Monday, November 9, 2009

LITN XXIII, Verses 1 - 12

1. With this phase of the impromptu trial over, and with the events now taking on an undefinable urgency and life of their own, the entire assembly rose and led Him off to stand before Pilate.

2. As soon as they arrived, the accusations began to fly. "We've found this rabble rouser...this demagogue...
subverting our nation and all that it stands for!", they exclaimed. "He flagrantly opposes payment of taxes to Caesar, and, most disturbing of all, claims to be a Messiah and a king!"

3. So Pilate said to Jesus, "Tell me, this true? Are You the King of the Jews?" "To you I am whoever you say that I am," Jesus replied.

4. Then Pilate, initially dismissing the whole thing as something harmless...even amusing...certainly something with which he didn't want to be involved...announced to the Chief Priests and the crowd, "Look...I just don't find any basis for a charge against this Man."

5. But they were insistent, saying, "Governor...with all due respect, you don't seem to understand. He stirs up the people all over Judea by His anarchistic rhetoric and blasphemous teaching. He started spreading His poison in Galilee, and has brought it all the way here!"

6. On hearing this, Pilate asked if Jesus was a Galilean.

7. When they answered in the affirmative, he ruled that Jesus was under Herod's jurisdiction, and then sent Him to stand before the king, who was also in Jerusalem at that time.

8. So they brought Him to Herod, who was actually quite pleased to see Him. For quite some time, Herod had been hoping for a chance to meet Him because of all that he had heard about the signs and wonders He performed. In fact, he hoped to see Him perform one right in front of him.

9. So he plied him with a plethora of questions, but at this point, Jesus had said all He was going to say.

10. But the Chief Priests and religious leaders kept standing there, vehemently accusing Him, anyway.

11. Herod and his soldiers then began to ridicule and mock Him, dressing Him in an elegant robe. Then they sent him back to Pilate.

12. Somehow, during all this circus-like atmosphere of mockery, false accusations, and sending Jesus back and forth from trial to trial, Herod and Pilate became friends. Prior to this they had been hostile enemies.


karl cobos said...

verse 5...little did they know but that "poison" teaching being spread around would become their anecdote. it still is today, that certain truths being spread around in religious circles is seen by many as "poison" but may be the very thing needed to heal their wounds.

verse 4 makes me think of when all the accusations come against us for our "crimes/sins", God says, like Pilate the judge, "Look...I just don't find any basis for a charge against this man."

...who shall lay a charge against God's elect?

word ver: salsa
"yum...pass the chips!"

Erik said...

I like vs 12 paraphrase that Pilate and Herod became friends after being hostile enemies. That is the point of Jesus (Son of Man, Son of God) either way, The Spirit takes the hit for the natural to combine in piece, or The Spirit defuses the bomb. (God I love what my son does for a living).

The presence of The Christ, the Desire to connect, dissolves the darkness of hostility. Of course they became friends. Both were loved by God, created with God’s divinity and Spirit. They performed their role in the designed Passion Play well. Their parts done, they should be friends after the exhausting challenge.

That’s how God rolls. Do the part, which generally requires just a bit form us, and then go and njoy the remainder of your time, do things unexpected, like Love your enemies. In this case, actually become friends, understand and relate to each other. Hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe something for The Abrahamics to consider? Yeah, like maybe it’s an idea, ya crazy animals. Maybe hang out with some steak , a bottled water, creamed spinach and mushrooms. No violations there :) .

Get to know each other, relax , see how much you have in common, enjoy. Maybe, just maybe., all three of you hanging out will change the propensity for missiles, guns, and bombs and open up the option of interchange, empathy, and maybe seeing God in each other, if you focus on God, you might forget the minor issues between you and enjoy the expanse of how much you have in common, which is the Beauty of God.

Karl said...

Goodnight church...2 am.

Iris said...

Amen!!!! Thank you God for grace and mercy. And thank you God for a new mind and perceptions changed so we do see God in everyone.

And as we acknowledge the divine in each person, the world begins to change. Because we see them as it was predestined to be.

Thank you God.