Thursday, November 5, 2009

Luke XXII, Verses 1 - 27

1. By this time, the Festival of Unleavened Bread, called the Passover, was fast approaching.

2. The chief priests and religious leaders were now looking for any and every opportunity to get rid of Jesus, but their fear of the people made it virtually impossible for them to initiate anything.

3. Then satan, to confirm God's purposes and to fulfill prophecy, entered the mind of Judas, Iscariot, one of the original Twelve...and Jesus did nothing to stop it, even though He had proven, time after time, that He had complete authority over the entire spirit-realm.

4. So Judas went to the chief priests and the officers of the temple guard, and discussed with them a strategy of how he might betray Jesus, and hand Him over to them.

5. And this was the opportunity that they had been waiting for. They were delighted with him, and the satanically-inspired idea that he pitched to them. They even agreed to give him money for it.

6. So Judas sealed the deal with them, and began to watch for the perfect occasion and method of delivering Jesus over to them when no crowd was present.
7. Then the actual day of Unleavened Bread, on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed, finally came.

8. So Jesus sent Peter and John, saying to them, "I want the two of you to go and make preparations for us all to eat the Passover together."

9. They replied, "Absolutely. Where do you want us to prepare for it?"

10. He said to them, "As soon as you enter the city, you'll see a man carrying a jar of water. When he approaches you, follow him to the house that he enters.

11. When you get there, say to the owner of the house, 'The Teacher wants to know where your guest room is, because that's where He wants to eat the Passover with His disciples.'

12. He'll show you a large upper room, which will be all furnished. Make the preparations for this important celebration there."

13. So they left immediately, found the exact scenario which Jesus had described, and they went right into making preparations for the Passover.

14. When the designated hour arrived, Jesus and His disciples came and ate and reclined at the table.

15. During the dinner, He said to them, "Boys, I've really been anticipating this was important to Me to have this opportunity to eat the Passover with you before I suffer.

16. You should know that I won't eat it again until it finds spiritual fulfillment and manifestation in the Kingdom of God."

17. After taking the cup, He gave thanks for it, and said, "Take this and pass it among yourselves.

18. For neither will I drink wine again with you until the Kingdom of God comes in revelation and in power."

19. Then He took bread, gave thanks for it, and broke it...and He personally handed a portion of it to each of them at the table. As He distributed the broken pieces around the unbroken circle of His closest followers, He said to them, "THIS...this broken bread...this special night...this unique experience...this holy celebration...this final gathering in the physical realm of those I love...all of 'this' is my body, given for you. Do this...celebrate this...comprehend this...understand this...embrace remembrance, or rather, in 're-member' a re-assembling of the disconnected members of the this in remembrance of Me."

20. Then, in the same way, after the supper He took the common cup, saying, "THIS cup is the ratification of the New Covenant in My blood...this life...this substance...this connection...this kinship and common bloodline...this is the blood which is poured out for you.

21. But the very hand of him who is going to betray Me is with Mine on this table.

22. The Son of Man will and must pass through the door of physical suffering to reveal the Son of God as it has been prophesied. But, even though it must happen according to what has been decreed by God, Himself, the man who betrays the Son will still be traumatized by the acting out of his role in this drama."

23. They immediately began to question among themselves which of them it might be who would do this thing.

24. And in their confusion, a ridiculous and immature dispute arose among them as to which of them was considered to be the greatest.

25. Jesus said to them, "Stop it! Wake up! Don't you realize that insecure kings need to throw their weight around to feel superior and worthy of their thrones and crowns...that people with authority in the current world system like to hide behind the fancy titles that they've conferred upon themselves?

26. After all that I've revealed to you about the Kingdom-life, you should realize by now that you can't ever be like that! The greatest among you should be the humblest...the one who actually rules should be the one who really serves.

27. For who is greater...the one who is at the table, or the one who serves? Isn't it typically the one who is at the table? But look...I'm among you all as the One who serves you all."


River said...

Fulfillment of a mission isn't always what we expect or even want but Glory comes in the Divine Fulfillment. In Gods great planning for our lives we will see the Kingdom.

Avatar said...

I've avoided commenting on Sunday's teaching regarding witchcraft in the Church...imposing our will on others...not because I think it inappropriate but precisely the opposite…and I wasn’t sure I could keep myself calm enough to be coherent and succinct.

Now, after Wednesday’s topic of taking our adversarial thoughts captive, and the timing of the posting of these verses today, I do want to publicly add agreement and say that these are two of the top “needed” topics in the Church...after Love and the Two Trees. There is such a plethora of ways to impose our will on people...tiny little manipulations we can think are just “normal” to huge, thought-out plans...singular thoughts or intentions that slip by unchallenged to harmful agreements with groups...adversarial thoughts planted by the unawake, generation after generation, and the just plain diabolical musings of those who have slipped into enjoying creating havoc just to see who they can harm or take down.

Thank you, Bishop, for going there...shoot...for going AFTER it in as many forms as you sensed on Sunday!! Yeah, sometimes it’s part of the plan...but I think its mostly one of those things that God reweaves His tapestry around because He has given us dominion on the earth. It was inspiring, and empowering, to witness on Sunday...and the day is here that CITN can choose to walk as one, by the Spirit of God and not the spirit of man...and nothing we imagine to do is impossible for us. May you have the wisdom to ferret it all out of us, into the open so you can lead us to the cleansing we need and help us live the glorious lives that God originally intended...

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Wendy Cohen said...

hmmm, broken bread...just like we are, broken...but in Him made whole... good writing;)

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Keith Mitchell said...

More good stuff , can't wait to get my copy .

karl cobos said...

Good morning Bishop!

Really enjoyed reading this and verse 19...

...embrace remembrance, or rather, in
'RE-MEMBER'-ance... a re-assembling of the disconnected members of the this in remembrance of Me."
I never saw this word that way until now.

Anonymous said...

God is truly there for us. Don't insult him with your doubt and unbelief...You will see him show up in your circumstance and then feel bad. SO, don't waste the time in worry. Praise him instead in your hour of confusion and loss. You will see.