Monday, September 14, 2009

LITN II, Verses 21 - 52

21. When the eighth day of His earth-life arrived...the traditional day when Jewish boys were circumcised...the baby was officially named Jesus, the name given by the angel before His conception.

22. And when the number of days stipulated by Moses for the mother's purification and the baby's dedication were complete, His parents brought Him up to Jerusalem to ceremonially offer His life to God.

23. This was in accordance with the Law of the Lord, which states, "Every firstborn male that opens the womb shall be set apart, dedicated, and called holy to the Lord."

24. And they also came to offer a sacrifice of "a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons" as prescribed in the same Law.

25. Now there was a man in Jerusalem at this time whose name was Simeon, a good and devout man who lived in prayerful expectancy for the help and consolation of Israel...and the anointing of the Holy Spirit was on him.

26. And the Holy Spirit had personally assured him that he would not die before he had the opportunity to see with his own eyes the physical manifestation of God's Christ in the earth.

27. So, led by the Spirit, he entered the Temple just as the parents of the baby Jesus brought Him in to carry out the rituals of the Law.

28. And when Simeon saw them, He immediately recognized the Christ and approached them, took the baby into his arms, and began to bless God, saying,

29. "Now, God, You may release your servant from this present earthly dimension...and I will be released in peace, just as You promised.

30. With my own two eyes I have seen the manifestation of Your Salvation...

31. I first saw it the Spirit...but now that Your Salvation has come in the physical form of this man-child, all of humanity will be able to see it for themselves...

32. They will see the Light...a Light for the revelation of God to the non-Jewish nations...a Light to disclose what was before unknown to the people of Israel, so that they may see Your glory."

33. Even though Mary and Joseph had heard and seen so many amazing things since the day Gabriel first appeared to her, they were still speechless with surprise at these prophetic words.

34. But Simeon went on to bless them and said to Mary, His mother, “This child is destined to cause many in Israel to fall, but He will be a joy to many others. He has been sent as a sign from God, but many will oppose Him, as He will be a figure often misunderstood and contradicted...

35. As a result, the deepest thoughts of many hearts will be exposed...but God will reveal who they really are, as they are forced into honesty by their very rejection of Him. And this rejection will affect you as His mother, causing the pain of a sword-thrust through your very soul."

36. And there was also a prophetess there, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was very old, having lived with her husband for only seven years before being widowed.

37. And she had been a widow for eighty-four years. Her entire life was in the Temple...she didn't go out from the Temple enclosure, and worshipped night and day with fasting and prayer.

38. And she also came up at the same time, and gave thanks to God, and talked of the promise and potential of Jesus to all who were looking for the redemption and deliverance of Jerusalem.

39. And when His parents had done everything according to the Law of the Lord given through Moses, they went back into Galilee to their own town, Nazareth.

40. And there Jesus experienced a relatively normal childhood, growing into boyhood and on into early adolescence. He became strong in spirit, and was filled with wisdom, as He gradually walked into His destiny as the earthly embodiment of the Christ. Through it all the grace and favor of God was upon Him.

41. Now His parents went to Jerusalem every year to celebrate the Passover Feast.

42. And when Jesus was twelve years old, they went there, as was their custom.

43. But when the Feast was over, and they were returning to Nazareth, young Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem. His parents were completely unaware that He had initiated this significant act of independence, as He had given them no indication of it, whatsoever.

44. In fact, they just assumed that He was somewhere in the caravan in which they were travelling, and went on a full day's journey before they actually realized that He was not with them. Then they looked everywhere for Him among their relatives and acquaintances, but none of them had any idea of Jesus' whereabouts.

45. So when He didn't turn up anywhere in the caravan, they went back to Jerusalem, frantically looking for Him all the way.

46. After three whole days of non-stop searching, they finally found Him in the court of the Temple, calmly sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them thought-provoking questions.

47. And all of these learned, seasoned, full-grown men were absolutely astonished and overwhelmed at His intelligence, understanding and insightful, articulate replies to them.

48. When Joseph and Mary saw Him, they exploded emotionally with a mixture of And His mother blurted out to Him, "Jesus! Why have You treated us like this? Do you know what you've put us through? Your father and I have been in sheer torment, looking for You everywhere for three whole days!"

49. The twelve-year-old very matter-of-factly turned to look at her and said, "What do you mean you've been looking for Me? And why were you in torment? You should have known that I would be in My Father's house, doing My Father's business. How could you have assumed otherwise?

50. But they did not grasp or comprehend at all what He was saying to them.

51. So He returned with them to Nazareth, and was obedient to them as His natural parents, but the dynamics of their relationship were never the same after this. He had clearly defined Himself by stating that God, not Joseph, was His Father...and had made it clear that He would ultimately be actualized in the business of His Father, and not in that of His step-father. His mother never brought it up again or really ever dealt with it at all...she just guarded all these things in her heart.

52. And Jesus increased in wisdom and self-awareness as He grew in physical stature and in years. At the same time He also grew in favor with God and man.


Son of Zadok said...

Where to begin with LITN. I feel like I just watched it happen in my mind's eye. It's real

Love the posts from yesterday


My, my, my,

Some I watched with today said that was the most revelation they had ever heard at once and they were going to watch it again.

So many miracles in my family today. Big things happened and are continuing to happen today because I made my request known to God, it pleased God, and I let my yes stay yes, and my no stay no.

But what's in my Spirit?

He gives beauty for ashes


I don't know how many of you smoke, but an ash is something to ponder really. It seems solid to look at, but what you see is only the burnt out shell of something consumed by fire. It blows away, scattering into seeming nothingness, less it end stained on something else as a smeared charcoal mark. It's senseless in a way.

Yet, their is beauty....for ashes

These great mysteries and wonders of God. These great mysteries of the smallest and the greatest pains within and without on the earth. Can you see the heartache of yesterday blossoming into the beauty and glory of now? The illusion of the darkness disappearing in the light? I heard Dr.Lovelace point out once that the word 'image', from the verse 'Let us make male and female in our image', can actually be traced back to the word 'illusion'. Think about that....for a few....... years.

What tales be told as mysteries glories do unfold
Where once seen but scar, stain, fall
Will Love and Mercy, flow through All!

Beauty for ashes

From here, we see all things coming from Him, and through Him, and to Him

What a view where eagles perch

What a truly amazing view

See you all Wednesday up in those Misty Mountains

Anonymous said...

The combined (dare I say Cathedral in the Now) services have been a Joy that makes me desire more. We have a guarantee of one more and willingly follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit after that. Bishop, you recently taught us to make our desires known and then stop nagging. So I say: the one month commitment was good let us now commit to three more and celebrating the holidays together. JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE.

It is well for the Brethren to be together. Whether you come from the Cathedral or CITN if you have not been ITB you are missing tremendous energy and synergy and the presence of God. Come.

karl cobos said...

Bishop, bishop...yesterday was awesome with you and D.E., the worship, the word, the flow.

Many stood in line to get their CD/DVD, me being one.

For me, it has been good to be reminded of these things often because of so much indoctrination of the takes more than 1 strike of a wrecking ball to bring the walls of a building down!!!...and as SOZ says "beauty for ashes", I believe something beautiful is being built up from out of my dust/ashes, and ruins.

Interesting that yesterday my son (7)asked me, "daddy, I know that we all eventually go back to dust, but then what happens with the dust?"

Today in Luke, first of all, this painting of Simeon and Jesus is sooo cool!
Imagine yourself holding the Messiah in your arms, seeing the salvation prepared for you, and for ALL.

The 8th day...hmmm, isn't that a number of "new beginnings?"

circumcision...the Holy Spirit curcumcising my heart, making it new.
verse 21: the name given...before His conception.

That verse leapt out to me about God's plans already named for us BEFORE they are even conceived in our spirits!

verse 22:..and after a certain purification/preparing in us, the baby/plan/dream/vision is officially named and known.

We offer sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving, like Simeon.
...and while many people may embrace your vision/prepared plan, you have to be prepared also for the stabbing pain that comes from those who are opposed and speak against it.(v.34,35)

Good news here, like as was spoken from D.E. and Bishop, is that the opposition propels us into our destiny and the fulfillment of those plans, like Christ's opposition took him to His.

v.40...along the way we/the vision grow(s)up and become(s) strong, filled with wisdom, and God's grace is poured out.

ok, Anna, the prophetess, who never left the TEMPLE COMPLEX, but served God night and day. She reminds me that the TEMPLE is me, and Jesus is in me, the temple.

...I thank God, praise Him, and embrace the HOLY SPIRIT, like Simeon, in the temple!
His salvation has come to me, in my presence, a light for revelation to me.

thinking from v.34...the Holy Spirit in us is destined to cause the fall and rise of many "IN ISRAEL" and a sign that will be opposed.

...but this fire of the Spirit in us is an unquenchable fire that the waters(seas) of religion cannot put out, whose fire is eternal!

verses 43-49 (Jesus parents assuming He was in their party, yet was back "IN JERUSALEM", and "IN HIS FATHER'S HOUSE")

ohhh, this makes me compare the traveling party to things like "church denomination", or "religion."..assuming Jesus is with their party all along. They "realize" that He is not, and search for Him among the association of those things... the "relatives and family" of those things, but where is He?..where is Jesus!?"

...then "they returned to Jerusalem", to where Jesus is found!..and amazed that He would not be with them they question "...why have you treated us like this? ...we have been anxiously searching for you?"

...His response..."why were you searching for Me?" "DIDN'T YOU KNOW that I had to be IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE?"

Christ IN me, you, us..."whose temple you are."
We are the FATHER'S HOUSE, His dwelling place, and Jesus is found "NEW JERUSALEM."

v.32 thoughts...The light of the Holy Spirit reveals Christ IN us, and glory to His people Israel (those who already call Jesus "Lord")

SCRIBE said...

Monday Afternoon
14 September 2009 @ 1240 Hours

Let everything that have breath praise ye' the LORD! I AM the Lord Almighty over the great and small, King of Glory over all the earth. Therefore, let my people whom worship Me in Spirit and TRUTH, and those whom have decided in their hearts that they are steadfastly determined to HEAR MY VOICE-- no matter what it takes and regardless of the costs "Shout Hallelujah"!!! For blessed and highly favored of the Lord are they who are committed and wholly submitted unto Me in all their ways. I AM the Lord JEHOVAH and great is mine faithfulness indeed. Truly, I say unto you that I am not a man that I should lie, neither the Son of Man that I should repent. I am tried, tested, HOLY, and true. Let the redeemed of the Lord boldly take a stand for what is right and just at all times-- not simply what appears to be right according to the opinions of their fellow brothers and sisters. Let they who HEAR and DISCERN My voice for themselves promptly follow Me with gladness of heart, for though they may find that the way is Not easy, they shall come to understand that the journey is crucial, necessary, and pertinent to their growth in me.

For I shall not spoon feed those whom are able to pick up the utensils and tools that I have already provided to and for them, nor carry them on my back who should be strong enough to not only walk, but RUN WITH MY WORD! However, this is not a matter of convenience, but prerequisite to the furthering of my Kingdom in the earth! My people shall not live by bread alone, but through every word that comes out of the mouth and Throne Room of God. It is one thing for my people to know / remember what I said before, yet it is a greater dimension of glory for them to actually HEAR NOW! what I am "SAYING" to them right where they are in languages that they understand. Selah...

SCRIBE said...

The time has arrived to push aside these foolish things and weed out all distractions. And everything / anything that impedes my peoples' vision and drowns out my voice in their lives, thus preventing them from HEARING ME CLEARLY is a serious distraction, regardless of how harmless, subtle, inconsequential / insignificant it may all seem or appear. I have heard you say what you want, need, and desire of me, YET I POSE TO INQUIRE, says GOD--- How Badly do you REALLY want, need, or desire it and what are you willing to do and give up to press into me more intimately to secure that thing? More often than not, MY PEOPLE say that they are ready to Receive the Greater Things, yet in order to RECEIVE, they must first LET GO of those things, ideas, wrong mindsets, idiosyncrasies, preconceived notions, favored habits, pet peeves, unfruitful words, and any other pollutants that interfere with My Glory and Hinders MY PRESENCE in their lives! Furthermore, are you willing to put aside that which YOU THINK that you ALREADY KNOW to have your slates completely wiped clean of rubble, debris, and piss poor programming that had done fare more harm than good in order to receive MY ABSOLUTE BEST?

Be careful what one asks for and seeks after, for the cost may far outweigh the substance of your CHARACTER and depths of your INTEGRITY. And be this the case, the processes of purification from letting go of the old to receive the grand prize and purest gifts can prove excructiating! NOW- how badly do you REALLY want what is in MY HEART and PRESENCE-- or are there far too many of you simply groveling for what is in my hands and treasury, inquires GOD?

On this day, choose ye' very carefully whose report you shall believe and what master you shall serve. I am the Lord Almighty and I change not. I AM the same GOD yesterday, today, and forever more. Let everything that have breath praise the Lord! Oh, that I may find those who hunger and thirst after MY PRESENCE with pure hearts! Let those who proclaim to desire "more of Me- the Great Lord" understand that in no uncertain terms shall I pour out fresh wine into old wine-skins. So, dare not twist or pervert the glory of My omnipotent Presence and mistake it be "Religion as Usual"!

SCRIBE said...

There is a shedding off, chiseling away, and shattering of useless vessels. So, must I start from scratch? I- the Lord of Hosts am starting again with fresh clay, adding water as necessary, and carefully molding and sculpting pots and containers of fortitude and power. These such vessels are not truly built to last and sustain minimal damage until they have been placed in the fires / ovens / kilns of life under intense pressure and heat, sometimes set in the sun to soak up the atmospheric elements at work, then placed upon high shelves for a while. And according to the specific work / works that I have fashioned them for, they are selected and sent to different environments to be filled with whatever is necessary to meet / suit the needs of those in that surrounding area.

Some shall be used to carry water, others to store supplies of oil and grain, others to be used as cooking pots, some wine jugs, etc. I- the Lord Almighty have chosen how My Vessels are to be used; the vessels do not get to decide where they will or will not be sent based on their own likes, dislikes, comforts, and proclivities. For though they may be fine, sturdy vessels at best, they may not prove useful in environments of their own making. I AM the Lord Almighty, so RIGHT NOW I say: "BE FILLED WITH MY GRACE, MERCY, WISDOM, and LOVE for maximum effectiveness in any arena that I place you in! Therefore, as I have done the molding, sculpting, and creating, I shall also send My People on the appropriate missions according to My Perfect Plan, Design, and those whom are to be served and benefited, from glory to Glory Everlasting...

Shout Hallelujah! for I- the Lord of Hosts am always on time. Simply say YES, THANK YOU LORD, as I lead the way and place / position whosoever needs to be wherever I deem best.


Avatar said...

Cool connections Karl.

I agree SOZ, where to begin with LITN II?

The pic of Simeon: I have it framed at home...but seeing it here is a detailed rhema word.

Words opposite to the words of Life...sigh. I wonder if anyone ever saw Jesus' rolling His eyes back in His head. Probably not...but He was tempted!!

Iris said...

I’ve always loved the story of Simeon and Anna… What it was like to wait a life time to see the manifestation of the Messiah… to behold a faded dream placed in their hearts… to witness a remarkable moment in the history of mankind… I ponder and marvel at what it would have been like…

But … I can truly say that over the past few weeks I too have seen the manifestation of the Messiah… I have beheld a faded dream explode into vivid colors as I begin to see clearly what was always meant to be… I have witnessed a remarkable moment in the history of mankind…

The joining of CITN and The Cathedral is what some have waited a life time to experience… and this is only the tip of the iceberg… I believe this is just the birth of a great thing… and as it grows and is about the Fathers business… we will and are standing in awe of the remarkable works that God has allowed us to see with our natural and spirit eyes … (I always find it fascinating how closely connected the natural and the spirit is…) Then to see the expression of God in the people of Uganda… My eyes have been changed… I have seen the Messiah

30. With my own two eyes I have seen the manifestation of Your Salvation...

31. I first saw it the Spirit...but now that Your Salvation has come in the physical form of this man-child, all of humanity will be able to see it for themselves...

32. They will see the Light...a Light for the revelation of God to the non-Jewish nations...a Light to disclose what was before unknown to the people of Israel, so that they may see Your glory."

God is here… and He is here to be seen… His presence is amazing and wonderfully felt and known… and in his presence He restores focus to blurred vision… rekindles the fire of prayers gone cold…and gently sturdy’s ones trembling faith…

Come … all come… He is here… He is all around us… He has made himself known… Come with me and take a closer look… you’ll be glad you did… for once you’ve seen what has always been yours… one glance into the depths of His manifest presence… and you will never be the same…

For every altered…

Bishop, once again I stand in awe of what God is doing… The tears are still flowing… my heart feels like it is going to explode the amazement of His manifest presence… To say I am excited about the weeks to come at CITN is an understatement… Words are too limited to express how uncontainable vastness of what God is doing… and we privilege to get front row seats…

Amazed… Awestruck… and can’t wait to see what is going to happen next…

Larry Usher said...

I too love the story of Anna who stayed in the temple like a nun always offering prayers and service to God- dedication, consecration!

Had a cool flying dream last night; started by floating off the ground 3 or 4 feet, then took off like a rocket straight up- stopped for a second, surveyed the scene, then streaked back to several feet off the ground. Then flew along the surface and noticed others flying several feet away...funny, I usually fly alone! Love flying dreams!

Every situation, every circumstance intended to establish something in us or burn something off of us- nothing wasted, nothing unuseful.

Blessings to all and an end to the turmoil- peace to your inner selves, you are being carried on His wings...

Bro Lar

Son of Zadok said...

Blessed are the non-confrontationalist,

For they are already experiencing the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Larry, I so am in love with your Spirit. Thanks to You, and thanks to you All.

Big, Big Love!

Larry Usher said...

Thanks SOZ! Love you too! You have exploded the box!!

Have a great day everyone. I shall see the Great Light that is the Lord today! I shall see the Spirit in the drops of rain falling outside my window, in the coolness of the morning, in the little one-eyed kitty that came calling for sustenance at my back door a couple of hours ago, in the dream last night about subduing a great tiger and staring it in the face as I held it, in each person I see today, in the miles I drive, in my daughter's smile, in the connections of those I love today...and the Holy Spirit led them...and the Holy Spirit filled them...and the Holy Spirit was with them in power showing them and relating to them the things of the Christ...

Blessings RIGHT NOW! Bro Lar

Anonymous said...

I love that pic...
30. With my own two eyes I have seen the manifestation of Your Salvation...

verse 50 amazes me "But they did not grasp or comprehend at all what He was saying to them."
They did not grasp? They knew he was the Messiah... was it b/c he was so young? I'm not a parent so I can't relate to the feelings Mary and Joseph were feeling, but they had to know somewhere deep down this day was coming...