Friday, February 13, 2009


Hey bloggers,

Thanks for getting the conversation started on your own (currently 11 comments)...beautiful, busy day today...again, thanks for good reports from P-404 last night, and from Streaming Faith yesterday (although you were supposed to write that stuff on their site!), but I'll have a couple of other things on there this more Daily Devotional, and an article I wrote called "Keepin' It Real About the Multicultural Church" fact, I have three articles to write tonight for them to send by tomorrow's deadline for their March topics (if you want something done, ask a busy person!)...

Shout-out to you locals...did you notice that they're tearing down the building (converted grocery store) on Klondike Road where we met for 7 years?! I don't feel sad about it...I feel like it's significant...sort of like the Red Sea closing up behind the Israelites so that they couldn't even go back in their minds...but we did have some good times in that place...

Shout-out to Arkansas...P. Dennis, I had lunch with Tim King today, and he's awesome...thank you so much for helping to connect were right, we are totally on the same page...definitely a God thing...

Shout-out to Uganda...hey, Rosette...good to hear from on my Ministry Network blog and you'll see Uganda spotlighted right now...and I just got Valentine e-mails from Pastor Ben and Freddie which I haven't even returned yet...I love you all so much, and I'm glad to hear that you've survived the storm...

Shout-out to California...hey, Jeff...just got your text while I was writing this...glad to hear that SOTB IV is a blessing in Silicon Valley...and congratulations for holding the record for most mp3's ordered in CITN history...let us know when you guys are coming to visit us...

Shout-out to blog followers from all over...I was looking at the profiles of those of you who follow AW4W (and bloginthenow, even though I don't have it posted here) whom I haven't met yet...I'm curious to know how you found the site(s), including the young man from India who posted a couple of weeks ago...if you'd rather e-mail me, you can use my personal address:

Shout-out to P. Avery for what you wrote about the number 37 for my 37th ministry anniversary tomorrow...very cool stuff...and I will take any Philippines pics you can get to me, after all...

OK, gotta go..Debye and Sofia will be home in about an hour, at which time I will go into total Papi mode...

Love you all...


SCRIBE said...


Kudos on your article / devotional for Streaming Faith yesterday. That was great stuff... I enjoyed it and I'm certain many others did as well. Congrats on new venues to share the gift and reach more people for God. After all, it truly is All about LOVE.

Avatar said...

Joyful day, bloggers! This is the day our Lord has made...Hallel to Jah...Who
was and is and is to come!

Anonymous said...


Imagine my excitement when I saw your article for streaming faith. I couldn't help the felt good...congratulations!!!!


Brenda said...

WOW! Jaquetta came by the house after the service last night at P-404 and she was so excited. She gve me a blow by blow account and I got excited. I knew that it would be a great success and I could feel God smile. I am so happy that my daughter is in a place where she wants to work and let her talents shine.

Rosette_Ug said...

Finally I think I'll be able to post something. I had forgotten my password,so I had to open another account. Bishop,and the CITN family, regards from Uganda. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for the support you offer to the Good Shepherd Touch Ministry. We love you,

God bless


Rosette_Ug said...

Ok, I have tried to read thru some previous blogs to try and catch up, and I am feels like the blog has been around for ages...Its very impressive, and am blown by P.Debye's message. Its so sweet.
Well, let me wish the BITN a belated happy birthday and Bishop, congratulations on the nth year in Ministry. We appreciate you, and on behalf of us in Ug, Je t'aime aussi.
Karen,Chad,Pastor Henry, Pastor Ernie,Joel Nunn,and the rest of the "ugandan" team, Happy New year.

God bless


Water Walker said...

Bishop, I just had the opportunity to read your Life Skills teaching for this week and as always, I received it. In point number 3, you speak of re-writing our mental programs and I am sure you are right. I was one of those children tht was labeled
"sensitive" while my sibling was the "smart" one. I was surprised to see that here. If you are mentioning it and I am sure there are many who have experienced this dilemma. Later on in my marriage, my now former husband told me that I was so sensitive that I was almost handicap. Now that comment took me a while to overcome along with the seeds of rejection and negative programming.

I talked to the Lord about it and He said yes, He had created me to be sensitve to others and that He would greatly use me in the area of deliverance and healings and as an intercessor. God puts great stuff in us, we just have to careful to know who and what He has called us to be a nd not believe the negative words spoken over us.

Unfortunately, I wasn't at LifeSkills ~ the Imposter Syndrome ~ however I will be sure to purchase the CD.

Oh, btw, I am posting on your main blog because I am not able to post on your LifeSkills blog, I had a problem with it on yesterday. But anyway, I am convinced that today someone needed to read this.

God is perfect and His timing is impeccable.

Water Walker

Teezy313 said...


P-404 was absolutely awesome last night! It was well worth the drive up from Barnesville and next week me and my friend Casey are bringing more people from Gordon! So excited for what's next and totally in agreement %110 over that word/prophecy you spoke over P-404! You definately have an ear to the Lord's heart and a voice that speaks to the nations!

Bish and P.Deb-
Thank you so much for allowing P-404 to come to pass and thanx also for allowing Judah to go forth in his leadership position as well. You obviously taught him well!


Blessings blogfam,

Izumi/JOY said...

Tell everybody you know
You got some rock-n-roll soul

Anonymous said...


In the Ministry…… And Many Many More To Come!




Fritz and Kettly


Avatar said...

Teezy, I don't know if Izumi/Joy was at P-404 or not, but she definitely was there in the spirit! It was a joy to watch YOUR rocknroll soul!

Great to see you here, Rosette.

Bishop, cool slideshows. I guess that is why some of the pics are showing x-ed out? Happy Grandbaby days are here again...what a wonderful over the rainbow world they bring us...

Crownjewel said...

Hi~just wanted to stop by and say Happy Belated Birthday wishes for BITN!!! Bish, and each of you have been such a blessing in my life in this meeting place! =) I speak and pray favor and Heavens best for each of you!!!

I am sure Papi & Noni are having a grand time with lil Sofia!

Love & blessings to everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I left a message on the LifeSkills site, but not sure it got put on yet.

Have to relate to the "labeling" kids and how it and me, Bish, being "only" kids didn't get it tossed back at us from siblings, but me having 8 kids, hear it from their mouths and it's like WOW>........

Good word that was, I LOVE the Wednesday night Life Skills and can't wait to stream in every time~!

Enjoy that darlin' baby girl, Papi!

Northern Light

Larry Usher said...

Watched today as the sun shone through the striated clouds which were spaced like a giant "comb". The rays fell straight down parallel to each other unlike the rays which fan out like the spokes of a wheel at sunset- very beautiful. Never seen anything like it!
Hello to all. Hello to Uganda et al.

We ARE whatever God says we are. Everything else is the "imposter"!
Be yourself! Be a child of the King.

Blessings & silver linings,


Izumi/JOY said...

I wasn't @ P-404, Avatar. (just seemed like the song fit the day, somehow)

Happy Anniversary, Bish!

Happy Valentine's Day, beloved Universe!

Anonymous said...

I love what you said about the old building, "sort of like the Red Sea closing up behind the Israelites so that they couldn't even go back in their minds". WOW powerful!
Thanks 4 being a wonderful bishop. Thank God for you!

Anonymous said...

Bishop Jim,
you don't have to answer my e-mail; I am glad you and Tim hit it off. Tim is a Great guy with a very deep understanding of the message of UR from a preterist or he would rather I said "presence" point of view. (meaning the presence of Christ now) but much more. after meeting him out in Oklahoma and talking with him I knew you were both on the same page. I am presently working on a new web site project that he is involved with that will be a sort of hub for all the differing ministries that believe in the ultimate salvation of all but may disagree with the "process" of this occurring. The VISION is To list every minister, church (house group), book, music, conference etc around the world that believes in Universal Reconciliation. We acknowledge that
there are many doctrinal views regarding the process of how God will restore. We will include them all without endorsing any particular emphasis. Those listed at the
"UR Station" will agree on the 'promise' but will be very diverse regarding the 'process' as you may have guessed the sites address will be also .com .net .us .info .biz Don't expect much yet I am still in the bear bones stage of it now. but it will be a great blessing to the message of UR.


Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Wow, that's cool, P. Dennis...I did get your e-mail, but thanks for answering here...keep up the good work, and thanks again...

Anthony and Jeff said...

So..yesterday I purchased a big screen TV...hooked up the laptop to it..and it dawned on me..I can now project the CITN stream onto the TV!! My friend Anthony and I tune in at 7:00a.m PCoast time every Sunday..we can't wait to visit the ATL and CITN...hopefully in the next month and a half or so..until then we will enjoy you guys on the big screen!!

P. Avery said...

Do you shout "in" to a shout out? :)

I thought it was cool too, Bishop, to learn that there is only one word that is used 37 times in Scripture...Riches!!

I've sent you some sample stills from the videos...steep learning curve for me on how to get them OFF!! But I'm getting better at it.

I could not locate a nonblurry pic of the Sanctuary kids Lion King dance...Team Philippines09...whatcha got? And who has the B.Tommy playing with the monkeys pic? I'll pay for that one... :)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

California, just now saw your post...that's cool, guys...