Friday, June 19, 2009

What's Up?

Hey bloggers...I have a lot to tell you about my trip to NC, and I know I need to finish Chapter VIII of MkITN...and I will...soon...

When I get home I'll have some writing time...until then, feel free to check in and and say hello...



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SCRIBE said...

Good Morning, Bishop! Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I bid you safe traveling mercies on your trip back from NC. Let me be one of the first to wish you a Happy Fathers' Day Weekend.... May Peace, Blessings, Favor, and many delightful surprises and miracles be yours in overflowing measures this weekend. Have an Outstanding Day!

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Donald said...

Hey, how's ya mama an 'em?

Izumi/JOY said...

Peep peep!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bishop,
I pray that you know how many people love you and who believe in you! You have many people who have been "followers" long before twitter and blogging who have supported you and the vision in many different ways. Not knocking modern technology, just reminding you of those who are behind the scenes and sitting on the pews who think you are awesome but they may never tweet or blog. How good is God to allow so many ways to say We love you. A long time follower.

Avatar said...

Amen, anon...may we ALL sense the love that surrounds us from the often silent majority...

G8TRGRL said...

Good day, bloggers, tweeters, blurkers and such! Stay cool, drink lots of water, make it a GR8T day!


Son of Zadok said...

Hey Everybody!

That they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, 'For we also are His children.'

Acts 17: 27-28 NAS

This verse stood out to me yesterday. The fact that God is so close to everyone, yet He seems invisible, because He wants mankind to have to search, to reach out, to seek after, so that they might find Him.

That's one crazy cosmic game of hide and go seek isn't it? Here's to us all getting our hearts and arms around God. Seek and we will find.

"elle" said...

Cosmic hide & seek... I like that, SOZ!

Karl said...

I add my baaahh...present and accounted for Bishop. How exactly do you spell a sheep's bah anyway?

Oh, in case no one heard this joke on Conan las week or the year 3000 You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge to form the greatest time waster ever called YouTwitFace.

word ver: cratcous cratcous up.

Lisa said...

Hello from the land of perpetual cold and wet!!!!
Zac got a walker yesterday and it is so AWESOME to see him up walking around! He has a huge grin from ear to ear and he kissed the lady at the medical equipment place and told her he loved her! I have never been a more proud mother than I was watching my son take steps for the 1st time. He even gathered a crowd around him who all had tears in their eyes watching his strength and determination. The Holy Spirit was changing hearts in the walmart yesterday!

Northern Light said...


Disney has magic of it's own,true enough, but the "GOD magic" that prevails here on these blogs and in this church is REAL and
Genuine and touches the hearts of all ages, too. This will last forever !

Welcome to JR and good to see you, SOZ, and to all of you...Love Peace & Happiness.

Bish, enjoy your sweet little one,watching cartoons, SMILE :)

Northern Light

Anonymous said...

Lisa, sorry I missed you and your husband at the service,meant to connect, but glad to see you and your family there. God bless!- Karl Cobos

Anonymous said...

Hey Bishop, wanted to let you know that I just put up a post called 'JUST AS YOU ARE' on my blog. Hope you enjoy it when you get a
Love ya', have a great day!
-Karl Cobos

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Teezy313 said...

SOZ you're amazing!

Donald said...


Lisa said...

Thanks Donald! I'll try to get some pictures uploaded on my blog of Zac with his new walker. The way these 3 keep me hopping now I can't imagine when Zac gets his leg and Zeb gets a real foot instead of the boot he wears!!! I need rollerskates!!!!!

Erik said...

Hello Everyone,

SOZ, I forgot to say last time, glad to see you here, and me too.

What has been going on with all of us? Life is an adventure, as always.

Lisa, it was so excellent seeing you and your family last Sunday with the Bishop, Praise God for Zac’s walker.

Northern Light, enjoy the mice.

Peace, it is an experience that each of us knows for ourselves. No one of us can determine what is peace for another. We celebrate where each other has our own peace, and even if it is not what one of us may think is peace, as it is true for our sister or brother, we support that. Finding one’s peace, even if no one else understands, is truth in The Spirit, worshipping God through our truth in our lives.

Our peace is experienced between us, it is always about relationships. We express God between each other. Man made paradigms sometimes do not choose to open to God’s expanse, and that is OK. God’s expanse is Love, and that has no boundaries, and covers every path, and blazes new trails continuously.

As an example, I have even come to love Buckeyes, which will change the next college football season for me, however, I can only handle that one piece at a time, and need to go back to lighter issues. How about that understanding between Muslims and Christians, and Jews kind of as the real peacemakers between all us Abrahamics. OK, glad to be back to lighter talk. Whew.

So, We Love, We Muslims Love We Jews, We Christians Love We Muslims, and We Jews Love We Muslims and Christians, and of course all We’s Love We Jews. Oh yeah, and We Hindus, and We Buddhists, and We Zoroaster’s, and We Indians, and We Wiccans, and all the We’s because all We are The One Body, The One Love.

One person’s challenge is another person’s peace. One person’s peace can through the other person’s challenge, nourish peace through challenging paradigms and walls against vulnerabilities. Strength in vulnerability, enhances peace. Putting everything on the line, can bring strength through that raw vulnerability we walk through. Once everything has been stripped away, (whatever challenges, hopes, fears,) and we are still here, walls crumble, and we more peaceful than we ever were.

Karl said...

There is a time for everything and I can't seem to get the thought of cycles or patterns out of my mind.

I've heard of several people that have passed away this week and was thinking how do you balance "a time to mourn and a time to dance", on the same platform, being saddened yet in other places being happy?

We have the saying "history REPEATS itself", and "whatever is , has already been, and whatever will be, ALREADY IS. God repeats what has passed.(from Ecclesiastes 3)

I thought of a timeline, then I thought if something comes AROUND again then that would make our timeLINE a CIRCLE. If you join the ends of a line you have a CIRCLE, also a symbol for that which is ETERNAL.
Though there is a point in our earth time for everything, it ultimately exists in the eternal.
What we put out there is put on a circular track; like reaping and sowing, what goes around comes around. We put so much attention on our EARTH(flesh time) "what's left" existence when God puts ETERNITY in our hearts, so we shouldn't have to struggle with the thoughts like; I should feel sad, I feel guilty, I should feel can feel it all(minus the guilt), and have it all. You can weep one moment and be ecstatic the's OK.

I think Jesus Christ gave us perfect examples of this, because his thinking was ETERNAL.
That's why he could jump from rejoicing at a dinner then cry over Jerusalem, then say at his LAST supper "with JOY I've longed to eat this passover with you".

Be filled with the mind of Christ, be filled with eternal thinking and ENJOY the life that God has given you. Don't worry about the days or length of your life, let God keep you occupied with the JOY in your heart! It's ALL good.

Karl said...

Just read about the cosmic hide and seek soz...liked that. I think we all feel that.
Oh God(SMILING), where ARRREE You!

Avatar said...

Erik loving's high five, man!

Father's everywhere, in any dimension or time... blessings and wisdom are yours with a Sunday afternoon nap and sprinkles on top!

And Dads, please know that your importance is greater than just a one day celebration!

Erik said...

Thanks Avatar,

Sometimes it is a long hard road to The Tree, some issues we get there sooner, and others later. Overcoming can be exhausting!

Karl , linear time, cycle time, and circular time, and then of course all time simultaneously. Laughing and crying ,mourning and dancing, reaping and sowing side by side, intermingles experientially in each moment. Shoulds are man made paradigms, as you point out. IS , AM, I, WE - G-d, Allah expresses.

All experiences are expressions of God, The Word made flesh, the beginning, Now, and the end – All is God with every variable expressed, and each one of us gets to choose the variable or variables we experience.

It is most fun thanking God for our choices, a running conversation with Elohim, feedback and reception, vigorous exchange, reasoning, feeling, experiencing – coherent in ourselves, The Spirit and The Natural, double helix. The DNA of Spirit and Natural, always variable.

The Wind blows where it will, and our helix changes as The Wind blows.

Northern Light said...

Hey Erik,

Good to see you see you here, and thanks for the "mice" wishes~~

It never feels to me like you're absent, because I see you there, ITB, when I stream in on Sundays & Wednesdays. Feels like we worship together.......and I'll always be blessed by the prayer shared with Bishop there on my birthday visit.

Whoo hoo on the Buckeyes ~ ha

Northern Light