WATER in ample portions, even if we thought that the bread was supposed to serve as our next meal, the provision would be MULTIPLIED if we can draw in the fish with what we held in our hands and previously thought of as the only food we had!!!!!! Then, there would not only be enough food to eat, but portions to SELL and draw in profit which could enable us to BUY FRESH BREAD FOR THE DAY instead of eating the stale, hard rations. Is this an example of the old being made new? Or better yet, invest in some yeast and flour to BAKE SEVERAL LOAVES OF BREAD to parcel out to others that are hungry and in need !!!

These are just a few of the things that I've been pondering. Feedback and insights welcomed !!!!

Water Walker said...

Bishop, I love all your blogs and sometimes I blog and sometimes I blurk but I so feel where you are at, that it is simply amazing. Some of the things you do or say, I want to do or say, but you always do it first and I am sure you do it better but that is why you are my spiritual father.

At the end of last year, it occured to me that since my life is so very abundant and some of my days are as eventful as other folks months, just to write a daily journal of daily events, like ministering and having a 86 (no, today she turned 87) aunt in my home who has Alzheimers with violent episodes at bathtime. Now that is an adventure and only the Holy Spirit has the answers.

It is interesting to know that much of society (at least those I have encountered) don't really know anything about Alzheimer's or dementia and I have to admit, I only know because several of my relatives have these degenerative disease. I believe that there is a lot of work to be done in Newton and Rockdale county regarding true support groups and professional medical personnel that will opt to help this part of society (Matthew may call the seniors with Alzheimer's the least of these).

There is truly a lot of work to be done in our city.

Let me say that I was wondering why 20/20 wasn't being highlighted last year since it is such a phenomenal work and so I was delighted to see it.

I have been able to encourage so many of my co-workers when I was in corporate America with a practical daily word from this timeless masterpiece.

I believe it was in the spirit for it to made available to world.

And what can be said that hasn't already been said about ayitn ` the prophetic word has never been more accurate and timely, it is always part of my daily bread. It feeds me and prophesizes to me and encourages me, admonishes me and I can't say enough. It represents the fruits of your 30 odd years in ministry and we are the recipients of your experiences and I thank you for this work.

Oh, in regards to the New Year ~ there is such a spirit of creativity and entreprenuership since many have lost their jobs. We just have to know that we can't do business as ususal. So it causes there to be great creative energy in regards to generating income in non-traditional ways.

This is a great part of the reason, I for one certainly embrace a word for winners, it is awesome. I have to admit, I cut and paste and send it to like-minded folks who may not read your blog because they are not members and they are really loving it. And some are now blurking and will be regular contributors, going forward.

My only question is how in the world do you get so much accomplished? I answer that it must be the power of the ghost. But I have to admit it is very encouraging and it does lead me into greener pastures Bishop.

I appreciate your labor of love for your pep's, Bish. You are a blessing to us and we love you.

Water Walker

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Izumi, sorry about the doggy. The azaleas will be beautiful. They will remind you of life and love.

River said...

Hey Lisa
Sent the snow down here to GA.
Being from the north myself, I miss the white stuff.

Happy Belated Birthday Izumi
Sorry to hear about your dog.

Avatar - Go for it!!!
New lifestyle awaits you.
I need to do the same thing.

Be blessed

karl cobos said...

Hey Bishop,
Sunday's service together was just so FULLfilling, plenty of fish on the beach.

Gotta run, and Natasha and I had a long, then difficult time applying for a position for her online, but it may possibly that "red light" of God, too.
We really need to see the right doors for us soon. Please pray for clarity of mind to not get desperate as we search AND wait on the Lord. Thanks, love you guys-have a great afternoon!

Brenda said...

I'm here and accounted for, just trying to assorb all the things that are going on in my life. My net is so full I'm having to drag it to shore. I got the cover for my book on Monday and it is so unreal that the publisher would pick the cover out of my head without me really giving much detail of what I wanted. My first book signing will be in my hometown of Birmingham, Ala. in April and I feel like I'm in a dream.

I got some kind of bug been sick all day but feeling almost human now so I'm staying in bed tonight but I will be there by computer.

Avatar said...

Wonderful Wednesday encouragement, "elle" and River. Thanks--so far the concept of "chore" has been swallowed up in the cocoon concept. It's actually been very very cool. Those jets in my pic are exactly the way I feel...I don't know if I can get 48 hours into my day or not, but I'm reaching for it and it sure is nice to have a Bishop that proves it can be done--smile!

Speaking peace to add to the ocean that you let us know is reaching you, Izumi/Joy. [Not wanting to be inappropriate but the Mad Hatter's unbirthday is coming to mind...along with the thought that January has 31 days. Forgive me if I'm off base and should have kept my thoughts to myself]

Jesus Groupie said...

Howdy! Looking forward to lifeskill Wed.

Ebony said...

I'm here. The second semester of graduate school and a new grading period has started for me, and when I'm in school I have a tendency to get tunnel vision, so I'm a little tired. Plus we had our "state of the school system" address with the school superintendent today and tough decisions are ahead, but it's all good right. In the now I'm healthy, loved and blessed so I'm focusing on that

The Flower said...

Rejection: The word was cutting. It penetrated so deep into my spirit.I tried to call my girfriend in Florida, and turned up my volume so she could hear it. It was that preaching that somebody had to hear this one. Sadly she couldn't hear. I will send her the CD. The way its poured out of you is unexplainable. If none comes with me, I will follow. You're fired up bishop. We're all fired up and ready. I believe this year is a year of freedom, opportunity, and growth. If the Lord's will, I pray to grow with my C.I.T.N. family as we take a step of faith to the unknown. I don't know where we're going, but it sure feels good.
I am so excited. I don't know what to do with myself. I'm gonna keep talking about the goodness that comes out of our church. Can't wait till Sunday. Its gonna be awesome.

Lisa said...

Flower I so agree that word did cut very deep!!!! I had never thought about the root of many of lifes problems is rejection. Wow! This is truly the year of eating meat and getting to actually be an adult isn't it! I so can't wait for sunday. I look forward to shedding years of garbage that I didn't notice was in the closet. We really are moving on up!!!!
River come on up and get as much snow as you want. We recieved a whole lot of it today!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We've all been rejected at one time or another. Thank God for CITN, where we are celebrated, not tolerated.

Larry Usher said...

Great posts everyone!

Izumi-sorry to hear about your dog. Dogs are people too! Happy B-day as well!

Just had a little insight from study last night.

I was reading in Matt 7:7 about "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened for you and the following struck me(and I'm sure Bishop has probably already taught about this!):

Asking- talking, simply voicing one's needs, desires, prayers, etc. No other action involved.

Seeking- Actively being on the lookout in hot pursuit of that which is asked for.

Knocking- Once the desired object of the asking is "close"(whether physically or "felt" spiritually) the determined final push, the banging upon that door and breaking through.

It's seems to me that I as well as many others have been real strong about the asking but not so much on the subsequent two. The progression must be followed if there is to be acquisition of the goal. This is why the throwing the net on the other side of the boat idea is so critical right now.

No matter where we are at on the above progression- be encouraged that it is all in agreement with God's plan and desire for our lives.
If that which we have asked for is a Godly desire, then the seeking and knocking MUST ensue!

Great service tonight Bishop- still fighting to change some neural pathways from my own past. But God is faithful to continue the work that His Spirit has begun in us!! No rock unturned, no dark corner left unbathed with His Light; steadfastly God, through His great love, convinces us that changing is a good thing, albeit difficult & sometimes very painful and frightening(to the flesh).

Y'all have a blessed night & love to all.

Hey Water Walker, hey Karl!


Larry Usher said...

Word ver just came up: "Blesseds"

I receive that!!

Izumi/JOY said...

God morning and thank you, Elle, Anon. 2:21, River, Avatar & Larry.

Anonymous said...

awesome veriword - reelie - righteous evangelists express love (and/or life) in earnest.

Jesus reelie spoke of the importance of doing good to those who did not recieve the message. That is what I got out of the last MITN entry. It also meant a great deal to me to see how the teaching on dealing with rejection fit into that passage of scripture.

As Bishop pointed out, we have all dealt with rejection on some level. The importance of our overcoming it is to streangthen us for the next road in our journey.

Most of my dealings with rejection have been in helping others that were in some way hurt by a form of rejection as a first contact with them to stop the dammage. That is the typical job of a firefighter, paramedic and police officer. That particular road in my journey has ended or at least it seems so for now. There is a new path being lighted for me that takes me way out of my comfort zone. Frankly, I don't know what to do with it.

Several years ago Prophet Clement, following an unusual event in the service called my wife and I forward from the crowd and prophesied over us. There were some very significant things that followed that prophesy, all of them confirming what had been said. One of the words he gave was that a great prophetic mantle would fall on our family.

I've done all that is possible to allow that to be revealed in some member of my family other than myself. No one seems to be interested. Neither am I but I am done with rejecting that responsibility.

For the most part I feel the same way about being a prophet as Sam did about green eggs and ham. I don't like the thought of being misunderstood or having my good intentions being mistaken for anything other than good. There is something stirring inside me though that is struggling to come out.

The last meeting that Prophet spoke to us at CITN (the one where he talked about corn in Egypt) I was serving as an usher and was positioned as far away from the stage as possible. He called me out by saying do you see that gentleman in the back with the nice tie on. People turned and looked in the direction he was pointing and I first stepped backward and then forward. He said yes I mean you sir. He said that eternity was screaming out of me.

Those things have been struggles for me and every excuse, such as I don't have a Bible degree or I am not a strong public speaker or I don't even know of a church that would listen to what would come out of my mouth anyway, will just have to give way to what ever it is that is suppose to happen.

Heck, I've even called myself a prophet just to get a negative reaction from someone that would reinforce my own rejection of the thought.

Oh well, I'm out of the closet now.

I do not seek ordination and personally would rather someone tell me that I am dilusional or have an ego centric desire for some grand office that I am unqualified for. That would be music to my ears. I have a feeling though that what ever the truth of the matter is will come out regardless of whether I am called or dilusional.

The one thing that comes to me is that I will be for others what ever they say that I am for them. Beyond that, as a child of the most high God, I will just be what I am.

I reelie believe that God is good past, present and future. I believe that man is good and has always been good since the day of creation. To what degree that my amen to God's goodness in man can convince man to see their own goodness, I am willing do my part.


Izumi/JOY said...

Veriword: inmend

Awesome, in that (co-laboring with Christ) I can click the refresh button, until I get the desired results.

This confirms your comment, JB ("The importance of our overcoming it is to streangthen us for the next road in our journey.").

I don't believe that your job was typical or that the road ended. Maybe it just changed form and branched out.

I do not seek ordination, either. Some have perceived me as unqualified, having an egocentric desire for a grand office. Also, some have said I am disillusioned.


It's true.

I agree. (In the natural realm, those perceptions are illusion.)

But, in Godlight: LA LA LA. I'll rejoice with ya. (and receive a prophet's reward)

(Psst... what is eternity screaming?)

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone!

Hope your day is filled with blessings and goodness that overflows into an uncontrolable SMILE.....;)

Gotta go out to the Victorian and move the LAST stuff and clean the place up for the new owners tomorrow!!! Yeay!!!

remind me to tell you the story of the bible I put in the footing (concrete foundation) of that house when it was being built.....


Anonymous said...

I have to agree it was an awesome word on Sunday. In our culture there is a saying that something is "moreish"(made up word) and it simply means that even though you are so full it taste so good that you want more.
That is how the word was on Sunday and tell the truth always is. It inspires you to do better and be better...
continue to be blessed...
I am not going back, I'm moving ahead...AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Hey, For anyone out there on facebook, I just started it and I think it rocks!!! I have found many old friends on there and made many new ones. I have even started a new group that many have joined called the "Christian Universalist" group

Just look up Dennis Caldwell at Jonesboro Arkansas USA

I would love to hook up to some of you all here. I think it is a great way to share "short" messages that can do a lot of good for the advancement of the kingdom. Most people today only have time for "short to the point comments" so I think this is why it has become so popular. It has a lot of neat add on things you can do also...I'm still learning about it all but I will be using it a another tool to do what God has me here to do "share the truly good news that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world" all...not some...

I have also been using "twitter" which is like facebook only without all the bells and whistles and even shorter comments. people are so busy today this sort of thing fits right into our hight tech, fast moving world.

I see these as tools that God is using to "network" his people all over the world in a very efficient way...

I really gotta go now..


Anonymous said...


The veriword is mates. Since there is no accent over the e it must not be referring to my tea.

In answer to Izumi/Joy's question about what is eternity screaming, I guess you will need to ask Prophet Clement that question. It doesn't seem to me there is anything I can say that has not already been said better by others more adept at saying it. There is a recurring word in my soul right now and that is agreement.

This veriword screams agreement. Nearly every way the word mate can be applied means to agree with.

We of CITN are mates each to the other. This is not to say that we could not survive without each other because we are whole beings that would find communion with like minded souls elsewhere if neccessary but WHOA buddy would we be hurting in that process.

Bishop and Pastor Debye are equivacated with CITN and there is good reason for that but they are no more nor less any part of CITN than any other part of this body.

We are all fittly joined (or mated) together as God sees fit (or is able to mate together). That particular sight goes on without end. The teachings coming to us from Bishop according to his faith to evoke the Holy Spirit is continually expressing the greatness of God and how all of humanity is included in that mating of souls between human and God.

You might even say, and I personally believe it is true, that CITN is eternal without beginning or end. It is, as long as it is as inclusive as God who so loves the world, that out of the Creative mist of Holiness, came to dwell among us and tell us that we have never fallen away from Grace.

Everything about the gospel of Jesus the Christ screams that out to me from conception to ascension. I also recognize that there are others who have made a mockery of that gospel by using parts of it to gain control over the souls of lazy minded people who would prefer to let someone else do their thinking for them.
Even they (both the controllers and the controlled) are mated to the whole body although they may not in their human reasoning choose to acknowledge it.

I will see where this takes me. I think you are right in your assessment that my road has branched out Izumi. I have probably been working from the gift of prophesy all my life and am just now realizing that is who I am. Thank you for the encouragement. You are blessed and a blessing. CITN is better for having you mated to it.


Nicole said...

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed life skills on Wednesday. my mother took my girls to CITN a few weeks ago, and for the first time they are begging to go to church!
After all these years your messages still speak to my heart and I am proud to say that you and pastor Debbie have been such a huge part of my thoughts,prayers and life for the past 28 years, (yes 28 years, I am 31 now)even in my abscence. Your teaching still makes me laugh hysterically while feeding me spiritually.I love you both dearly.
Nicole (Tant) Miller
P.S This is my first blog and I hope that I did it right!