Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey Bloggers...I'll back to writing ASAP...I'm really looking forward to doing Mark (Mark In The Now/MkITN), Chapter 11...there's some really good stuff in that chapter. The next couple of days are going to be really busy, so I don't know how much I can get done until after Debye's grandmother's funeral. I'm still thinking a lot about the things we've been discussing concerning (the) Holy Spirit over the last several days at much is being said about God, the Spirit..."Parakletos" (The Paraclete)...the Helper...the Comforter...The Spirit of Truth...thinking about why Jesus said, "It is necessary that I go away, because if I don't go, He can't come"...thinking about what could possibly be the full implication of that very startling statement. The picture above was taken last summer in the Upper Room in Jerusalem...

I just finished two articles for Streaming Faith which will be posted in a few is on the Power of the Spirit, and the other one is on the Gifts of the Spirit...both subjects are very strong in my own spirit right now...I can't predict, exactly, what is going to happen this coming Sunday at CITN, but I can definitely say that I am open to a "Now Pentecost" the meantime, stay attentive and receptive to what God is saying (and feel free to post it in a blog comment), and remember...regardless of what may be happening in your life, currently...It's NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY(MY)SPIRIT, says the Lord!


PattiL007 said...

Thank you, Bish...I KNOW you are headed down the path on which God wants us to trod. It is the "narrow" way...the "eye of the needle" so to speak, but it is THE WAY. It's as if the OT reps the 1st Day...NT the 2nd...and The NOW, the Rhema Word He IS SPEAKING is the 3rd Day! Halal to Jah!

Something wonderful is happening...the dawn of this "new age" (well, it's new to us at least) is truly just over the horizon and this manifestation is almost here.

I know it's in the NOW as are we, however, it is the manifestation that has to occur in this realm. When we SEE HIM IN THE MIRROR...WE WILL BE LIKE HIM!!! I also feel this is why Paul spoke as he did of "seeing in a glass darkly" and "knowing in part..." It's because the SON will again Manifest in the earth...for we "have this treasure in Earthen Vessels..."

So if we know in part, see in part, and are LOOKING for Him as we always are to do, then where is it that we are to FIND HIM? YES! IN THE MIRROR! We WILL BE "transfigured" as Jesus was in front of Peter, James, and John; and "...We Will ALL BE CHANGED in the twinkling of an eye!" The Scriptures speak of an event...but it is not the rapture or the return of Jesus...Jesus doesn't exist in that form any longer...when He arose, no one recognized Him...they had already forgotten that He had not only TOLD them what was going to happen in Jerusalem, but He had shown them at the Mt. of Transfiguration long before. He had been transformed into who He REALLY was. He is our example to we think ourselves unworthy or unable to follow Him there? There is no doubt that He completed the work and He walked into the Holy of Holies--we must follow him all the way! It's not about "heaven" it's about the change, the transfiguration, the rapturous moment when we will look in the mirror and SEE only CHRIST looking back!

The point is this: that we WILL BE LIKE HIM! I don’t believe we have ever truly understood that…but thanks to Bishop’s listening heart, we are hearing about it NOW and beginning to understand! Halal to Jah!! Lord, purify all those who ask with the Fire that makes us the purest transparent gold…and let us BE IN YOUR IMAGE AGAIN! Let us SEE YOU IN THE MIRROR, Lord! Let us RETURN to the place from which we fell (Oh how far we have fallen, O Son of the Morning!) and to even greater glory! Some of it will be difficult and some will nearly kill us…but we WILL BE Transformed!

Thank you again, Bishop…we’ll keep listening…you just keep heading down the paths in which God sends you. (Watch out…that first step is a doozie…but it’s easier after that…lol.)

THIS IS THAT! This is His Plan for Us All! Let everything that has breath…PRAISE THE LORD!

Dante said...

Good morning Bishop!

I was meditating on the message from last night, for me that usually means talking out loud to my self until what is inside comes out in words. The Jesus leaving and Holy Spirit coming spoke great depths to me. I see why people are "stuck" in their relationship with not only God but people as well. I think we need to "let Jesus go"on an individual basis. We have all these images and concepts of who is is what he looks like and even how he acts, WWJD. I don't want to diminish the work of the cross and redemption but HE is the one who said He had to go. How can we do the greater works if we are holding on to him expecting him to do it. WE have the same spirit that raised Him from the dead! I liken it to a married couple when one spouse dies. The living spouse remarries but holds on to the old spouse. Sure the first spouse will always have a place in your life but the living spouse cannot fully accept the new spouse without letting go of the first. Its like we have this romantic image of Jesus in our head like a prince and one day he is going to come and rescue us, that day is now and he has already rescued us. I also think about my kids growing up. Sure I loved the age they were at at the time. The little girl or boy will always be part of them but as they grow up you have to let that part go and embrace the "new" person they are right now. They are moving from glory to glory.
Another thing you mentioned was Holy Spirit being the female part of God. In natural families the father is usually the disciplinarian with his list of rules and regulations, similar to the God of the Old Testament with the law, separating people by how they followed that law. Along comes Holy Spirit and says no the law is fulfilled and gathers ALL people to him like a nurturing mother gathering all her children to her whether they follow the rules or not.

Enjoy your day brother,

Anonymous said...

Again, no human words for Wed. night...but I do have this.

Human babies: 9 months gestation
Elephant babies: 22 months, the longest of any land animal
Alpine black salamander: 38 months, longest of any animal
Texas: 398 years, from explored plains to statehood
BJES: "the beginning is the fun part"
Bill Cosby routine on childbirth: "take your lower lip...and pull it up OVER your head..."

Thank you, Bishop, for agreeing to carry the baby and go through the process to show us how.

River said...

I send my prayers to Pastor Debye & the family for peace.
Last night when you asked us to concentrate on the Holy Spirit and see what His vision is to us I saw a river but out of that river came the dove but not as we see the dove. The dove was in the form of water.

One Voice

I am one voice
Talking to the One
My voice makes a difference
To His holy ears
I'm praying for you
I'm praying for rain
Not a water rain but a spiritual reign
An open heart
Ready to receive
All the goodness and mercy
He lets us receive
When darkness falls
I receive His light
Hope for the future
Is His guiding light
One voice
Talking to the Father
That's what I am
Spirit to The Spirit
Walking and talking
Hand in hand
The Father is calling us
Pray for this land
Pray for peace
Over and over again
The Spirit is calling
Calling for your prayer
One voice
Talkingto the One
To His holy ears
His Kingdom Come

Laura Benson

Today is a new day. The Spirit is talking listen and spread His word.

PattiL007 said...

Dante...Wow! Very deep, bro! I'm lovin' it!

PattiL007 said...

Thought perhaps I would clarify the statement I made regarding the OT/NT/3rd Day...more specifically...OT Day 1, The Gospels Day 2, everything from Acts 2 to Today is Day 3...Paul was definitely in the 3rd day as were all Apostles...what greater things did they do? Well, Peter's shadow healed the sick just because he was in the 3rd Day...John said he was "in the Spirit on the Lord's Day"...3rd Day...when he had an amazing vision that revealed Christ in the persecution that was about to come upon the people of that time and wrote his Revelation.

The admonition is for us to walk in the spirit, worship in the spirit & truth, and to live by the live our life in this 3rd Day of the Lord and to manifest the Christ here and Now!

Lord, help us to SEE YOU and REVEAL YOU in OURSELVES. Help us to see Christ in each other and in us.

karl cobos said...

Good morning church!!!

I'm in devotion time right now while son is sleeping, stopped by here and was greatly blessed...really like the flow of the comments on the Holy Spirit and seeing Him in us.

Let the river run...let Your Living Water fill us through and through!

Thoughts are; being baptized in fire (river of the Holy Spirit-lake of fire?)

River said something about the Holy Spirit coming out of the water, Holy Spirit dove in the FORM OF WATER. When Jesus was baptized it was a bodily form, lighting on his the Spirit is in the FORM of Water...and as we are baptized He lights upon the head of our spirit as the dove of Living Water, in us...and people see the heavens opened!...and God declaring, "this is my beloved son/daughter in whom I am well pleased."

karl cobos said...

Another thought; fire and water, both the Holy Spirit.
What an awesome place in us for that existence.

Thoughts of a blacksmith come to mind; the tool being worked is put in the fire, molded into the image the creator wants, then set (cooled off with water).

This is happening in all of us.
How often do we feel in the fire...hammered, smacked and bent...but then the water comforts and cools us off.
What a wonderful image we are being formed into!

Izumi/JOY said...

And, on the seventh day, God ended His work which had He made, and rested from all His work ...

Mystic, I agree with you about seeing God in the mirror.

Who hasn't glanced at one, and glimpsed a deliverer?

Who hasn't peered into one, and recognized a jealous god?

Who hasn't winced after seeing a bloody, pulpy, paradigm from a word scourge?

And, on a really good day, who hasn't passed a standard's reflection, and beheld a merciful god?

What if we are not only like Him, now, but always have been, from the beginning? (Romans 8:29,30)

If we have always been in God, and God is omnipresent, then, wouldn't we already be located in glory? (John 17:21-26)

My sisters shared a fantastic prayer meeting they attended. Throughout this service, the collective heart cries were all in one accord.

"Lord, more of You, less of us! Let us see You, Face to face!"

After an exceptional outpouring of Holy Spirit, at the session's close, many were startled/horrified when they exited the building. Some pointed to the face of one of my siblings.

In sunlight, it appeared that she'd been battered. She'd be the first to agree how powerful, and profound God's tangible love manifested in the room. To this day, has no idea why such marks were visible after that intense encounter with God. Felt no physical affects that would normally be associated with such wounding.

Filled with wonder,
Awestruck wonder,
At the mention of Your Name

Clothed in rainbows
Of living color
Flashes of lightning, rolls of thunder

It's left us with endless questions. (like, what about Gal. 6:17, for instance)

Absolutely, we long to see Him in a mirror. But, which Christ? The crucified? The Resurrection? The Life?

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God Almighty

Who was and IS and IS to come!

With ALL creation, I sing...

* Dante, Avatar, River and Karl - I agree with your comments, also.

Izumi/JOY said...

Bish, in reference to your wonderings about why Jesus said what He did, I often ask the same things.

In Mystic's 3:08 post, a question was, "What greater things did the Apostles do?"

I remember the admonition to read Scriptures in context.

The words, "It's NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY (MY) SPIRIT", says the Lord, remind me of a peculiar conversation I had with Holy Spirit, recently.

Here's my Upper Room experience (and, by that, I mean, I was upstairs, at home, cleaning).

I'd been ruminating my bazillion concerns after watching world news/events. Then, expected some kind of prophetic/strategic warfare/intercession/revelation download.

Surprise! Instead, what I perceived was, to consider mercy and truth necklaces.

Huh?! What's that got to do with anything that troubled me?

Oh, I contended with the Almighty over it.

Mercy and truth necklaces. That's it? Didn't make much sense. Besides, wasn't that favor's formula? I'd previously been taught that millstones were the proper adornment for offenders.

OK, then, where could I find it in the Word? This "new way" to pray?

I suddenly remembered Gen. 4:15. Still didn't much like it - countered with something like, "But, that's not fair." And just as fast, remembered, 2 Cr. 10:4 and Hebrew 8:10-13.

How'd that happen? Without a computer or handy concordance, I wouldn't be able to outright quote those verses.

Now, when I watch the news, I imagine how headline makers might look wearing huge MERCY and TRUTH bling around their necks.

Thank You, Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Swilley you are so NOW Kool. I've been blessed by yur ministry via my Coach Anna McCoy CEO of Woman Act Now in Dallas Tx. I made my first visit the Church In The Now website and see that you offer the daily devotion for A Year IN THE NOW and I was screaming that it was there to share via the cyberwaves on a daily basis. What a blessing. I look forward to meeting u and the CITN family in the NOW future. Thanks for JULY 17th Untapped Resources. Have a fantabulus day in the LORD! Roz Knighten Warfield of ZOR3 International Ministries emPowered by WAN(Woman Act Now)!

PattiL007 said...

Welcome Home, Roz! Hope to meet you ITB soon! always make me look at everything twice...once to see if it was indeed inspired as it was when given and the second time? To make sure it's spelled right :o

And about your sister...WOW...that was not one of your everyday happenstances, huh? Have you pondered it often? What have you come up with? (And yes, I AM trying to get you to write more so I can read

I LOVE YOU, Izumi & Your Enlightened Insights! Please, don't take them away...ever! Peace, my Joyous Friend.

And Blessings Blog Fam!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Beautifully stated, Mystic...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey Dante...glad to have you on the blog...excellent parables on Holy Spirit revelation...really good stuff...

Bishop Jim Swilley said... are a watchman on the wall who has an ear to hear...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Great flow, River...thanks...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

It takes an open mind and heart to see the Lake of Fire as the outworking of the mercy of God, Karl (which I believe it is)...thanks for your courage...not everyone sees it that way...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Izumi, your expressions are always unique and refreshing...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Roz, I moved your comment here...thanks for the word...I don't update the AYITN blog every day, but it is posted daily on the CITN sit(
shout out to Texas...

Izumi/JOY said...

Good morning beloved Universe and welcome, Roz!

Mystic, like you, I often find myself reviewing what I posted. (like a writing ocd thing, I guess) I hope you understood by the Spirit, what I shared, and don't feel I am opposed to your revelation.

I agree. With what I know, in part. Thing is, aside from my own personal studies, and what I'm learning in the now, I am not savvy about specific dispensations.

Regarding your wondering - was your post inspired as it was when given? I believe it is. And, for re-checking your spelling, I understand.

My reasons probably differ from yours. Probably looks like I'm striving for excellence, or maybe suggests a perfectionist. It's simple, really; a combination of things.

My family is bright; just natural to want to keep up. Well, that, and the playground bully (echo) scenario. (frequent taunts like, "If you want to live in our country, you better learn the language!") Huh?! Bu...but... I was born here, too.

About my sister - everyday happenstances? No. Not every day. But... often! Have I pondered it often? YES! What can I say? Life in the Spirit can be so fun.

Shameless spiritual endorsement: I enjoy blogging, when I can connect with others who are on this same adventure. So often when I'm reading comments, I say, "Hey, I think like that, too!"

Other times, it's... Wonder what they'll think if I post this...

The love comment - uh... heh...awkward moment... I love you, too. (Unless you're a sprig of cilantro, cleverly disguised as a flower. Then, tolerate is more accurate.)

(oh God, please don't let that be the bully from school, because... You know...)

Bish, thank you for the opportunity to share. But, "always"? (accccck - the pressure!)

Izumi/JOY said...

* Correction to 7/17 post - it was evening when my siblings exited the prayer meeting.

* What greater things did the Apostles do? Hmm... interesting. I've wondered that, too.


Isn't that what Jesus hinted in John 16:7, when He said, ..."if I depart." (suggesting the possibility of change in plans)

What if they didn't have to talk in parables? Didn't go somewhere afar off for the Comforter to arrive?

Acts 8:39, for instance.

Philip explained Jesus to the Ethiopian eunuch, then baptized him. Just as they emerged from the water, the Spirit of God carried Philip away, to Azotus.

Are there more such instances?
Scriptural? Modern day? Personal?