Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anyone Remember This?

Hey bloggers...while I'm finishing up MITN XV I thought I'd post some pics that are in stark contrast to yesterday's disturbing "mouths" pic...I've been singing this verse from Kurt Kaiser's classic 60's youth group song for the last couple of days, as I drive around the city and look at the miracle of nature coming to life once again...I make no apology for loving the song Pass It On, even though it means something different to me than it meant when I sang it 30-something years ago...

What a wonderous time is spring,

When all the trees are budding...

The birds begin to sing,

the flowers start their blooming...

That's how it is with God's love,
Once you've experienced it.

You want to sing, it's fresh like spring,
You want to pass it on.


Avatar said...

I wasn't in youth groups in the 60's, so I didn't realize this was a youth group song, but I do remember hearing the song in the late 70's and 80's. God's specific I-know-who-you-are Love began to be very real to me then and all-consumingly fresh. Are you able to share what is different for you now?

Thank you, our shepherd, for the still waters following the necessary but in-your-face-and-bare-toothed visual truth of the need for a collander over our lips!

River said...

That song Pass It On hold special memories for me. When I was a teen I remember sitting around a campfire with our youth group singing it. When it got to the part, I'll shout it from the mountain top; we would all stand and yell PRAISE GOD. Springtime, camping and being in the wondrous nature He created all go together. That song says it all.

When I clicked on the song Hold On Tight To Your Dreams was starting and one of my dreams was/is to be a nature photographer. There is no better beauty than the beauty of the nature we see all around us. I love to take pictures of rivers, lakes, oceans, and anything God has created. The Father paints us beautiful scenery everyday by clouds and flowers etc. we just need to take time a recognize it.

Larry Usher said...

One of my pics from today...Spring IS beautiful.

Word ver DISPOR, meaning "not given to dissing", IOW Dis' poor! :)

River said...

And reconize it not a reconize it.

Northern Light said...

I SAW "snapshots" of Spring, sent by God, just yesterday in the yard and commented. There were Canadian Geese pairings on the lake, there were red breasted robins, in their glory, on the picket fence, ducks just gliding on the water........and despite my still wearing a winter coat, I said aloud, "THEY know it's Spring!"

HE sends his best all the time, we just have to "see".

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

I remember my dad saying that spring was Gods way of continuing our lease on life.


Izumi/JOY said...

Am I the only one who doesn't understand why the mouth pics were disturbing? Thought it was all about perception. (so, what am I not perceiving correctly?)

I don't recognize this song; was not in a youth group. So, I am, now. (hehe)

The pics remind me of the Song of Solomon. (flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come and the voice of the dove is heard in the land)

With all that's happening in the world with wars, budgets, foreclosures, job loss & health care issues, I've wondered how this Scripture could ever be true.

Then, I caught something interesting on the news: entrepreneur cabbies are installing karaoke equipment in their vehicles!

"elle" said...


So, God... could I special order about 2 months worth of 78 degrees and sunny? That's not too selfish is it? It would still allow for about a month of whatever ;}

Pretty pics. Actually, I liked yesterday's, but MAN those were some nasty teeth. Clearly not up on their dental visits! And PM, whatever trip you were on back in the day... YIKES! Glad I never experienced such ;O

Okay, off to the kitchen to continue working on one of my goals. Recipe creation. BTW, don't know how you people drink coffee!
I use the granules in baking, and it makes a huge difference. But I don't even know how to make a cup of coffee. Guess there's a difference between ground and instant? Tried to make a cup of espresso and ended up with sludge in the bottom of my cup. So does that mean a trip to TJMaxx for one of those cheap press thingys is in order?

Larry Usher said...

I made chili for the first time last night and it actually came out good!

I love you
I need you
I appreciate you
I am mindful of you

God is so loving and kind.

Raining steadily and thundering occasionally here-have to head out soon.

It is a beautiful day!
Live it well!

Bro Lar

JB said...

The rain is beautiful

Oh how I love life/Life

mbaker said...

"You said ask for the Nation" was playing when I logged on. Wow, as I flew out of Rome today, I could feel a special door opening for connection to this Nation. Possibly one of the oldest religious doors bridged to "The Now". I ask for the Nation.
Spring hopes eternal...