Monday, August 9, 2010

Yesterday was a great day at CITN...I had a lot of material to cover in my messages...maybe too much...(but you know how I am about context) took a minute for the revelation engines to fire up (sorry about that, 9 AM people...didn't mean to get sarcastic with you...y'all know I love you)...anyway, by the 11 service it was all systems when the word is received and you can feel it...thanks for hearing outside the box...

That was some deep stuff...the Day Star arises, not in the heavens, but IN OUR!...

...and "if our heart CONDEMNS US NOT..."...again, amazing is it that your own heart, of all things, has the potential to condemn! Really makes you think (about who the real "enemy" or "accuser" is)...

What I love about the verse is that it says even if our own heart condemns us because of whatever nonsense has been programmed into it, God is still greater than our hearts (our perception...the place where we are alienated from God in our minds), and He knows all things...He knows how much He loves and accepts us as we are, whether we know it or not!

For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things. Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence toward God.
(1 John 3:20, 21 - NKJV)

These days I am so happy and grateful...sometimes surprised, even...that the river still flows so mightily on Iris Drive, and that the presence of God is so easily manifested there...

We have this treasure in earthen vessels...

Excited about the future...

Love you all...

Ebony Thornton - It was a great word indeed Bishop. Glad to have been ITB.

Soni Dailey Brumlow - it was so wonderful to be there and be able to hEAR-much love to you

Linda M Curtis - It was great to be there, from "here".....streaming isn't as sweet as being ITB....but I have a good seat every time and I don't shock or hit anyone when I swing my arms and shout out :)

Philip Del Rocco - Great word today Bishop...I agree with Linda, streaming isn't the same as being there BUT the message is still loud and clear. So much to consider, I want to hear it again and share it with friends and family.......much love

Jere Luck - Bish, I loved how you took the words like "principalities" and turned them into "principals". That really struck home with me. How fresh and outta the box!! Logged in with my Oklahoma cuzins who r still believing u gotta tow the line to be saved. It was great! Thanks for sharing THE GOOD NEWS!!! As always. Love ur guts!!!

Erik - Excellent service today Bishop. From Praise & Worship through the message, 100%. It all grows each week, the Spirit this week, more than last. Thank you Bishop for putting your life into CITN. It IS worth it. The message today is one of the best ones you have given. It gets better. I am thankful to be a part of it.

Gene Daniel - Good stuff today, Bish!!

Larry Usher - God today! If we will but bow before the Lord, He will show us He has already given us the world. Satan tried to con Jesus into bowing to the wrong god, when all along Jesus knew that the mission was to take over the keys to that kingdom and secure a lasting inheritance for the heirs to come. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Aubrey Brey Gallimore - Bish...ur word is making me look like a phrophetess to my friends. I take no credit for it but I will say...the feeling in my spirit when I type or speak the words...sharing what I heard is overwhelming to me...Makes me wonder how awesome it feels to you when that word comes out of ur spirit to the congregation. I get shivers! I love when the Lord uses me! Thanks for giving me something to spread!!!

Karl McIntosh Cobos - Bishop...I was floored yesterday when you starting mentioning some things about the heavens/mind/wilderness connection. Here's why: A note I wrote Saturday, especially point #3:

3)We are baptized, and also taken into a wilderness of our tho...ughts which say such things as..."are you really forgiven...everything? .."does He still really love you after THAT!? .."do you really think you'll make it to heaven? ..was that experience for real?..and the list goes on for each individual, but if we remind ourselves what God has ALREADY spoken over us and ALREADY given to us..such as; "you are forgiven, you are loved, you are mine, you are are my child in whom I am well are filled with My Spirit", then we will come forth CONFIDENTLY out of the wilderness of our doubts, in the awesome power of the Holy Spirit, joyfully and powerfully proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God!

We already have this from Him...I think maybe the temptations were necessary to see if we have the determination to reach and push forward and believe and say .."yes, I am!" To fully proclaim the good news of the kingdom like Jesus we have to accept, trust and know confidently that we are who He says we are. Your childlike faith will help you and lead you, (and the church) OUT OF THE WILDERNESS!!

I am one with Him, I am one with you...yes, we are one! ..and we will continue to know...and we will continue to emerge.

Love you - Karl

Notonelost Sinner - Good word Bishop!


River said...

For the heart knows. The heart feels.
The heart is the River of Living Water.
Each of us is born with a heart and each of us is a heart.
We are a stream of Living Water.
He flows through us as we flow through Him.
Our minds may get cloudy (stagnant) at times but that is why we need each other to stand in and pray .
I have a lot on my heart today.
I want to see CITN be a place where people are real with each other not trying to skirt around issues. Where people stop talking about others behind their back but instead bowing a knee and praying not just for that person but also for themselves that they see each of us are walking out our own situations. How Awesome would the church be if we could shut the lip and see with the eyes and pray without judgment on others.
How clean will the River flow in each of us if we keep our eyes focused on The Living Water.

Anonymous said...

John was suppose to get me a DVD since I was out of town but something happened to the DVDs Sun. and only 1/2 of the service was recorded. Wish he had just picked up a CD instead. Still have not heard the message from Sun. Guess I need to just not schedule any trips on a Sun. Just can't put that DVD/CD responsibility on someone else. Can't wait to hear. Also, I know what the situation was at the 9am...I was missing from the "relaxed section." Will be there Sun. 9 and 11 expecting...

Anonymous said...

Also, so so agree with River's comment. The heart knows better than some of us give it credit. I think it is time to quit running from person to person, pastor to pastor trying to get a message from them about a situaion and what to do in our own life. Agreement is good but ALL of the answers are in us. Read,pray, meditate, turn off the noise and search within ourselves to find the keys to the kingdom, the pearl, the lost treasure, the rooms and/or the mansion. I found a mansion this w/e and it was all there all along. I just opened the door and realized it was not a room... but a mansion.God set the Kingdom up that way for a reason. The living water has to run within before it can run out...

Anonymous said...

Dear Bishop
Sundays service was such an awakening, The past 2 years I have been going through a journey, and every sunday I hear your sermons and it is confirmation of what God has been teaching me. When I walk into serviceand hear you teaching the truth and when I walk out I am transformed into a new being. I am growing deepere and deeper in my love for GOD. The knowing in my spirit is quickening and changing my mind. The words you teach have pulled down all of the strongholds and now I know I am loved and worthy of everything that God has for me. Who the son sets free is free indeed. Out of the teaching of the final commandments Jesus gave you need to write this in a book. You need not concern yourself with the slow growth of the church. When they slowly trickle in it gives the time needed to spend with each new person. Thus discipling them and strengthening them to be a strong part of the body knowm as CITN. Bishop you are like the Rose of Sharon, The Bright and Morning Star, The Glory of the Lord proceeds out of every word that you speak when you stand on the pulpit. Every drop of sweat, and every tear you have shed is only making the rose grow deeper and brighter. I see the flower and the petals from the Rose of sharon and every word you put out makes the petals bigger brighter and fuller and the root grows deeper and deeper. You truly are annointed by GOD.
I Love you,
Judy Usher