Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keep Smiling!

Yesterday I put a big yellow smiley face on the post for the AW4W blog. I like looking at it because it sends a visual message of happiness, and because it reminds me of a patch that was on a pair of my favorite bell-bottom jeans in the 70's. What's funny to me, though, is that when I posted today's AYITN entry on that blog, the template interpreted the "8)" in (Romans 8:28) as a smiley face. I've tried several times to change it, but it always shows the face. I guess it's supposed to be that way.


Anonymous said...

God is smiling at you!

Amalia said...

...and so are we.

Amalia said...

I have also been told that the word for the number "8" in Hebrew means to "super abound"(7 being completion and the added 1 referring to the state of being over and above the perfect completion) and the initiation of a new order/era;...and is symbolic of Resurrection and Regeneration - 8 resurrections recorded in the Bible. It also means oil/fuel, in the context of facilitating or being a conduit/mechanism of light/energy...

Amalia said...

Hey, Smiley...
you 8 this morning.


Anonymous said...

go Dale Jr yeah come on !

Anonymous said...

Dale who?

Anonymous said...

Keep Smiling...haha I like that.
It's funny how the simplest of things can make you smile...really smile.
I will get back to this but lifeskills was so appropriate last night. Thank you for how you make the word appropriate for my life. Because of the way that you bring the Word, it has you thinking all day long. You made a point last night that the only way that words or people's bad words can affect you is because it's like connecting to something within you. I may be a bit off... but you made a point too that only people that are closet to you or people that matter when they say something bad it hurts because of the ties or relationship that you have. What a make a long story short, Bishop. Let's just say last night's Word gave me a whole new revelation as I thought that I was going I will keep smiling.
After Church, my husband and I were going over some of the things that you said as we can both relate. And I was glad that he got to hear first hand someone else saying some of the things that I have been saying to him as he had a hard time accepting my love due to a past relationship.
Thank you for encouraging me to smile. It goes beyond that because I am so inspired that I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I know that it's not about what man says but it's about how the Lord sees me...8).

By the way, it is so cool that you are going to the inauguration. Thank you for representing me at a historic time in history as an EACH member of CITN.

River said...

A picture
A smile
That will last for a long while

Have a beautiful
Smiley Day

Yvonne said...

Hi Amalia, I enjoyed reading a fresh voice and perspective. Super abound/kind of like the flow of the holy spirit ~ always super natural. God's super with our natural. It totally works.

Nicola, I agree with you that Bishop has that way of saying in his own organic way what is in our spirit. That is why I know he is my pastor, sounds like he is yours as well.

Bishop, LifeSkills on Wednesday's is very phenomenal in your delivery. I have listened and learned from you for over 8 years and I now believe that there is a fresh voice, a new energy and a deeper connection you have to us. Maybe it is me, but I do believe that we are all different, a better version, a smarter and wiser version of who we were before 2009. This New Year really did turn a page in the spirit.

The smiley face sounds prophetic like the time the shoe polish made a smiley face on the floor in your office last year. There are no coincidences. God is smiling, we are smiling and it is all good!

Overcoming rejection was simply brilliant and I took many notes and I am forwarning you that I am already ripping you off for some of that material (LOL). It was just fresh and new and very helpful.

Don't acknowledge the negativity is like don't give place to the devil or don't demonize someone...but it is truth. I was really helped and the folks I spoke to today was helped.

I am grateful and give thanks for your life.

I am jazzed that you are going to the inauguration and we wanted to go, but I want to say that I set my faith with you and your sons that you will be able to minister at a pray breakfast and that you will be one of the guest at an inauguration ball. I totally see it and you should be there as an ambassador for this part of the country.

Peace and many blessings,

TheCenturion said...

I love the idea of "super abounding"; like His grace and mercy... I am smiling and His joy is super abundant... this is a new era and it is time to realize that although we have abased it is now time to abound... thank you Amalia.

Crownjewel said...

Fabulous Amalia!!!...and Bishop! The smileys really are uplifting and speak to me! I believe a reflection of the New Year that is here and God is smiling on/at you!

You and P. Debye are stars~shining brightly and powerfully influential!

Got to stream last eve and Life Skills is life changing and creating new life and new me! I also shared it with others! So the spark keeps spreading!

Ever so grateful!

Lotsa love and smiles~smiles~smiles to all! =)))))

Oh HAPPY Day!!!!

p chad said...

Keep Smiling...
No Doubt!
For every reason that could be said not to, I'll counter with this: "God is bending the universe for YOUR good... Right Now"


Thanks for the insight Amalia. That's awesome.

Larry Usher said...

As the Beatles said: 8 days a week, I love, love, love you!

One of my faves!

Bro Lar

Larry Usher said...

Ooh I need your love babe,
Guess you know it's true.
Hope you need my love babe,
Just like I need you.
Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
Ain't got nothin' but love babe,
Eight days a week.

Love you ev'ry day girl,
Always on my mind.
One thing i can say girl,
Love you all the time.
Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
Ain't got nothin' but love babe,
Eight days a week.

Eight days a week
I love you.
Eight days a week

word ver "notoma"- something you never say at the house...

Eight days a week.

Larry Usher said...

Hey P Chad!

word ver- unipe- What men do in Texas washrooms (ie- they use a "trough" over there!) No he di-int!

UNBELIEVABLE! Second word ver- antic!

Avatar said...

Quick hello...
wordver today "uffskity" made me smile.

Larry! You're about to be sent to sit in the corner. Or, second wordver "conki"-ed...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

P. Nancy, I thought I would post the e-mail you sent me if you don't mind...

Good Day Pastor Nancy,

I've been meaning to write this email to you for quite some time now. I finally have a moment to let you know how a few coincidences lead me to Church In The Now, your ministry, and how it has touched and inspired me.

My son and I moved to Conyers, GA a little over a year ago. One day as we were heading home from errands, we happen to be driving on the access road past Church In The Now. My son marveled at the pond he saw and I marveled at your sign and large facilities. I wasn't feeling comfortable with the church my new neighbor had taken us to and had stopped attending. I wanted a church that I would feel compelled to attend EVERY Sunday with my son. I decided then and there to take a chance with Church In The Now, especially since you are in such close proximity of our home (less than 2 miles!)

The very next Sunday, I dropped my son off at DreamLand B for Sunday School and walked across the hall to the sanctuary. I like to sit close to the front, so I sat 3 rows behind you. When you started to sign the AWESOME songs the choir was singing, I was in awe. It looked so beautiful! Not only did the words of the songs touch my heart and soul, but watching you and everyone else sign was a thing of beauty. I was hooked! I have always been interested in signing and have learned so much just sitting and watching you each Sunday. Bishop preached a good word that Sunday, but you and your ministry were the reason I came back the following Sunday and every Sunday thereafter.

Thank you for being such a blessing to me. CITN is our new church home!


If we had taken the highway instead of the access road we would not have be drawn to come to CITN

If my son's Sunday school wasn't located in Dreamland B (across from the section were His Hands Ministry sits) I may not have found myself sitting behind you that Sunday

Bishop's word was "on point" that Sunday and was just icing on cake

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And Dr. Amaki, I appreciate all of your input here and on AW4W...BTW, I'm glad you used Blue Lady for your icon...she's my favorite from your collection (except for the piece displayed in my office)...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And thanks, everyone else...good stuff (Nicola, looks like you're becoming a!)

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And Yvonne, thanks for supporting the other blogs...I appreciate it...

Bishop Jim Swilley said...

And thanks to those of you who have said such great things about Life Skills...we're just getting started with it...I want to take it to another level soon...maybe create a workbook, or have a time to break up into small groups for a few minutes at the end...

I can't seem to stop the flow of ideas lately...

And I have some cool stuff planned for Sunday...

P Nancy said...

Man Bishop!
That email made me smile!

Brenda said...

I really did enjoy Lifeskills last night even though I was at home streaming. The Holy Spirit put a seal on some things my daughter and I had been talking about earlier. It was like you was listening to our conversation. I'm so thankful to be a part of this great movement, its life changing. I'm smiling!!! Keep the ideas flowing because I'm still reeling from the boat and net.

The Flower said...

Breaking News! Scientist have recently discovered that forgiveness actually works. Your blood pressure weakens when you talk about past experiences. People don't see that forgivess can work hand and hand with justice. Finally, Scientists are starting to believe. That's something to smile about. :-) To God be the Glory.

Anonymous said...


The freedom that you are releasing in people through your Life Skills teachings will be transformative for individuals as well as the ministry as a whole. What an amazing gift!

Thank you for your obedience to your piece of the puzzle.

Restoration and healing are words that constantly are in my spirit as I attend CITN.

Yvonne said...

It is strange how compelled I am to write something on your other blogs Bishop because they are all part of the whole and very relevant to your message. In some special way, our written words become part of our persona, our vision, our theme (if I can coin a word you used in body builders in December). The blogs (all four) helps me to connect more to the vision of the church NOW and locate in the spirit where you are.

I am sure it helps the intercessors to know what to pray.

The miracle on the Hudson on yesterday, speaks to the Holy Spirit being instant in this season. I thought to myself, this is a direct relationship to the prayers of the righteous, I just knew it was God. And ironically enough the secular news channels gave the credit to God. They kept saying it is a miracle.

Now we know He does miracles great but for no one to die...oh my goodness. IT REALLY IS THE YEAR OF THE LORD.

One of the ministry visions I have this year is to see "greater works" in this year. WE are living in the most exciting time ever experienced and I am fully expecting to see the manifestation of God's promises.

And Bishop, you are more than welcome.

Have a smiley weekend!

Yvonne said...

BTW your Friday's post was possible to go in, so therefore I used Thursday. You may want to check it out, please!


Anonymous said...

What could have killed them, is under their feet.