Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Anonymous said...

"BE".....just be
"I AM".....GOD

This Psalm was a WORD given to me by HIM in a situation once....HE perfected everything, in HIS time, and I learned to just BE !

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Hey Just checking in, very busy moving week again back in our remodeled house (yeay!) also have had some preplanned out of town company and enjoying our visit too.

Hope the last few blogs stay open for a while so I can comment. I really had a lot to say about sunday's sermon too. It was awesome!


Anonymous said...

A former thought from the prospective of a young man who felt that he was close to atheism at the time came back to me this morning and is in continuity with knowing the I AM for me today. I've already shared this with Jesus Christ and Peacemaker and haven't been struck by lightning yet so here goes.

One can not be anti-satan without believing in that entity and the same is true for an anti-Christ. It is the priority we give them in our personal life that matters.

Ebony is right in my book. It doesn't matter when the deal was actually sealed. It is eternal and relates to the Source of the universe. A continuance in faith no matter how it is directed is in proportion to the development in our own understanding of any truth. Our truth changes as our knowledge of things considered to be factual changes but the Truth of which is spoken that we are to worship the Spirit in does not change. It is what all humanity pursues to know more about in their own way. Holy Spirit is delighted with great joy that creation pursues that Truth.

A pursuit of divine Truth is one of the highest forms of worship possible. We are streanghtened as our knowledge of Truth improves and the Spirit of that Truth becomes stronger in our lives. This produces an empowerment by choice of the Love that casts out fear ultimatly resulting in our vision of humanity as that of the Christ we love or if you will a higher state of evolution.

We are getting there and it is happening at lightning speed in our present day.

bringing self to center on peace,


Anonymous said...

Just wondering where the New Wine article went from the Ministries page? It was so cool.


Anonymous said...

So I don't know what I "saw" or didn't "see".......there it is...right where it was ! Sorry, Bish.



River said...

Sitting at the feet. Lisenting to His words. That's what it's all about.
Now Go And Spread His Joy

Larry Usher said...

Word ver: SHOUT, so I figured I better post this! ;)

Was thinking about the peace of just following the flow of the Holy Ghost and I got a picture of a drowning man finally relaxing in the arms of his "savior", his rescuer. An example would be Clarence the angel in "It's a Wonderful Life" relaxing and smiling in the grasp of George Bailey who has jumped in the water off the bridge to "save" him.
The person that continually struggles with the "tribulations" is like the drowning man flailing away at his rescuer, not knowing that all he should do is relax and allow his salvation.
Be still, and know that I am God...yes!

Bro Lar

Y'all have a blessed day!

SCRIBE said...

Be Still and KNOW that I am GOD! Not to "think that I AM GOD", but to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I AM THE GREAT I AM. I am not just the God of others, but get to KNOW ME as your God also. I alone am the SAME God yesterday, today, and forever more. Therefore, choose ye' this day whose report you shall believe and what master you shall serve.

Here Me now, all you that are heavy laden, burdened, stressed, perplexed, hard pressed on every side, I AM JEHOVAH GOD RIGHT NOW and have not abandoned you to the wilderness to die. For these very trials have come to make you strong, so do not build a house in the valleys of despair, but make up your minds and get your heart set on GOING THROUGH whatever you are facing, instead of allowing circumstances and situations to set the tone for HOW OR IF YOU SHALL PRAISE ME ANYHOW! Am I not the God of the day as well as of the night hours? Your perceptions of these things determine your outcomes as well as how long it takes you to COME OUT of that which you are stuck in. Oftentimes, I may also sentence my people to places and periods of ISOLATION that they may draw closer to me than to anything else and learn to rely upon me far more than the company or encouragement of / from others. Selah...

Give unto ME- the Lord Almighty THIS DAY all praise, honor, and glory for I AM God in the valleys of repose and much dreaded lows as well as the Lord Jehovah on the mountain tops and high places. It is in those low places where your true character is developed and revealed. For anyone can praise me when things are going their way, but who will give me all the glory even if they are unable to see their hands in front of their faces because of gross and utter darkness? When you find yourselves the dark places, strike a match and light the fire that I have already placed within you, for your limitations are based upon the confines of your mind as well as your attitude. Even if you are in prison, that prison does not have to dwell in you. You ask of me to remove these obstacles and stumbling blocks, yet you are unwilling to climb over them or pound them down to rubble where they are no longer barriers, but fertilizer and molehills that are to be utilized to GROW YOU UP in ME and to elevate you in the low places. Yes, I am able to change things in the blink of an eye, yet am I not waiting on you to change your mindsets that you may get a clearer view of WHO I AM, not just what I am able to provide?

I am NOT an unfair God, but indeed a just God. Look not at where others are and compare yourselves to them nor dwell in envy, petty jealousies, and hidden malices when they appear to be receiving more of what you think should be yours. Each one is to work out their own salvation with reverence, diligence, faithfulness, and committed relationships unto and through Me. For what good will it do you to gain all that the world has to offer in the form of accolades, prestige, and manmade benchmarks if you are losing the battles in your own households?!

So, I say unto you, before you decide that you should have worldwide ministries to touch millions, examine your motives and actions through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and ask yourselves if you have been FAITHFUL, Trustworthy, and walked in Integrity with just one or the few that I have placed around you? If you refuse to become a steward of excellence over / in those things that I have already entrusted you with, maintaining your households with care as if I- the Lord Jehovah were coming to live with you for a while- then why should I give you greater works than those? To whom much is given, much more is required, and those whom I require much of, and they are faithful, generously shall I grant them with the greater gifts and responsibilities.

Dare not judge one for where they appear to be when you have not walked miles in their shoes to cover the territories in which they have traveled that led them to this RIGHT NOW PLACE in Me. Selah...

YES, indeed I am Lord over the Heavens and Creator over the Universe. I do not require your assitance in doing MY WORKS, but do expect your cooperation in those things that I am working out within and around you. I CAN DO it all by myself, but why should I? For if I do everything on my own without having you to shoulder your share of the responsibilities, then you will be as 40 or 50 plus year old babes who desire to enjoy all the fringe benefits without ever having developled the Godly character and stamina to sustain you in those high places. Then you shall whine, cry, and moan as if someone needs to give you a bottle or put a pacifier in your mouths, while still making futile attempts to overcome / overtake an adversary that you are neither equipped or empowered to handle. Selah...

This is my RIGHT NOW word unto you, for I am not as concerned about your comforts as I am the conditions of your heart and soul. You say that you TRUST ME in all things, yet you still want control over everything and try to direct me as to HOW I- the Lord Jehovah to shall conduct the matters of MY BUSINESS. Please understand, I am more apt to go out before you according to my word and plans for your life, providing you remain TRUE unto Me with a pure heart and diligently carry out the tasks and assignments that I have give you to do.

Listen Up Carefully, I say to you- EVERYTHING that goes on with "everyone else" should not be your primary concern, especially if your own affairs and households are in constant disarray and frequent upheaval. If you are not serving as a help to others with a right heart towards me and pure motives unto the fellow brothers and sisters, then you are indeed a HINDRANCE and distraction. Then it is best if you do nothing at all.

Perhaps the greatest enemy that you are at battle / war with is the enemy that lives WITHIN... Yes, my precious people, could you be your own worst enemy? Yet, take heart, for there is HOPE, providing you are honest with yourselves and come clean before me. I know all things, for I AM THE LORD, but are you willing to admit to and confess all things to me and before me so that the Holy Spirit may serve as your support system and mental health therapist who is more than competent in dealing with the good, bad, ugly, and indifferent? So, do not waste time in attempting to extract sympathy from others when what is truly necessary is a REALITY CHECK and truthful assessment of what is REALLY GOING ON. Selah...

I am the Lord Almighty and I come forth to set the records straight and the houses in order so that the workings of my houses, sanctuaries, tabernacles, synagogues, mosques are not polluted by personal indiosyncracies, impure motives, hidden agendas, and emotional wreckage. Certainly, come to me AS YOU ARE, and assemble together AS YOU ARE, but it is my desire that you do not STAY AS YOU ARE! Come up Higher, and in order to do so, you must be TRUTHFUL on all accounts, truthful with others as well as with self, for until you can be truthful with self, you are both deceived and confused, LIVING IN DENIAL, and will not be able to speak the truth in LOVE without personal agendas, nor be dealt with in truth and Love by others.

Be Still and know that I am GOD ALMIGHTY! In being still before me, you must be Quiet at times so that you can HEAR ME. And when having heard me clearly, which comes through right relationship WITH ME and IN ME, are you willing to go in the directions that I have given / shown you, also adhere to MY INSTRUCTIONS for your lives that you will not run head first into brick walls hoping to carve out doorways?! Newsflash! The Brick Walls will not Move in this manner, the walls will still stand and you will have knocked yourselves into a concussion, then cry out to me to heal you while blaming the devil / adversary / enemy for erecting obstacles in your paths. In this case, the wall may have been placed there to prevent you from continuing in the wrong direction, to protect you from unforseen calamities on the other side, or for you to exercise your Radical Faith to sing to the wall or shout the walls down to secure your spoils.

NOW, this is the day that I- the Lord Almighty have made and you shall rejoice and be glad in it. The choice be yours, so choose LIFE, and in choosing life, your quality of life is to be determined by the words that you are speaking. Simply examine that which you are speaking / have spoken over your own life as well as the lives of others. And do not be so foolish as to assume that QUANTITY of Life equates to QUALITY OF LIFE. You shall have WHATEVER YOU SAY / HAVE SAID and I shall grant you the portions that I can entrust you with. Selah... And if you have haphazzardly maimed others spiritually, emotionally, or physically with your words and deeds out of pure spite, habitual jealousies, and malice, then that which you have poured out shall also be measured back into you in overflowing measures. Selah...

I am the Lord Almighty of the Day and the night, for between the two is balance. For if you could see where you were going all the time because it is light 24 hours a day, then you could never learn HOW TO TRUST ME in the darkness when you did not know the way. Be not reliant strictly on your own faculties, but WHOLEHEARTEDLY RELY UPON ME- The Lord of Hosts whom is the Giver of Life and provided you with the faculties. Is not the Creator greater than the creation and the PROVIDER far more Glorious than the Provision? Is not positioning and disciplining yourselves unto Me that you may abide in Divine Health far better than receiving a healing? Without the Divine HEALER, WHOLENESS would not be possible! Meditate and ask of the Holy Spirit to reveal to you which / what you have valued most. Selah...

I AM COME that you may have PEACE in the midst of the storms. Standfast! and behold the salvation, mercy, Revelation, and instruction of the Lord thy God in the Land of the Living, for this is your RIGHT NOW MOMENT of Divine Awakening and Supenatural Change! The Kingdom is HERE, Present, WITHIN YOU, and IN THE NOW! Rejoice and again I say Rejoice for My Word is the Two-Edged Sword rightly dividing that which is pure from that which is unclean, cutting away, pruning, and purifying all that which is unlike Me- the Great Lord of Divine Truth, Wisdom, All Power, Hope, and Strength.

Shout Hallelujah! for I am the Lord Almighty and leave not a single stone unturned. Amen.

Anonymous said...


HOLY SMOKES! You spoke right to me in a situation.... wow

I have no other words ! AMEN

Northern Light

TheCenturion said...

This statement applies to each one of us also. Having been created in His image and likeness we take in His characteristics. "I am." as "He is." This is why Paul said he was all things to all people. Whatever you need I am. Whatever God is I am. When you come to the realization that you are the exactness of God you too can say "I AM."

Leesa said...

Bish, You are so my Dad/Bishop! You're prophetic even when you don't know it! I logged on, read the Be Still, the song playing is "Hold on tight to your dream"! Thank you! I needed that father/daughter "talk"! I know you know what I mean! :) Leesa

Avatar said...

Timely. Thanks, Blogmaster.

Been wondering where NothingtoLose out there? Or did you morph to a new name?

"elle" said...

Avatar, I've been wondering the same thing for a week or two now!
NTL, where are you? Your enthusiasm was priceless!

Bish, if you'll permit me, just this once...
I'm FINALLY getting the hang of the blog-creating thing. It isn't my intention to use your site to promote mine, but since NL doesn't have a profile or a way I can reach her, I'd like to answer a question.

NL, I opted out of auto-play right now, because I have 2 playlists. Don't click on the playlist titles... that will send you to the imeem site, and they will tell you that you have to sign up. Just click the arrow inside the large circle and the it will start to play. Posted something new just a little while ago. Come visit me!

Thanks! Looking forward to Life Skills tonight!

"elle" said...

the it will start to play?
Geeez! IT will start to play. Or, the playlist will start to play. Guess my eyes are going buggy ;{

Anonymous said...


Were you referring to me or someone else with NTL an enthusiasm ? Becaues further down you say NL, so was it me both places, or am I missing someone NTL for short ?

Northern Light

jules said...

Wow! I'm so thankful for the way the Holy Spirit is reaching me through this blog. I've been feeling like I need to do something about my situation, and today I got the answer...BE STILL!

Larry Usher said...

Passed a church sign today that said, "Creatures That Defy Darwin".
I thought, they are so missing the point. Some people have their heads so stuck in the physical realm they could have an angel tapping on their shoulder and wouldn't respond. God will not be proven in the realm of the physical as a rule, but rather the realm of faith/belief. If you try to prove a hypothesis in the physical you fashion an experiment that can be repeated and controlled. If you try to prove the spiritual you have entered into a laboratory of the unseen realm which is governed by faith.
And don't ever hope to control God in your experiments with faith but if you want a clue on what comes close: love someone, give to someone, build someone up-that's a great place to start.
Those that constantly try to "argue God" are going to end up totally frustrated, because the best tools for convincing are the power of God manifested with the love of God.

Bro Lar

Anonymous said...


Yes, BE is probably exactly what HE wants you to do.

I had that Word three years ago, and I thought "of all things", HE made me, HE knows how difficult that is for me. Yes, but I was obedient..(as best I could be yea), and in HIS time, it was all there, just what I wanted, just what I prayed for, just what HE knew HE was going to give me, and in HIS time. It was PERFECT !

Northern Light

Donald said...

NTL is another blogger NL.
I haven't heard from him either lately.

Donald said...

OK, so who's checking things out here from Ocean Springs, MS?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Donald.....

HA..oh my WORD VER: ammlinda

that's ME ! ( clue )

Northern Light

tracie o said...

I just wanted to say thank you!! What a good word.It seems so simple but in fact it is very difficult to be still.When you have a type A personality,it is very difficult to be still!!! I need to be still so that I can hear what He is saying to me.I will try to be still and just know!!Thanks Bishop!! I love you and you family!! What a strong ,mighty,honest man of God you are!!


Bishop, tonights message and todays "Be still and know that I AM God" was so spot on for me. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me today to live in the times in my life I flow in that... however, more oft than not, I find that when I desire something of matter or material I should say, I suddenly find myself out of the now. Very Funny, very insightful,much needed message.

Crownjewel said...

Sharpened tonight as 'iron sharpens iron'!!! Thanky! (focusing more on what I want to set in motion each day!)

Do so much appreciate your pure heart Bishop!!! Your walk & life speaks!

Loved what you said Bro Lar regarding all we have to do is relax and allow His salvation...'Be still~and (know) that I am God'!

word ver~imanun (however, I am not..ha =)

Wonderful night to you sweet fam!

Nothing To Lose said...

I have been working seven days a week for about the last two months, building a company. I have been blurking, and streaming. I want to say more about what I am doing, but it might seem to some that I am pushing what I have done. Thanks to those who asked about me, I truly feel your love. My product is a seasonal device, and tis the season to get it out there. I love you all, and it's all good.


Larry Usher said...

Good to "see" you NTL!! I know from where you come!

Great word tonight Bish! Stirred up lots of stuff & all good!

Will try to post more tomorrow.

Y'all have a blessed night & wonderful stress free sleep!

Word ver: SPOINKLE...just sounded fun! (or could be comb. sprained ankle!) ;)