Saturday, February 14, 2009


River said...

What Really Is Love

What really is love
A feeling or an emotion
A brisk walk upon the ocean
Flowing along a spiritual stream
Is love just a dream

What really is love
An action of give and take
Loving your brother
Breaking the hate

What really is love
A song to sing
A gift to bring
A total spiritual thing

What really is love
Giving of ones self
Following words the book has on the shelf
Old and new
One book holds true

What really is love
Love Just Is

By Laura Benson

River said...

Oh Ya Forgot To Say

Friend4Life said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Love ya ALL!!

"Congrats" on your Anniversary in the Ministry, Bishop!! Thank You Lord for Him and his family!! They mean a lot to me.

~Peace, Love, & Dream BIG~

Son of Zadok said...

Love, at no time will fail, no
not at all, to no extent or degree.
Love will absolutely not, no never,
fall short of what is
attempted, desired, and approved.
Love will never be or become deficient or lacking in any condition.

Love will never fall short, or flat, or fizzle.
Love will never pass you up, or dwindle, or die away.
Love will never become bankrupt, or unable to meet it's obligation.
Love will never destroy and make useless.
Love will never lose strength or become weak.
Love will never stop operating.
Love will never prove of no use or help.
Love is without fail.
It's certain and positive.
Love will never be in vein or be ruined.
Love will never blunder, or break down, or come to naught.
Love will never lose control or meet with disaster.
Love never declines, deteriorates, or falls.
Love never hits bottom or miscarries.
Love never comes to nothing or turns out badly.
Love never stops.
Love never fails.

Son of Zadok said...

Small FYI.
My picture in the last post is of a man diving headfirst into a trapeze net. Not of a bird caught in a net, as it kind of looks to me now.
However, in an ironic coincidence, my new picture is actually of Larry Bird, fighting under the net, for a rebound.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day everyone!

Wow, just think about it....a holiday to celebrate love! Cant get much better than that!

Have a Great valentines day everyone.

Bishop, I answered your "shout out" to me on yesterdays post...


Izumi/JOY said...

I used to imagine Love as a trellis full of honeysuckle, braided through a garden arbor. But, I don't see that anymore. (well, completely, I mean) Since I met the Gardener, Love seems less serene.

Maybe it's the dirt on a sixteen year old's boots in autumn, when her mother planted bulbs. She begged to go riding with her friends and "No" was the answer (not, if, where or when). Love never wavered - never glanced up from under her weathered straw hat; only savored the feel and smell of soil.

In adolescent rage, I stomped on the ground (that place where she labored) grumbling, "What's the use in planting bulbs? They're just gonna die, anyway!" Love reassured me - had only this to say, "But, in the spring, they come back."

Love must be perennial.

It's also sporadic and dramatic. It's as much out of the box as mac and cheese in a toddler's fists. It's grilled cheese toast nostril crumbs and crusty milk moustaches worn by young and old.

Love must be timeless.

It's exasperatingly passionate. It's "Where the hell didja put my car keys?!" to teens and geriatrics.

It's, "Don't forget! You're bringing the potato salad, right?" ("But, you have the same recipe.") "But you make it better! Bring it!"

It's, "Let's meet over at... what's that place? And see... oh, you know... what's their faces? Why do you make me go on, when you already know what I mean? It's "Remind me to tell you," and "Don't make me repeat myself! "Do you enjoy making me scream?"

Love must be lots of practice.

At best and worst it's, "Wow. You look and smell good, today. I could just kiss you. And, when you're not here, it pisses me off to miss you. So, instead of sounding superficial - reciting shallow stuff, I groan while treading through my thoughts, knowing they're never enough.

I dole these candy conversation hearts. Hope they heal what's broken. And trust and hope the best from God are words that can't be spoken.

Donald said...

Well you folks can go on and on about this love "stuff" all you want to, but it doesn't seem to work around my place.
I went out and bought Her Majesty a brand new mop and mop bucket and tied a big pretty red bow on the handle of each of them and gave them to her and shouted "Happy Valentine's Day" and she didn't seem to be the least bit appreciative!
It really takes alot out of a man to just keep giving and giving and then have to receive such a cold response in return.
Just kiddin' everybody, "Happy Valentine's Day"!

Anonymous said...

Happy Ministry Anniversary, Bishop!

This is a perfect day, the day of love. The day God called a wonderful man of God to share His love to each of us. I want to be part of many, many more anniversaries to celebrate your calling. We love you!
Pastors Tim and Debbie

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Just came back from a stroll on snow covered sidewalks through Lincoln Square with my valentine of about forty years.

The coffee and apple fritter at Starbucks, about ten bucks. The coats on our backs, a couple hundred. The stroll with meaningful conversation that included an argument ending with agreement, priceless.

Happy Valentines to everyone in the land of grits.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blessed New Day !

Happy 37th Anniversary to God's special creation, Bishop ! Would have loved to see the kid at 13 on the streets and to see where you've arrived now. Powerful history. Best to come !

Happy Valentine's Day........if you celebrate that kind of thing and even if you don't, 'cause HAPPY is a good thing to be wished-on any day !

After a few days of thaw and ugly scenery here in MI, today I awoke to a Beautiful Fresh White Blanket of SNOW, and still gently falling from God's perfect heaven, making all things look fresh and new and given a second chance. Just like us. Awesome new mercies each day!

Spring may be coming, but today, I LOVE the winter, LOVE the day and all it may hold, LOVE the connections here and LOVE to you all !
p.s.......I bet a certain someone named Sofia is getting Valentine lovin' all day today ! blessings

Northern Light

Avatar said...

Happy Valentine's, ALL!

I'm on the small screen right now, so I can't see your pics SOZ. But your labor of love post on BITN's birthday was really cool. I'm guessin' the previews you went through were in the thirties!

Love just is. Amen, River!
Showers of love to every blurker, blogger and to Blogmaster!

Anonymous said...


I am still giggling at your post. I loved it !

Tell "Her Majesty", that she's lucky to have you, your humor and your bucket of love ! (pun intended ! ha)

Some would settle for any of the above in their earthly "king". haha

Northern Light

Larry Usher said...

You guys are making me so jealous for SNOW! I love snow! Makes everything slow down, get quiet and so beautiful. This is what waiting on our beautiful Lord produces as well- quiet serenity in a land of beauty.

SOZ- funny, such a juxtaposition! Laughed at that one.

Izumi Joy- love the things you share, it is all good!

Donald- Needed the laugh! Thanks!

Y'all have a great day!


ps- pic is of the "Heart Nebula" on Astronomy Picture of the Day website today!

Anonymous said...

My own reflection on my own post...seriously.....LOVE everything > didn't we recently hear in service how "over-used" the word is.

Well.....maybe today we get a pass.

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

NOW I have it..all this Love talk..the real thing I find.....(taken from Black Eyed Peas song on Bishop's Blog.....WHERE IS THE LOVE)

"If you never know Truth, then you never know Love.......where's the love y'all....where's the truth y'all....

"FATHER FATHER FATHER help us......send some guidance from above.....Cause people got me got me questioning....."Where is the Love ?"
SO basically,...NO God-No Love.....Know God - Know Love.

That we all know.......yes, ya'll?

We don't have to worry too much here about using the word love...'cause it IS !

Now listen to the song....hope you enjoy it as much as I do every day.....

Northern Light

Erik said...

Izumi/Joy, -- Exceedingly Pricelessly Real.

Erik said...


You infuse my experience with Your presence and Love, standing behind the full authority You have birthed all of Us from Your Spirit with. You are Ours, and We are Yours.

Valentine, Our God, We are entwined in Your heart, and You in Ours. Strength accentuates Your Word, Your flesh, as Your train fills Our soul. Our beauty edifies Your desire, expresses Your vision. The curves and angles displayed by Your will overwhelms Our senses, keeps Us euphoric in every moment. All that We see, All that We know, Everything we think, and everything We touch is You in US, and US in You. Our passion engages Us with every other one, the uniqueness You crafted every single one with, entwined with You within All of Us.

We see You in All, We are the focus of Your vision, Valentine.

God, Lord, Allah, Gaia , El Shaddai, Breasty One, G-d, Mother Earth, Heavenly Father, Jirah, Our Provider, M’Kaddesh , who sanctifies each one from the foundation.

You fold in the height of Joy and the depth of loss in the Creation We fill, that You love. All experience is communion. We love You, in the air, in the Earth, in ourselves, and in the Sanctuary You are within Us. The Sanctuary is The Universe, All of Your Creation, and You embrace us, Your flesh, in very piece of The Universe You create.

Your Love for Us prevails. Our Love for You transcends.

God, You are Our Valentine, and We are Yours.

Iris said...

Izumi/joy…. All I can say is WOW!!!! Love is perennial; Love is timeless and takes lots of practice.

Iris said...

Happy Valentines Day everyone,

The romance of loving the creator in everything and through everyone who surround us is the essence of what we were fashioned for. It is the fullness of worship which penetrates from us through the entire universe.

Then in return He worships us back as we gaze into the eyes of the world around us and we see Him, He cares for us in every hug, and speaks to us through each voice. It’s His presence in all that whispers I am here and I love you. It’s noticing Him in the smallest of miracles, to the ones that knock us off our feet. It’s the dance with Him throughout our existence that continually beckons us to His bed chambers, where we experience each other in complete nakedness, memorizing the contour of every curve and feature of each others being. Then as when we walk through our daily lives, and close our eyes, we remember. We remember the fragrance, the touch, His being, and with a deep breath we manifest that love back to all who surround us.

It’s the romance of God and man. It’s worship in it’s truest form. It’s the circle of love from whereas creation was formed. It’s unconditional love that moves throughout all of the universe enveloping us in the presence of God.

Love all in the romance and dance we were created for.
Happy Valentines Day.


Iris said...

Happy Anniversary Bishop,

You have touched the lives of many through the calling God has placed in your life.

Most of all, you have left your mark on my life, and I will always and forever be changed. My life is better because of knowing you and your family. Thank you.

You always amaze me with the fresh manna and revelation you continually bring. The love you unconditionally portray, the way you point everyone to seek the face of God in every situation that surrounds us, and the global vision that allows people to see that God's grace and love is available to all.

We love you.

P.S. We are in Nashville for D&R's Anniversary weekend, just in case you wonder where we are. See you Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

comment 'Love...' by Kettly


Lately, I've been contemplating on Love. How little we know about it...
what it truly means and represents in our lives. It is so much more than
a physical attraction, a look, a passion. What is it? Why does it draw
each one of us to it? Why can't we always show it to others?

Love is God in us. No other explanation. It is a real thing. Just as
God is real, so is Love because God is Love.
So, when we 'feel' this thing we are feeling God in us. Why is it then,
we hold so much hatred and unfeeling for our brothers and sisters - for
those who are poor, hungry, or not as smart as the rest, those who are a
bit different, those who have hurt us? Once we get by all those little
differences and learn how to truly love, we will never rest in Him who
yearns so much for us.

Let us on this day forward express Love to all we meet.
I offer this poem of love to the Heart of Jesus:

The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Is aching for us all
It will never stop bleeding
Until we hear His call.

Let us this of all days remember
Him who died upon the Cross
That pain given in sweet surrender
For our lives was His a loss.

Valentines we keep on wanting
To make our lives so sweet
But do we ever consider
The Heart of Hearts that beats?

So, let our love and attention
Be spent a little while
In careful meditation
to make His sad Heart smile.

- K.D

Yours in Christ,

Crownjewel said...

HAPPY LOVE DAY Bish & everyone!!!...and HAPPY 37th anniversary Bishop! What a GIFT you are to us!!!


Ebony said...

You know, the single girl in me could very easily go the way of my friends and get all jaded, but that's no fun, and I do have a lot of love in my life, and the people who love me tell me all the time which is a cool feeling. My sweetie and I (whereever he is) will have a lifetime of Valentine's Day's, so it's all good. Bishop congrats on the years in the ministry, the world is all the better for it!

*off to enjoy her box o candy*

tracy said...

Izumi Joy- wow...beautiful! Love never hopes, love acknowledges-the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, the joyful and the downtrodden. Love wants to be there for you even if it is ugly. Love laughs when you laugh and it cries when you cry. It doesn't dread hearing from you because it knows better days are coming and you are still you. Love remembers the you before and knows that better days are ahead and it believes in you. Happy birthday David -I love you and I believe in you.

Anonymous said...

From Uganda

Bishop Swilley,

Pr. JIM of CITN sang a worship song in the name of LORD YOUR GRACE STILL AMAZE ME. meaning the grace of our God. But your love towards the work of God is still amazing me, seeing that you've committed all your life to serving God unreservedly.

St. valentine as an icon of love in human regards, only takes me back to the life of JESUS CHRIST, such as we charismatics, must use such a day to tell many others of the true love JESUS HAS FOR ALL. I have only seen bits of you, yet showing true love and humility just like it is with our Lord Jesus.

As the world goes frenzy and crazy, watering down the true meaning of LOVE as presented by GOD THROUGH JESUS, i pray that this DAY BRINGS OTHER NEW REVELATIONS ABOUT THE LOVE OF GOD.


God bless you,

Pr. Ben

Anonymous said...

From Uganda:

This is is to wish the Swillley Family a Happy Valentines day and to say; 'THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE,CARE you have shown to me,


Freddie Mugabi

Izumi/JOY said...

Afternoon all,

THANK YOU for the shout outs. I realize it's not Valentine's Day, anymore. (can it still be Love's Day?)

We've just returned from a weekend getaway (cabins in the mountains) with children/grands/friends.

Bish, so many of your Life Skills lessons resonate true (though, you didn't "technically" call it that) for me.

Remember when you said that, "As soon as you get a revelation, you have the opportunity to walk it out."?

Love... ah, yeah!

Good times!