Sunday, December 21, 2008

Celebrate Jesus Today!

And the eternal Word morphed into flesh – into a manifested incarnation with human attributes and authority in the natural world – so that He could live with and among us human beings. And He did live with us here in our world, limiting Himself to the constraints of the human condition without reservation, but we could still plainly see His eternal, divine glory. It was obvious that He shined with the glorious light of a unique, firstborn son who was miraculously like His Father who had sent Him. The illumination from that glory revealed that He was literally filled with grace and that He overflowed with absolute truth.

John 1:14, John In The Now


Son of Zadok said...

It’s written by someone here that, “the Lord set me free and His Spirit within me is irresistible.”

God be praised for that Spirit.

Mystic, listening to some "new-age" music online at skyfm while reading your re-post of MITN was like oil on my heart. Keep beating with that one heartbeat.

Erik, G8trgrl, and Donald! Big Happy Belated Birthdays! BHBBITN – That’s - big happy belated Birthdays In The Now. And 50 no less Donald. Happy 20th anniversary of your 30th Birthday. 33 was good enough for Jesus in the natural and I guess He decided that was good enough for you. Like they say, you are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime. I‘m only kidding. Young of the heart. Really when you get right down to it, and Erik will attest to this, birthdays are only nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake!

JR. It’s great to have you here with us. Your 19 years old and have knowledge of the God who saves to the uttermost! All the knowledge that can be obtained in universes is shadow to His Glory! Awesome.

Karl, Birthday Breakfast is the bomb. Now I’m thinking about Biscuits and Gravy. Don’t you all be late for church this morning thinking about Biscuits. Although, you all are just as likely to set up the tents all day. Have a Spirit Filled Glory Picnic! Eating on the hidden manna. Oo! It's the birthday cake!

In the morning we’re having church in the dark with flashlights. From what I read in the newsletter, to draw some parable between the church 2,000 years ago. Of course they didn’t have central heating or flashlights, but I’m excited none the less. I’ll let you know what.

Laura, I think making cookies inspires your writing. I say that’s for me to in 2009 also!

Hi Clark and Teezy!

Pastor Caldwell, I was really excited when I saw you put some new videos up. And wouldn’t you know it ,it really dealt with some matters that I continue to have to study to get a better grasp of. I love Eby's Eternity, out of the Savior of the World series. Your teaching helps continue the clarity. Aionios. Life lasting and abiding in knowing Christ vs. A life lasting and abiding in correction. Praise God for His plan for the ages! When we arise in Christ, our perception is through God’s eyes. Truly then the joy of the Lord is our strength. Father we receive to perceive. Vivify our minds in Christ.

I’ll say it for NTL tonight. If you haven’t been ITB in awhile. Tomorrow God has great blessings for you. Your set free to come alive in Him. God’s mercy is new in every moment. I happy to say I'm going to get to come down and be in a live service sooner that you all think. Can't wait to sing and praise Him and hear the word.

I pray God's healing in every body and mind. I'm sharing this video I just found. Receive comfort and love from God. He cares for you.

Bishop, glad you had a great time. Awesome entry today. In a cruel objective language, your revealing a beautiful subjective reality. I pray that divine illumination and glory be more and more revealed through you. I thank God that your pressing forward in the grace that overflows unto the revealing of that One absolute Truth. Christ in us, the hope of glory!

Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus. Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:12-14 KJV

Anonymous said...

As we celebrate Jesus………


The Word became flesh……….. This phrase was and is the challenge, the wake up call, the birth narrative of God into the world at its most philosophical, and most mystical.
This Christmas Holiday is far more significant for us as human beings than we tend to acknowledge.

The Word, which for some is Wisdom, the pre-existent Christ, the impulse in God for redemption, for making right and good, the Word become flesh. (Flesh was and is synonymous with fallen humanity, carnality, sexuality, mortal being, our physical nature, what some have labeled unsacred or even profane). The Word became flesh; how is it possible?

God chooses an obscure young woman to bring a Savior into the world; the Messiah is greeted first by shepherds, the working people of that day; kings fall down and worship a humble infant.
Perhaps the greatest reversal, the most abstract and concrete reversal is that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

It is horrible ironic that there are people who unloved on this day, that there are people who are being hurt or hurting themselves, that there are human beings who are dying at the hand of some who call themselves Christians. Whether as individuals, communities, or a nation, we don’t get it; we continue to judge, to fear, and to grieve over to torture our flesh rather than love it. We argue over everything. Theology, sermons etc, because we can’t bring ourselves to truly believe.

Was Jesus divine in His head and was He human in His body? Were one half of His body divine and Human? Was His humanity just a disguise, like a movie or a play acting?
We shape around these questions, so we say “eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from light, true God from true God, begotten not made, and so on… then by the power of the Holy Spirit He became incarnated from the Virgin Mary and was made man, made flesh. Fully human, fully divine!

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus came to live among some of the messiest, most dense, not terribly spiritual people of His day. I mean the disciples. So being perfect human seems much less the point than the companionship of the divine with the imperfect humans in all their and glory.

John 1:14
The Word became flesh and lived among us. God’s deep, intense, pursuing love for our flesh is here now.

Merry Christmas! Let us pray:
Jesus our beloved, You came that we might look upon You,
And handle you with our own hands. May we so cherish one another in our bodies that we may also be touched by you?
Fill us, in our bodily life, with your grace and truth; that our pleasure may be boundless, and our integrity complete.
Through the Word made flesh, in Jesus Christ, Amen! Amen! Amen! …


Izumi/JOY said...

...limiting Himself to the constraints of the human condition without reservation, but we could still plainly see His eternal, divine glory.

Love how this reminds me of Job 38: 4-36.

karl cobos said...

If Emmanuel means "God WITH us", is there a word for "God IN us?".

Enjoying the comments here but I've got to get to choir practice.

Please pray for us to sing and flow in the Spirit, a blessing and strengthening to all who come.

w ver: chriess

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday G8TRGRL !

guess I was so carried away with giging Donald I forgot to mention yours.

So I wont, wouldnt, whatever, say the same to you as I did Donald.....:)
you know what I mean.....


Donald said...

Bishop, Bishop, Bishop!!!!!!

You made an impact on someone today that you have no idea even exists.

I will share some more on that subject next Sunday when I see you.

You hit the nail on the head today.

I still have the molds from my Creepy Crawler and Thingmaker sets.

I still have my Etch-a-Sketch, Light Brite, and Spirograph from when I was a kid.

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Cool. I loved all of those, especially Spirograph...

Word ver: kings

Nancy said...

Easy bake oven, sting ray schwinn bicycles, creepy crawlers, barbies and GI Joes, Davy Crocket cap shooting wooden muskets, rockem sockem robots, stretch armstrong, roller skates that attached to the bottom of your shoe, tin lunch boxes, red flyer sleds, sledding downhill discs......

Bishop, that was such a wonderful word and service
To everyone in His Hands Ministries.... you ladies are awesome!

Son of Zadok said...

Touching message today Bishop.

As fate would have it, I to will be in good ole' Rockdale County next week. Family function in Kennesaw. See you next Sunday ITB!

"elle" said...

You had all the same cool things I did (and I'm 4 years younger, nah, nah)! Seriously, hope you had a great birthday :)
And I can't believe you still have the molds for your creepy crawlers. Wish I still had my set. Me & my older sis had CREEPLE PEEPLE, and the one that made spiders, and I think there was one called FLOWER POWER. If not, we had something similar that made flowers. And the Spyrograph & Etch-a-Sketch were the greatest. I've been tempted many times to go out and buy myself a new Etch-a-Sketch... and some Crayolas and coloring books, too.

Does anyone remember BIG LITTLE BOOKS? They were probably 3x5 or 4x6 in size, but really thick, chunky books. We had a bunch of those, too. And my goodness, if we still had all of the football and baseball cards that used to come in bubble gum packs, we'd probably be rich today. Oh well...
Was never into Barbie. I did at one point have her brunette friend. Can't even remember her name. I seem to recall chopping her hair off, though.

Great word today, Bish!

So much for my stroll down memory lane. Gotta think about dinner.

Merry Christmas to all! See some of you at the candlelight service!

Anonymous said...

O K Bishop
I'm going off the deep end here or maybe not.
When you spoke about how diverse our church is and how usually most churches are one race/belief.
You've been around the world so you've had the chance to see that the sands on the shores are different colors. You have black sands, white sands, red sands, brown sands & shades in between . Now where did man come from.
We are the sands of the earth. He formed us in His image so wouldn't it seem that if we are formed in His image it's the inward image all the churches should portray. The outward appearance is merely nothing but sand.
All churches have a heart for Him that's true but why do we judge by the outward instead of the inside (the image of the Father).
It's time for the church to look past the sand and see the heart, the image and throw down the man made belief and embrace the difference we each portray. We are a mix of the different sands and the picture of Him is coming through the sand.

2009 A Year To Discover The Difference We Each Portray.

I had a vision the other day. I saw a man. He looked like he was walking into the light and as he did the darkness was falling off him.

2009 The Darkness Will Fall Off And New Joy Will be Found.

Retro toy's for girls mine were:
E-Z Bake Oven, Paper Dolls, & fav. game Twister But you know what I miss the most was when MTV use to play music video's & the radio station would play it on the stereo/radio. For those of you that are younger than me we didn't have stereo TV.
Those were the days.

This year all my daughter really asked me for was a box of brownie mix with walnuts.
What's up with that???
I feel this Christmas will be a Christmas to remember.

Donald said...

I look forward to meeting you SOZ!

By the way Erik, Happy Birthday to you. This morning while Her Majesty and I were streaming I told her that you also had a birthday recently when the camera panned over to where you were sitting.

Although the word was tremendous today Bishop, you did cause me to retract back into one of my psychological corners and convulse into the fetal position. When I was growing up all the other little boys had the cool bikes like you were talking about with the multi-colored paint jobs that sort of just blended from one color to the next and the ape hanger handlebars and banana seat and sissy bar but all that my parents would ever buy me was the red 24" Western Flyer with a basket on it. Yeah boy, I really blended in with that crowd!

If you folks want to know what real pain is try jumping that cast iron devil over a homemade ramp (constructed of plywood and old tires) that had way more angle to it than anything that even Evel Knievel would even consider jumping over.

I still break out into a cold sweat when I think about those words spoken by my dearly departed mother, "Now son, hold still! I'll be finished here as soon as you stop moving around so that I can pull this one last wheel spoke out of your butt!"

Donald said...

Stereo TV Laura?!

We didn't even have stereo in automobiles when I was a kid.

In fact I remember when the only kind of radio in my dad's cars was AM.

When I got old enough to drive, I got an FM converter for Christmas one year. He let me put it in that 1967 Pontiac Catalina that he let me drive.

Bishop, that story about the platform shoes reminded me of a story a former coworker told me. He said that back in the day he and one of his friends were out on a date with a couple of girls. He said he had a pair of platform shoes and a pair of double knit polyester bell bottoms that almost went to the bottom of those pants and he had an afro that was like a foot tall. He said they carried the girls to a soul food restaurant and were going to really impress them and let them know that they were true players. He said he had to go to the restroom. On the way back he said he had his cool walk going on and when he got back up to the table those platform shoes slid out from under him and he went right under the table. He said he grabbed the table to try catch himself but all that happened was that he got a hold of the tablecloth and pulled everything on that table off onto the floor with him and on top of him. He said he had collard greens all over his face and all in his afro. He said he got up from there and ran out of that place and never saw those girls again.

"elle" said...

Hey, Bish, I was thinking...
Curtis or whomever should superimpose the faces of you and Debye and Sophia onto the IAWL photo that you have here on the blog. Your Christmas card kinda reminded me of that. Would that be illegal? Stunning photo of you three, anyway. And, yes, I do believe I see that ear to ear grin!

And in reference to platform shoes... OH MY! When I was in junior high 'buffalo sandals' were in fashion. Anyone remember THOSE? Anyway, I just had to have a pair, and after a week or so one of the straps broke. We were able to exchange them, but my mother didn't want me to get the same thing. So, since they didn't really have anything else I wanted, I settled for this pair of closed-toed platform shoes that were... I'm hyperventilating... hunter green and mustard colored. They were DREADFUL, but that's what I chose. My mother couldn't believe it, but she let me. Funny thing is, I was SOOooooo scrawny. These shoes would've looked ridiculous on someone who actually had meat on her bones, but I don't think I ever even broke 100lbs until I turned 30. Needless to say, I figured out on my own how awful they were, and I don't think I wore them more than 3 times. That's strong-willed childhood stupidity for you!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Thanks, everyone...sounds like all the cybers are convening to be ITB next week...who else out there is coming?

Actually, I did think of that, Elle, and we didn't plan the Christmas pic to look like that, but after I saw it, I thought that it was reminiscent of IAWL...

Pastor Lou, thanks for what you wrote on the CITN site...

Anonymous said...

Dear friends at CITN

I just wanted to express to you, especially Bishop Jim and very much I have not only fed from your ministry for years, but have also DELIGHTED IN IT EXUBERANTLY, as well! I grew up in Avondale, but my life's journey has taken me to Puerto Rico, Santa Fe, and currently, Eagle, Idaho. I became a widow at age 40 and my youngest child experienced brain trauma through a botched surgery. I chose to come back to metro Atlanta for 2 years to regroup with family, etc. and found myself at your church(my former church experience since being saved at 18 was Mt. fact, my boyfriend and buddy at Lee College was Paul Dana Walker and David Cooper) I drove from Dacula to your church consistently and my son Caleb was cared for by ladies in KITN. I never introduced myself to you guys, as you were always so covered up with people...but wanted to just share this with you now. I have been livestreaming, as well as archiving your services..and my son Caleb (now 20 years old) loves the worship so much! It's difficult to take him to church here locally because of unavailable childcare(he has periodic seizures)...SO....we are grateful for modern technology. I have felt led to return to Ga. at this point in my life. My older son has begun medical school here in the west, and will be completely out of the nest, which leaves Caleb and myself. At this point in my life, (despite a drastic reduction I shall experience in wages by leaving Idaho), my heart's desire and drive is to just be saturated with the holy spirit, to be surrounded with phenomenal revelation, (which I have only experienced at your hand, Bishop Swilley), and accordingly, have taken the appropriate research and steps to relocate. I was in Ga. a month ago and just drove to the church to feel the Lord's presence. The doors were locked, but I went around back and saw the signs "shepard", etc. and felt His presence even there! The house that I found is 11 miles away and centrally located to services for my son. In summation, I cant even express to you how thrilled I am to be able to start attending in person once again, and in greater measure, beginning this March. I almost feel like Elizabeth, when the baby lept in the womb, when I anticipate the blessings yet to be experienced from the upcoming year. I want to at least introduce myself. I realize that everyone wants to touch the shepherd, Myself, of course, included. Thank you again for years of years of sustainence and tremendous encouragement and elation...received from your ministry(as well as fashion tips from Pastor Debye..ha.ha.) Cannot wait to join the efforts and outreach at CITN.!

A friend in Him


Son of Zadok said...

Running in between here and there so I can't say much, (hold your applause). Really looking forward to seeing you as well Donald, along with everyone else. Maybe we can have a bloggers row so we can say hello. I'm going to get there about 9 so I can take a little time to look around. Six Flags over Conyers indeed! I feel like I'm making a pilgrimage to Mecca or The Holy Land. Good Times.

"elle" said...

I just realized I spelled Sofia's name wrong! I'm guessing that's a sin in Swilleyville. A thousand apologies. Do pardon, please!

word ver: imacili
I'm a silly goose!

tracy said...

Happy birthday everybody!! And yay MH, having a child with special needs myself, I can tell you CITN is a great place to minister to you and your son's needs. They have certainly risen to the occasion on our behalf. As for all of you bloggers planning to be in the building- David and I will be at the Welcome Center to the far left after you come in the front under the awning. Come and see us!!! Off to work again this week, so far so good, they haven't let me go! Tracy the red nose reindeer.....

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Hey jazz fans...FYI the playlist at AW4W has been expanded...

karl cobos said...

Awesome word today Bishop, praise God!

Go Rudolf...Go Rudolf!

Real quick, while I'm still reading, Laura said something about getting past the sand to see the inward image.

I haven't thought it all through yet but here's what I've got...that sands have to be melted, heated to a great degree to get glass, something that we can see through, to see that inner man and to see the face of Christ, that image in us, as we become more transparent through the Holy Spirit's refining fire. Then we can all the more fully see and know one another after the Spirit.

In Laura's words..."We are a mix of the different sands and the picture of Him is coming through the sand."

Laura, your vision took me to this verse I read after church..."The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of darkness, a light has dawned." Isaiah 9:2,3

...for a child will be born for us,
Isaiah 9:6

Okay, gotta get some cookies out of the oven...I'm prayin' that the biscotti will turn out well...a friend is buying them this time, yeah!

Larry Usher said...

Ahhh, memory lane!

Couple of my favorite oldies:

Chuckwagon lunchbox(getting flaming arrows shot at it by injuns)

Tinker Toys- LOVED Tinker Toys!

Lincoln Logs

Panel & Girder set- anyone remember those? Used to love making buildings!

Erector Set- building again!

Yah- Loved the Spirograph as well, could go on that for hours.

Yah Pastor Nancy, Rockem Sockem Robots were the bomb!

Knock Hockey- played for days!


Teas sets(Yah, I'm a guy and I liked tea sets so get off my back)

Had a dog pillow which you stuffed your pjs into!

Pick Up Stix

Mighty Matilda Aircraft Carrier

How about Cap Snafflers & Pickem Button Fasteners? Ha!

Bishop- Loved the word you gave today! Such a truth about Rudolph- we all have, and tend to look at too much, our weaknesses rather than celebrating our gifts and talents. This is always the challenge to see the glass half full! Church was so full of love today- just had a hug-fest!

Singles dinner last night was awesome, had great feedback from it and had about 35 folks attend. Lotsa laughs but we learned a lot too. Dr. Torri Griffin is a very talented and wisdom-filled lady!

Everyone have a blessed night.

Will be heading to NY on Tues, so will be out of town til after New Year's Day.

Avatar said...

G8trGrl and Erik, Happy arrival day to you from me too. I was on the small screen last night and the cursor was aggrav-a-tingly uncooperative for making changes.

Karl, please let your friend know that I pray for him--he comes to my mind and heart often. And, Lisa, you come to mind often too. Your arrival home on Christmas eve with Zachariah is cool.

JR and M.H.--welcome.
Larry, Godspeed!

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

Erik, it appears that I have not wished you a happy I hope it was a good one...the blog isn't the same when you're not a regular...


Avatar said...

Heart palpitating Christmas toy memories: ?? Not many come to mind for some reason, though I DO remember really enjoying a lot of the ones we bought our kids...

But, one thing came to mind while you were speaking this morning, Bishop, that I WANTED and couldn't believe I got. It was a miniature tape player. It was actually reel-to-reel [little 2-3 inch open reels]...oh my! The "tiny technology" [translation: 6"x8"x3"]of the time allowed me to carry it everywhere...recording friends but mostly music...and I played it all the time!

My sibs always knew what was in the closets or wrapped under the tree, but I wouldn't look if an open bag was under the tree--but THAT year, they told me it was there. By the time I decided I wanted to really believe it, I remember them not being able to find a box the right size and saying it must be "this" one...but I knew it couldn't be. Mom must have removed it to help me be surprised because it wasn't there--until it was pulled out Christmas morning!

karl cobos said...

Thank you Avatar for your prayers for my friend Herbert...still in the hospital, they are running a line in him to check his heart today, I think.

Bloggers row/gathering Sunday?...I think that would be neat to do somehow, Son of Zadok.

God bless you and your family greatly today...the Holy Spirit bless you with peace, power, and further revelation.
May all your writing desires come true and come to birth/term at just the right time.

karl said...

Yes, Erik, where are you?